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    Indy wrestlers need to tone it down a notch

    Between Danielson, Mark Briscoe, and Delirious, ROH is terribly disgusting.
  2. It was killed because O'Haire was unable to cut a live promo w/o cracking up.
  3. Bix

    OAO Raw Thread for September 10

    Exactly. Kennedy blew the whole angle.
  4. No, he didn't have a will, he had life insurance policies. Whoosh. My point is that you can test for paternity using Benoit's other kids.
  5. I really hope you're being sarcastic.
  6. Both Chris and Nancy didn't have wills. Benoit had 2 other kids, remember? The Enquirer tends to extensively vet their stories, so yes, we should.
  7. 100% real. White trash as opposed to what other kind of trash?
  8. Would it really be that bad if that happened?
  9. http://www.latimes.com/sports/custom/extra...a-sports-extras
  10. Well, that's the whole point, they're not making people protect themselves, and you have idiots like RVD who treat unprotected chairshots as "his way of respecting the business" (that is a real quote).
  11. And even if you get rid of all blows to the head and everyone takes perfect care of each other to make sure nobody lands wrong and hits their head, there's still a risk of concussions, as wrestlers have gotten them from taking flat back bumps where they never hit their heads, but the shock snapped their heads enough to cause a concussion. At the very least, they need routine brain scans to be done regularly and Dr. Rios (or hire a neurologist) to check motor functions & such after each match.
  12. Last night during the CNN feature I was struck by how hard he hit the back of his head while giving German suplexes.
  13. A few minutes ago, Anderson Cooper 360 had a short segment about the story. Dr. Sanjay Gupta (a neurosurgeon who is CNN's chief medical correspondent) briefly went over the case and for the most part repeated what we already learned (and added credence to SLI's findings), but added that there is also a condition known as "steroid encephalopathy" and Benoit showed no signs of it.
  14. I'm saying that if there was actual substantial impact with the majority, or even say 1 in 10, of his diving headbutts, then he wasn't as good a worker as well all thought he was. He should have fucking protected himself. And even if he didn't hit his head, he still could've gotten a concussion from how his head snapped back, as a concussion is your brain hitting your skull.
  15. There's also the fact that there are plenty of ways a wrestler can get concussed just by the nature of the profession. Wrestlers have gotten concussions from taking flat back bumps where their heads never hit the mat.
  16. Dynamite Kid really obviously has had serious mental problems.
  17. I have not noticed this, ever. It's not like they're using Japanese chairs. They should NEVER do it He also used the less "safe" part of the chair.
  18. http://tinyurl.com/2ksjer
  19. I remember a stiff chair shot that Hunter gave Chris a few years ago that was so unprotected and reckless that I heard that if it had been anyone other than Hunter who delivered the chairshot in question they would have been fired. It was a match on Raw at some point in late 2004, and I think it was Hunter and Flair against Benoit and someone else, and I remember the finish had Hunter laying everyone out with chairshots, and when he swung at the back of Benoit's head he was holding the chair the 'wrong' way around hit Benoit with the harder edges of the legs of the chair and legit knocked him out. He also knocked out the ref with a chairshot during that angle. I'm not saying it was malicious like the Jim Ross match, but it was really bizarre coming from the normally safe HHH.
  20. http://www.wrestlingobserver.com/wo/news/h...t.asp?aID=20635 And from ABC News (re-uploaded to ImageShack in case the link goes bad): Julian Bailes of the Sports Legacy Institute showed an image from a healthy brain versus Chris Benoit's brain, which showed brown spots indicating signs of cell death, similar to what an Alzheimer patient's brain might look like.
  21. Also, read the article closely-it doesn't absolve steroids of any responsibility in Benoit's mental deterioration, it just states that they had nothing to do with the physical damage they found.
  22. The steroid issue is far, far beyond Benoit now, so this has no bearing on that specifically, but it could make things MUCH worse for WWE.
  23. http://www.abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=3560015&page=1
  24. Bix

    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    Warrior was full of shit, tons of bodybuilders have had major heart problems.