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  1. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    The Chargers are more likely to hire from within. It will either be OC Cam Cameron or DC Wade Phillips.
  2. Hektik

    2007 NFL Playoffs

    I guess it was the lights out dances they did or the choking motions they made to the SD bench.
  3. Hektik

    2007 NFL Playoffs

    This is what LT said in the news conference about the incident: "they showed no class, maybe it comes from their head coach...so there you have it"
  4. Hektik

    NFL Week 17

    All of those games have a common theme. No Shawne Merriman, Luis Castillo, Igor Olshansky, or Shaun Phillips. All of those players make up the Chargers front 7. Their front 7 is one of the best in football. Pressuring the quarterback and stopping the run is what they do best. They were not able to do that earlier in the season. Now their defense is finally healthy (except Castillo who will be ready for the playoffs) and returning back to form.
  5. Hektik

    NFL Week 17

    I think Tony Romo is actually hispanic.
  6. Hektik

    NFL Week 16

    What is confusing me is that if the Chargers win this week, they get a first round bye. It doesn't matter what anybody else does. They could still lose to Arizona next week and end up in a threeway tie.
  7. Hektik

    NFL Week 16

    That's right I forgot about the Cowboys.
  8. Hektik

    NFL Week 16

    No, in that scenario the Chargers get the second seed. Three of the Colts losses were to AFC opponents. The Chargers right now have two losses to AFC teams. If they lose this week or next week, it would be to an NFC team. The Chargers would have a better conference record.
  9. Hektik

    NFL Week 12

    http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2676820 Updated: Nov. 26, 2006, 7:54 PM ET Odd, but correct, call brings confusion in S.D. game SAN DIEGO -- A moment of celebration by San Diego receiver Vincent Jackson turned into 10 minutes of confusion in the fourth quarter of the Chargers game with the rival Oakland Raiders. With the Chargers trailing 14-7 and facing fourth-and-2 from the Raiders 40, Jackson caught a 13-yard pass from Philip Rivers, rolled to the ground untouched, then stood up and spun the ball forward. Oakland's Fabian Washington jumped on the ball, believing it was a fumble, and setting off 10 minutes of confusion as the referees sorted it out. Referee Mike Carey originally signaled Oakland's possession, but then the Chargers were flagged for illegal forward pass. Even with the 5-yard penalty for the illegal pass, the Chargers still had a first down, at the 32. Four plays later, LaDainian Tomlinson threw a 19-yard touchdown pass to Antonio Gates to tie the game at 14. While the call was questioned on the field, NFL Supervisor of Officials Mike Pereira confirmed to ESPN's Chris Mortensen that the call was correct -- and not without precedent. It is illegal to intentionally fumble a ball forward and, by rule, an illegal forward fumble is an incomplete pass. That makes it a dead ball. A 5-yard penalty is then assessed from the spot. Jackson spinning the ball forward when he was not down by contact constituted an intentional illegal forward fumble and thus an illegal forward pass. Had he spun it backward, it would have been a live fumble. A similar call was made when Plaxico Burress did the same thing with the Steelers on Oct. 1, 2000.
  10. Hektik

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    Not having Luis Castillo and Shawne Merriman in the game kills their pass rush. The Chargers defense is all about stopping the run and pressuring the QB. If they don't do that, their secondary can be exploited.
  11. Hektik

    NFL Week 9

    Chargers-Broncos game on Nov 19 has been moved to Sunday Night on NBC. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/9782768
  12. Hektik

    Controversy Creates Cash - Eric Bischoff

    His first WCW title was the United States Championship. He didn't wrestle exclusively in the criserweight division until mid 1997. He first entered WCW in late 1995. I can think of two instances, Steve Austin and Eddy Guerrero. In fact it was WWE officials who refered to Eddy as the Latino Stone Cold. Yes he was. They took the ball from Brock and gave it to Eddy. He was originally planned to keep the title until Summer Slam at the earliest. Layfield is the guy who got the title because they had no one else. Brock was upset he was no longer the guy so he left and Kurt Angle was injured. Combine that with Eddy's problems at the time and it was just a series of unfortunate incidents that led to Layfield getting the title. I have to disagree with this. I think Eddy had it all by the time he turned heel in 1997. To say his wrestling style didn't mesh well with heavyweights is BS. That somehow the best wrestler in the United States at that time couldn't wrestle heavyweight is false. I am not saying he should have been WCW World Champion in the mid 90s (although there was plan proposed by Heyman where the title would have gone from Guerrero to Benoit). If you weren't somehow involved in the NWO angle it just wasn't going to happen. All I'm saying is that he could have been an effective upper midcard guy along with guys like Booker T, Jericho, and Benoit. Guys that WCW could have built up and moved up the card when the NWO ran its course. It was WCW that stuck with the NWO too long and in doing so alienated the guys who could have stepped it up.
  13. Hektik

    Controversy Creates Cash - Eric Bischoff

    I dunno. Didn't Eddie wrestle in high school? On top of that, he was raised "in the business", so I'm pretty sure he learned how to use "real" moves. Gory Guerrero was one of the best shooters in Mexico. Eddy was also a good enough wrestler that he was able to get a wrestling scholarship.
  14. Hektik

    WWE Observer News - 9/25

    Dave wrote this up last Tuesday.
  15. Hektik

    TWiB 9/18 - 9/24

    I cared. I was there to watch it.
  16. Hektik

    WWF Observer notes

    You have to remember that it was a different time then. Many main events at that time were shown in the middle of the card.
  17. Hektik

    It's the Seven-Year Itch

    MLB’s announcement will include a 7-year agreement with Turner Sports to broadcast the Divisional rounds on TBS starting next year. Regular season games will start in 2008. The new deal does not impact broadcasting of Braves games. An article I read said it doesn't impact Braves games for next year. They don't know for 2008 and beyond. They will probably end up choosing different games to broadcast like ESPN does. Why would TBS continue to air only Braves games if AOL Time Warner is going to sell the team?
  18. Hektik

    TWiB 7/3 - 7/9

    Chris Young deserves it more. The Padres only get one All-Star again, despite being a first place team.
  19. Hektik

    Hulk vs. Orton SSlam

    No, and no. I don't think that part is from The Observer.
  20. Hektik

    TWiB 6/26 - 7/2

    Paul DePodesta joins Padres front office I like this move. He can take over as GM when they fire Kevin Towers this year.
  21. Hektik

    500,000 march in LA

    Most undocumented workers use false social security numbers. Undocumented workers pay $7 billion a year to the Social Security Administration. This money is deposited into the "earnings suspense file" at the SSA but because the SSNs are false, the immigrants can never collect the money when they retire. They also pay into Medicare and whatever other taxes are taken out of their W2.
  22. Hektik

    500,000 march in LA

    Undocumented immigrants typically do pay into payroll taxes (and they pay into social security, which they are never eligible to recieve). They also have extremely high workforce participation rates. Your typical "illegal" is working more hours than the average US citizen and the argument that they're "getting free benefits" isn't really that clear cut. Undocumented immigrants are an incredibly "efficient" source of labor in the neoclassical economic sense. This is why Bush and co. aren't fully embracing the xenophobic wing of the Republican Party yet, there's a strong competing interest for undocumented workers to be exploited as much as possible.
  23. Hektik

    500,000 march in LA

    Americans are allowed to travel about 20 miles into Mexico without any visa. Young Americans cross everday to get drunk and pay to get laid. They then destroy public property and disrespect the laws and law enforcement.
  24. Hektik

    The OAO '2006 Hall of Fame ceremony' thread.

    This is from a poster on DVDRMB who was there and saw the parts that were edited out: "I'll try and give the best roundup of the stories as I can... His Neidhart story was about the boys (Hogan included) drinking and partying in a strip club and Vince showed up. LOD claimed they were going to nail Vince with the Doomsday Device. They ended up picking Vince up to do it, and hit him with the move with a weak clothesline and Brutus and some other wrestlers caught Vince so he had an easy landing. Neidhart said "The Hart Foundation would have done it right" (or something to that effect) and got up and hit Vince with the Hart Attack, right there. There was a story about a little black kid waking Earthquake up on a flight for an autograph, Quake getting pissed of and bitching the kid out and the kid slapping Quake in the face. They kept the Owen pizza story on TV and the other Owen story is on the Bret Hart DVD (the gag about Owen calling Stu). BTW, they gave out a nice program and a cool little medalion (I think someone said they gave the same thing away last year)."
  25. From Dave Meltzer: The idea of Bret going to WCW with the belt is a made up story that Vince concocted because he had no other answer for the locker room in the wake of what happened. And it made a great story, because it allowed a lot of people to justify his actions without looking into what the real story was. The best thing for Vince possible was for Bret to show up on WCW wearing his belt. Because of the 1991 lawsuit regarding who owns the belt and appearing on rival television, Vince would have made an incredible amount of money in a lawsuit against Turner if they would have put the WWF belt on their TV show (don't bring up Madusa, totally different legal situation because they fired her, and by firing her without losing the belt, it killed their case that there was any significant value to that belt). Bischoff knew full well he'd be toast if he put the company at risk like that on a point that it was WCW that established in winning a court case against WWF. No chance of it happening and everyone knew it. But the wrestlers didn't, so Vince was able to use that line to quell an uprising.