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    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    New prediction is that jericho wins superstar of the year, comes out to accept, and Cena jumps him.
  2. JoeDirt

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    Gotta be Finlay/Swoggle. Vickie for cougar of the year, lol, Santino is gold.
  3. JoeDirt

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    How do Santino/Beth not win? BS.
  4. JoeDirt

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    Wow Jericho totally clean. Which means Jeff is getting the title soon, and Jericho is losing on Sunday. But still.
  5. JoeDirt

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    Well sweet I was right about that. I predct that the HHH/Batista/Legacy stuff will be the 2nd hour main event, and they'll announce superstar of the year before Edge/Cena and it'll be Cena. Which is lame. We'll see.
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    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    I predict Jeff wins this one and they segue into Hardy vs Jericho.
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    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    Stable name = The Legacy
  8. JoeDirt

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    Cena doing the old turnaround on Jericho's promo from last week.
  9. JoeDirt

    WWE Raw - December 8, 2008: The Return of the Slammys

    Miz doing the Forrest Gump line "I'm not a smart man...but I know what love is..." SO GOLD!
  10. JoeDirt

    WWE Smackdown (5/2/2008)

    Smackdown this Friday, the 2nd of May: -Mick Foley introduced as color guy. -Miz/Morrison vs Moore/Wang (tag titles) -Kozlov vs Collin Delaney -Michelle/Cherry vs. Victoria/Natalya -Mark Henry vs. Nunzio -Matt Hardy vs MVP (US title) -Jessie/Festus vs Edgeheads -Finlay vs Julio Dinero -Taker vs. Great Khali (world title match) Also Foley interviews Batista about HBK, etc.
  11. Didn't see these posted... - Teddy Long opens the show to announce the 3 titles will be defended. - WWE Tag Team Champions: The Miz and John Morrison defeated Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang. - Armando Estrada came out as the Guest Ring Announcer for the next match. - Vladimir Kozlov defeated Colin Delaney. - They show Nunzio backstage getting ready backstage. Mark Henry comes up to him. Apparently, it is Henry vs. Nunzio tonight. - Victoria & Natalya Neidhart defeated Michelle McCool & Cherry. Neidhart pinned McCool with a rollup and a handful of tights. - Recap of the World Heavyweight Championship match from Backlash. It's Undertaker vs. Great Khali tonight. - Mark Henry defeated Nunzio. Nunzio stands on the ramp, waves out someone. Music hits... The Big Show... and he is in Nunzio's corner. Henry wins, stares down Show during the pin. Show enters ring... Henry backs off and leaves the ring. Show grabs the mic and says, 'why don't you try and pick on someone your own size'. Henry retreats up the aisle. - Matt Hardy makes his first US Title defense next against MVP. - Matt Hardy defeated MVP to retain the WWE US Title. Match went about 15 minutes, real solid match. Hardy wins with a Twist of Fate. - In ring segment, Mick Foley interviews Batista. Reviews Batista's match from Backlash vs. Shawn Michaels. Batista says he respects Shawn, but doesn't like how he got to the top. Foley brings up the comments from Chris Jericho on RAW on the Highlight Reel and says the match has further controversy. Foley asks Batista if he thinks Michaels faked the knee injury to gain the victory at Backlash. Batista hopes for Shawn's sake he is hurt, cause if he isn't, he will be. - Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins defeated Jesse & Festus. - Finlay defeated Julio Dinero with the Celtic Cross. - Undertaker vs. Great Khali. Taker in ring, Edge & Vickie Guerrero on the stage. Vickie says that Taker is reckless, does not look out for his opponents and his submission move is now banned. If he uses it, he will have hell to pay. Vickie then says that because of his actions, Undertaker has been stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship and to bring it to her... he refuses. Khali comes out for the match. Taker puts the submission move on Khali, during this, Hawkins & Ryder hit the ring, take the World Heavyweight Championship and run up the ramp and give it to Vickie. Khali is choked out as Taker goes to head up the ramp after Edge. They escape. Taker looks back and returns to the ring. He chokeslammed a bloodied Khali and left him laying. - No dark match. So to sum up, Taker HAS BEEN STRIPPED OF THE WORLD TITLE.
  12. April 21st in WWF/E history from 1985-2007: WWF @ New Haven, CT - April 21, 1985 Jose Luis Rivera fought Rene Goulet to a draw King Kong Bundy defeated Tony Garea & Swede Hanson in a handicap match WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter defeated Lelani Kai Jimmy Snuka defeated Roddy Piper via disqualification Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo defeated WWF Tag Team Champions the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff The Junkyard Dog defeated Bob Orton Jr. WWF @ Toronto, Ontario - Maple Leaf Gardens - April 21, 1985 Featured Gorilla Monsoon & Billy Red Lyons on commentary for the first two bouts, with Jesse Ventura replacing Lyons for the remainder of the card, and Jack Reynolds replacing Monsoon for Hart / Wells and the Bulldogs match: Prime Time Wrestling - 5/8/85: Jim Neidhart (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Rick McGraw at 7:47 with a powerslam Prime Time Wrestling - 5/8/85: Don Muraco pinned Steve Lombardi at 6:09 with the tombstone Prime Time Wrestling - 5/8/85: Ivan Putski pinned Jerry Valiant at 5:23 with the Polish Hammer Prime Time Wrestling - 5/8/85: Bret Hart (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned George Wells at 9:11 with a reverse roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage Prime Time Wrestling - 5/8/85: Davey Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated Moondog Spot & Barry O at 16:31 when Dynamite pinned Barry O with a diving headbutt after being thrown by Smith Prime Time Wrestling - 5/8/85: Ricky Steamboat & Tito Santana defeated WWF IC Champion Greg Valentine (w/ Jimmy Hart) & Brutus Beefcake at 15:31 when Valentine submitted to Santana's figure-4 after Santana avoided an atomic drop, grabbed Valentine's leg, and applied the hold; after the bout, Steamboat fought Beefcake all the way backstage (Best of the WWF Vol. 4) WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Paul Orndorff when the momentum of a crossbody by Orndorff put the champion on top; after the bout, Orndorff shook the champion's hand --- WWF @ Poughkeepsie, NY - Mid-Hudson Civic Center - April 21, 1986 Championship Wrestling taping: Prime Time Wrestling - 5/5/86: Tony Atlas & Tony Garea defeated Steve Lombardi & the Menace at 3:06 when Atlas pinned the Menace with the press slam / splash combo Lanny Poffo & Sivi Afi defeated the Gladiator & Ron Shaw at 2:14 when Afi pinned the Gladiator with a splash off the top SD Jones & Paul Roma defeated Joe Mirto & Mike Angelo at 3:21 when Roma pinned Angelo with a powerslam 5/3/86 - included the debut of the Flower Shop with guest Hillbilly Jim: Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake (w/ Johnny V) defeated Tony Garea & Don Driggers at 4:22 when Driggers submitted to Valentine's figure-4 Ricky Steamboat pinned Al Navarro at 2:56 with a flying bodpress Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik (w/ Freddie Blassie) defeated Scott McGhee & John Centeno at 2:08 when Centeno submitted to Sheik's Camel Clutch; during the bout, Blassie joined the commentary team and challenged Cpl. Kirchner to face the Iron Sheik the following week WWF Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated Psycho Capone & Paul Christy at 3:04 when Dynamite pinned Capone with a powerslam from the middle turnbuckle Jake Roberts pinned Serge Jodoin with the DDT at 2:55; during the bout, Bobby Heenan did guest commentary and mentioned he was meeting with WWF President Jack Tunney in an attempt to have Andre the Giant suspended Paul Orndorff & Tito Santana defeated WWF IC Champion Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) & Bob Orton Jr. (sub. for Don Muraco) at 4:08 when Santana pinned Savage with the flying forearm; after the bout, all four men continued to brawl 5/10/86 - included Johnny V, Brutus Beefcake, & Greg Valentine as guests of the Flower Shop; featured highlights from the Roberts / Steamboat SNME bout: George Steele (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) & the Junkyard Dog (w/ the Haiti Kid) defeated Tiger Chung Lee & Mike Angelo at 1:38 when JYD pinned Angelo with the powerslam Jimmy Jack & Dory Funk Jr. (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Dan King & Andre Malo at 3:02 when Jimmy Jack pinned King with a powerslam B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell defeated Iron Mike Sharpe & Joe Mirto at 2:40 when Blair pinned Mirto with a powerslam; during the bout, Bobby Heenan joined Vince McMahon & Bruno Sammartino on commentary to talk about Andre the Giant WWF IC Champion Randy Savage pinned Serge Jodoin at 2:13 with the flying elbowsmash Cpl. Kirchner defeated the Iron Sheik (w/ Freddie Blassie & Nikolai Volkoff) via disqualification at 4:20 when Volkoff interfered; after the bout, the Killer Bees made the save for Kirchner 5/17/86 - Ernie Ladd did guest commentary for the show beginning with Hercules' match; included WWF IC Champion Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth as guests of the Flower Shop: Ted Arcidi & King Tonga defeated Dave Barbie & the Gladiator at 4:24 when Barbie submitted to Arcidi's bearhug Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated Lanny Poffo & Don Driggers Pedro Morales & Hillbilly Jim defeated Moondog Spot & Cyclone Capone at 2:13 when Hillbilly pinned Capone with a boot to the face Hercules (w/ Freddie Blassie) defeated Mike Saxton via submission with the backbreaker at 3:07 Tito Santana & Danny Spivey defeated Steve Lombardi & Paul Christy at 3:20 when Spivey pinned Christy with a bulldog WWF Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith & the Dynamite Kid defeated Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy (w/ Bobby Heenan) via disqualification in a non-title match at 4:55 when Studd shoved the referee; the champions put up little offense during the match and, afterwards, Studd and Bundy got into an arguement over the loss (The British Bulldogs) --- WWF @ Phoenix, AZ - Municipal Stadium - April 1987 (matinee) Koko B. Ware vs. King Harley Race B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell vs. Don Muraco & Bob Orton Jr. WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy Also included 2 other matches --- WWF @ New Haven, CT - Coliseum - April 21, 1988 (12,000) WWF Superstars taping: Prime Time Wrestling - 5/2/88: Ken Patera defeated Scott Colontonio via submission with the full nelson at 3:30 Prime Time Wrestling - 5/9/88: WWF IC Champion the Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) via count-out at 5:21 after Bigelow knocked the champion back inside the ring as both men were on the ring apron Prime Time Wrestling - 5/2/88: Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil) pinned Brutus Beefcake at 7:30 with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage after Virgil tripped Beefcake from the floor; after the bout, Beefcake attacked Dibiase and prepared to cut his hair but Virgil pulled Dibiase out of the ring WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Rick Martel & Tito Santana when Santana was pinned after becomming distracted by Fuji Andre the Giant defeated WWF World Champion Randy Savage via disqualification after Savage used a steel chair as a weapon 4/30/88 - included Craig DeGeorge conducting an interview with Andre the Giant & Bobby Heenan discussing Jim Duggan; included an ‘Update’ segment showing the Rick Rude / Jake Roberts incident from last week; featured comments from Randy Savage & Elizabeth as well as the One Man Gang & Slick regarding their match on SNME later that weekend; featured closing comments from the Honkytonk Man and Hillbilly Jim regarding their match the following week: The Ultimate Warrior pinned Joe Milano at 1:54 following the press slam / splash combo The Junkyard Dog pinned Iron Mike Sharpe at 1:50 with the powerslam Danny Davis (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Mario Mancini at 2:03 with a sit-down splash off the top Dino Bravo (w/ Frenchy Martin) pinned Nelson Veilleux at 1:47 with the side suplex Paul Roma & Jim Powers defeated Steve Lombardi & Barry Horowitz at 1:55 when Powers pinned Horowitz after a powerslam Greg Valentine (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated George Steele via count-out at 2:55 when Steele chased Hart into the aisle and was attacked from behind by Valentine with Steele then chasing Valentine back to the ring, and instead of going in the ring to beat the count, Steele opted to throw some steel chairs in the ring instead; after hearing the decision, Steele chased the referee backstage WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Jose Luis Rivera & Scott Casey at 2:48 when Ax pinned Casey following the Decapitation 5/7/88 - included Craig DeGeorge conducting an interview with WWF World Champion Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth where a near-confrontation took place with Savage & Ted Dibiase following Dibiase’s match; included an ‘Update’ segment showcasing Bad News Brown; featured closing comments from the Bolsheviks and Hulk Hogan regarding the Hogan / Zhukov match the following week: Tito Santana & Rick Martel defeated Terry Gibbs & Ron Rovishod at 2:13 when Santana pinned Rovishod following the flying forearm Bret Hart pinned Van Van Horne at 1:55 with the piledriver The One Man Gang (w/ Slick) pinned Reno Riggins at the 55-second mark with the front suplex Jake Roberts pinned Scott Colontonio at 1:08 with the DDT Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil) pinned Bill Woods at 2:02 after applying the Million $ Dream; Woods wrestled the entire match with his ring jacket on, after he was attacked by Dibiase before the bell and never had chance to remove it The Islanders & High Chief Afi (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Outback Jack, Brady Boone, & Steve Blackman at 5:52 when Tama pinned Boone with a splash off the top rope; Heenan introduced Afi as the new Islander before the bout (Afi’s only TV appearance with the Islanders as Tama left the WWF soon after this match) WWF IC Champion the Honkytonk Man (w/ Jimmy Hart) pinned Hillbilly Jim at 2:07 with a roll up and hooking Jim’s overalls after Jim ran into the corner when Honky move out of the way 5/14/88 - included an 'Update' segment focusing on WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition; featured Craig DeGeorge conducting an interview with Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan, where Rude discussed Jake & Cheryl Roberts before Heenan selected a woman from the audience to receive the 'Rude Awakening' kiss; included closing comments from Ted Dibiase & Virgil and WWF World Champion Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth regarding the Savage / Virgil match the following week: Jim Duggan pinned Chris Duffy at 1:50 with the running clothesline Bad News Brown pinned Carmine Surace at 1:41 with the Ghetto Blaster Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Oliver Humperdink) pinned Barry Horowitz with the slingshot splash at 1:45 Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Rick Gantner & Tony Leone at 2:26 when Jacques pinned Leone following a double team move off the top; after the bout, the Rougeaus hit the same move on Gantner Brutus Beefcake defeated Woody Lee via submission with the sleeper at 2:13 Hulk Hogan pinned Boris Zhukov (w/ Slick & Nikolai Volkoff) at 1:59 with the legdrop; after the match Nikolai Volkoff and Slick came into the ring, with Volkoff receiving a powerslam and legdrop and Slick an atomic drop to the outside (Hogan’s final appearance until the summer as he was filming ‘No Holds Barred’) Ron Bass pinned Bert Centeno at 2:02 with the Pedigree; after the bout, Bass dragged his opponent around the ring with his whip, Miss Betsy --- WWF @ Erie, PA - April 21 1989 Big John Studd pinned Akeem Paul Roma pinned Conquistador #1 Bret Hart fought the Honkytonk Man to a double count-out WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated the Powers of Pain via disqualification Hillbilly Jim pinned Boris Zhukov Mr. Perfect pinned Koko B. Ware Ted Dibiase pinned Tito Santana WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned the Big Bossman --- WWF @ Landover, MD - Capital Centre - April 21, 1990 (matinee) Koko B. Ware pinned Buddy Rose Paul Roma pinned the Brooklyn Brawler Rick Martel defeated Jim Brunzell Jim Duggan defeated Akeem Brutus Beefcake defeated the Genius WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition fought Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart to a double count-out Sensational Sherri defeated Sapphire after Randy Savage interfered Roddy Piper (sub. for Dusty Rhodes) pinned Randy Savgae after Sapphire threw him Sensational Sherri's purse to use as a weapon WWF @ Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena - April 21, 1990 (3,700) Al Perez pinned Mark Young Hillbilly Jim pinned Bob Bradley Dino Bravo pinned Pez Whatley The Big Bossman pinned Ted Dibiase Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated the Orient Express via count-out The Barbarian pinned Jimmy Snuka Hulk Hogan defeated Earthquake via disqualification after Jimmy Hart interfered WWF @ Richmond, VA - Coliseum - April 21, 1990 Koko B. Ware defeated Buddy Rose Jim Duggan defeated Akeem Brutus Beefcake defeated the Genius Rick Martel defeated Jim Brunzell Paul Roma defeated the Brooklyn Brawler WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition fought Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart to a double disqualification Sensational Sherri defeated Sapphire Roddy Piper pinned Randy Savage WWF @ Providence, RI - Civic Center - April 21, 1990 (4,700) Hercules defeated Pete Doherty via submission Tugboat pinned Black Bart The Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine defeated the Bushwhackers via disqualification when Luke hit Valentine with the guitar Jake Roberts pinned Bad News Brown with the DDT The Warlord pinned Tito Santana Paul Diamond pinned Jim Powers WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior pinned Mr. Perfect at 7:46 --- WWF @ Syracuse, NY - Onondoga County War Memorial - April 21, 1991 Jake Roberts vs. Earthquake The Legion of Doom vs. WWF Tag Team Champions the Nasty Boys The Ultimate Warrior vs. the Undertaker Also included the Bushwhackers, Kerry Von Erich, and Jim Duggan WWF @ Toronto, Ontario - Maple Leaf Gardens - April 21, 1991 Prime Time Wrestling - 4/30/91: The Berzerker (w/ Mr. Fuji) pinned Jim Powers at 4:04 with a kneedrop from the middle turnbuckle Prime Time Wrestling - 5/7/91: Tugboat pinned the Black Demon with the splash The Big Bossman pinned the Mountie Ricky Steamboat pinned the Brooklyn Brawler Prime Time Wrestling - 7/8/91: Bret Hart pinned the Barbarian at around the 14-minute mark with a reverse roll up after the referee kicked the Barbarian's arms off the ropes as he attempted to hold onto them to make a cover Ted Dibiase pinned Virgil by using the ropes for leverage Prime Time Wrestling - 5/7/91: Davey Boy Smith pinned Haku (sub. for WWF IC Champion Mr. Perfect) with a crucifix Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated the Orient Express when Jannetty pinned Tanaka Sgt. Slaughter defeated WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan via disqualification when referee Dave Hebner mistakingly thought Hogan had used a chair --- no show 1992 --- WWF @ Dublin, Ireland - Point Depot - April 21, 1993 (4,000) Typhoon defeated Damien Demento Kamala defeated Kimchee Doink the Clown (Borne) defeated Crush via count-out Yokozuna defeated Jim Duggan WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Bob Backlund The Nasty Boys fought the Headshrinkers to a double disqualification Mr. Perfect defeated Lex Luger --- no show 1994 --- WWF @ Munich, Germany - Olympiahalle - April 21, 1995 (9,800) Adam Bomb defeated Kwang after about 12 minutes Henry Godwinn defeated Aldo Montoya after about 13 minutes; after the bout, Godwinn slopped ring announcer Carsten Schaefer Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith defeated Tatanka & Kama when Smith pinned Tatanka after almost 25 minutes Bret Hart defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Owen Hart with the Sharpshooter in a No Holds Barred match; Bret had previously won the match via disqualification after Hakushi interfered but Bret requested that the match continue The Undertaker defeated Bam Bam Bigelow Hakushi defeated the 1-2-3 Kid; after the bout, the Kid was taken from the ring on a stretcher while holding his neck W WF World Champion Diesel & Razor Ramon defeated Psycho Sid & WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett when Diesel pinned Jarrett; after the bout, the Roadie sustained both the Razor's Edge and the powerbomb --- WWF @ Stuttgart, Germany - April 21, 1996 (4,900) Henry & Phinneas Godwinn defeated Leif Cassidy & the 1-2-3 Kid Savio Vega defeated Isaac Yankem DDS Justin Bradshaw defeated Jake Roberts Ahmed Johnson defeated Davey Boy Smith via disqualification in an arm wrestling match WWF Tag Team Champions Skip & Zip defeated the Bushwhackers Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Razor Ramon Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart The Undertaker defeated Diesel WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Steve Austin --- WWF @ Binghamton, NY - Broome County Arena - April 21, 1997 (3,846; sell out) WWF IC Champion Rocky Miavia defeated Tony DeVito Shotgun - 4/26/97: Flash Funk defeated Nick Barberri Crush, Savio Vega, & D-Lo Brown defeated Aldo Montoya, Steve Corino, & Freddie Joe Floyd Goldust defeated Mike Bell The Legion of Doom defeated Henry & Phinneas Godwinn after Henry sustained the Doomsday Device; as a result of the move, Henry sustained a broken neck and was out of action for several months Raw is War - featured Vince McMahon conducting an opening in-ring interview with Steve Austin in which it was announced he would face WWF World Champion the Undertaker May 11 at In Your House; during the segment, Austin challenged Bret Hart to an immediate match and then said he had one minute to come out or he would go back and find him; a clock then appeared on the big screen, with Bret, WWF Tag Team Champions - WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith & Owen Hart appearing on the big screen after it ran out and Bret accepting the challenge to a streetfight later in the show; Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler announced the match would happen at the start of the broadcast; Hart then argued why Austin was getting a world title shot, with Austin saying if he was going to hell then Bret would be coming with; after McMahon joined the commentary team, footage showed Austin looking for Bret backstage; included Ken Shamrock joining the commentary team and issuing a challenge to Mike Tyson; featured Austin shown hitting the Hart Foundation dressing room door, with Bret shown inside having Pat Patterson, Tony Garea, Blackjack Lanza, and Dave Hebner send Austin out to the ring: The Sultan (w/ the Iron Sheik) defeated Ahmed Johnson via disqualification after Ahmed used a 2X4 to scare off the Nation at ringside before turning his attention to his opponent and using the weapon Steve Austin fought Bret Hart to a no contest in a streetfight at around the 8-minute mark; prior to the match, WWF Tag Team Champions - WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith & Owen Hart jumped Austin from behind, with Bret helping in triple teaming Austin; moments later, Shawn Michaels came out of the crowd and chased Owen and Smith backstage with a steel chair, leaving Bret in the ring with Austin; the bout was stopped when Austin refused to break the Sharpshooter after assauting Bret's knee with a steel chair, with the crowd chanting "Austin" as referees tried to pull him away; after officials pulled Austin away, Bret remained on the mat during the commercial break, with Smith and Owen having returned to the ring to call for medical help; moments later, backstage footage showed WWF President Gorilla Monsoon berating Austin beside an ambulance, in which Monsoon ejected Austin from the building; after another commercial break, Bret was taken backstage on a stretcher and loaded into the back of the ambulance by medics, Owen, and Smith; once inside, it was revealed Austin was in the driver's seat, with Austin again going after Bret until he was beaten off by Owen and Smith and pulled away by officials Tiger Ali Singh pinned Salvatore Sincere with a spinning heel kick (Tiger's TV debut) Rockabilly (w/ the Honkytonk Man) pinned Jesse Jammes with the Shake, Rattle, & Roll; after the match, Honky gave Jesse Jammes a guitar shot to the head WWF World Champion the Undertaker defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Chyna) via disqualification when Mankind came into the ring with a blow torch and attempted to set the champion ablaze; after Taker and Mankind took their fight into the crowd, Goldust and Marlena (who were sitting ringside wearing streetclothes) ambushed Triple H and Chyna Dark Match after the show: The Legion of Doom defeated WWF Tag Team Champions - Owen Hart & WWF European Champion Davey Boy Smith via disqualification --- no shows 1998-2000 --- WWF @ Waco, TX - April 21, 2001 (6,719) Essa Rios defeated Jerry Lynn with a moonsault Lita pinned Ivory with the Twist of Fate / Swanton combo Matt Hardy pinned Perry Saturn with the Twist of Fate Haku defeated Raven with the Tongan Death Grip WWF Tag Team Champions Undertaker & Kane defeated WWF World Champion Steve Austin & WWF IC Champion Triple H following a double chokeslam Hardcore Holly & WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Crash Holly defeated Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki WWF European Champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Test with a roll up Jeff Hardy pinned Dean Malenko with the Swanton Bomb WWF @ Tyler, TX - April 21, 2001 (3,960) WWF Hardcore Champion Rhyno defeated K-Kwik Spike Dudley defeated the Brooklyn Brawler Albert defeated Billy Gunn Chris Benoit defeated Val Venis Kurt Angle defeated Chris Jericho Grandmaster Sexay & Steve Blackman defeated the Goodfather & Bull Buchanon The Dudley Boyz defeated Edge & Christian and X-Pac & Justin Credible in an elimination match The Big Show defeated the Big Bossman Bradshaw defeated William Regal in a Kiss the Flag match --- Backlash 02 - Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena - April 21, 2002 (12,489) Sunday Night Heat: The Big Show defeated Justin Credible & Steven Richards in a handicap match Pay-Per-View bouts - featured Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary; included a backstage segment in which Farooq met with and hugged Bradshaw, with Farooq wishing Bradshaw good luck in his match against the nWo; featured a backstage segment in which Vince McMahon walked into Ric Flair's office and talked with Flair, Arn Anderson beside him, and questioned Flair's decision to be guest referee for the Steve Austin / Undertaker bout later in the show; Flair then said he would never be like McMahon, with McMahon saying he could try and extended his hand but Flair refused to shake it; included a backstage segment in which Paul Heyman hyped Brock Lesnar up for his first televised match; featured Tazz at WWF New York, with pretaped comments from fans in attendance over who they thought would win the match between Triple H and Hulk Hogan; included an in-ring promo by Chris Jericho, complaining about not having a match on the show even though he had just lost the WWE World Title and others like Billy Kidman, Trish Stratus, and Maven did get on the card; Jericho then complained of Hogan getting a title shot ahead of him; featured a backstage segment with Flair and Anderson in which the Undertaker appeared and didn't say a word but attempted to intimidate Flair prior to the match later in the night: Tajiri (w/ Torrie Wilson) pinned WWF Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman to win the title at 9:08 when Tajiri sprayed Kidman in the face with red mist as Kidman attempted a powerbomb, with Tajiri falling on top for the win; after the bout, Michael Cole interviewed Tajiri at ringside with Tajiri speaking in Japanese until he dragged Torrie backstage Scott Hall (w/ X-Pac) pinned Bradshaw (w/ Farooq) at 5:47 with a low blow and roll up immediately after Farooq rammed X-Pac into the steel ringpost on the floor; prior to the bout, Farooq made a surprise appearance to counter X-Pac at ringside WWF Women's Champion Jazz defeated Trish Stratus at 4:26 via submission with the STF; prior to the bout, Molly Holly came out, insulted Trish, hit her with the mic, and threw her into the steel ringsteps on the floor before Jazz appeared; after the bout, Mark Lloyd interviewed Jazz at ringside, with Jazz walking off after he asked whether Molly had anything to do with the win Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) defeated Jeff Hardy (w/ Lita) at 5:31 when referee Teddy Long stopped the match, deeming Hardy unable to defend himself after sustaining the Brockbuster and three powerbombs; after the bout, Lita and several referees tended to Hardy in the ring (Lesnar's TV in-ring debut) Kurt Angle pinned Edge at 13:24 with a kick to the face and the Olympic Slam after Edge attempted the spear Eddie Guerrero pinned WWF IC Champion Rob Van Dam to win the title at 11:43 with the Frog Splash after dropping the champion with a neckbreaker onto the title belt The Undertaker pinned Steve Austin at 26:58 after kicking a steel chair into Austin's face; Scott Hall & X-Pac briefly appeared ringside at the 12-minute mark; Austin's foot was on the bottom rope during the cover but guest referee Ric Flair didn't see it; due to pre-match stipulations, Taker became the #1 contender and earned a WWE World Title shot at Judgment Day; after the bout, Austin dropped Taker with the Stunner; moments later, Jonathan Coacham conducted a backstage interview with Flair, showing him footage of Austin's foot on the bottom rope during the cover, with Flair then saying "Aw, shit" upon seeing he made a bad call WWF Tag Team Champions Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo (w/ Rico) defeated Al Snow & Maven at 5:59 when Gunn pinned Maven after Palumbo hit the Jungle Kick on Maven following Snow chasing an interfering Rico out of the ring Hulk Hogan pinned WWF World Champion Triple H to win the title at 22:05 with the legdrop after sending an interfering Undertaker to the floor with a clothesline, moments after Taker punched out referee Earl Hebner, hit Triple H over the head with a steel chair, and pulled Hogan on top of the champion; late in the bout, Chris Jericho punched out Hebner and hit Hogan over the head with a steel chair but was eventually knocked out of the ring by Triple H; after the bout, a bloody Triple H extended his hand to the new champion, with Hogan shaking it (Hulk Hogan: The Ultimate Anthology) --- WWE @ Atlanta, GA - Phillips Arena - April 21, 2003 Ernest Miller pinned Johnny Swinger with the Flatliner Mark Jindrak pinned Norman Smiley Sunday Night Heat - only shown internationally: Chief Morley pinned Maven with the Money Shot Christopher Nowinski pinned Shark Boy Steven Richards (w/ Victoria) pinned Tommy Dreamer with the DDT after Victoria interfered Ivory pinned Molly Holly with a roll up after Molly was pushed by guest referee Jackie; after the bout, Trish Stratus made the save for Jackie and Ivory against Molly, Victoria, and Jazz Raw: Chris Jericho defeated the Hurricane via submission to the Walls of Jericho at 6:01 after avoiding the Nightmare on Helms Street by grabbing hold of the referee; after the bout, Ric Flair attacked the Hurricane and locked him in the figure-4 as payback for the previous week's loss Rodney Mack (w/ Teddy Long) pinned Sean Evans at 1:46 in a "5-Minute White Boy Challenge" following a running powerslam; Long did guest commentary for the bout Scott Steiner & Test (w/ Stacy Keibler) defeated Rosey & Jamal (w/ Rico) at 3:45 when Steiner scored the pin with a reverse DDT; after the bout, Test argued with Stacy over her being with Steiner on the floor; Christopher Nowinski did guest commentary for the bout Spike Dudley & WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus fought the Dudley Boyz to a no contest as the Dudleyz reluctantly attacked their opponents before the match began, at the request of Chief Morley, before Rob Van Dam and Kane made the save; as the Dudleyz brawled with the tag team champions on the floor, Jazz further brutalized Trish Stratus in the ring Booker T defeated World Heavyweight Champion Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) via disqualification at 14:01 when both Flair and Chris Jericho attacked special referee Shawn Michaels as he prepared to count the pinfall on the champion after executing the superkick; following the bout, Kevin Nash cleared the ring of both Flair and Jericho before Triple H hit a low blow from behind to allow his own escape --- no show 2004 --- WWE (Raw) @ Aberdeen, Scotland - Press & Journal Arena - April 21, 2005 (8,500; sell out) WWE Raw Tag Team Champions William Regal & Tajiri defeated Rob Conway & Sylvian Grenier when Tajiri pinned Grenier with the kick to the head Chris Masters defeated Val Venis via submission with the full nelson Christy Hemme pinned Victoria with a sunset flip after hitting a low blow on guest referee Jonathan Coachman, with a second referee counting the pinfall; Victoria played the role of heel for the match Viscera pinned the Hurricane with the Embalmer Chris Jericho defeated Tyson Tomko via submission with the Walls of Jericho Kane defeated Muhammad Hassan via disqualification when Daivairi interfered and hit Kane with a chair; after the bout, Kane hit a double chokeslam on both men WWE IC Champion Shelton Benjamin pinned Christian with the Exploder suplex Edge pinned Chris Benoit after hitting him with his briefcase World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H & Ric Flair when Batista pinned Flair with the spinebuster WWE (Smackdown!) @ Dublin, Ireland - The Point - April 21, 2005 (6,400; sell out) Hardcore Holly pinned Rene Dupree with the Alabama Slam WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London won a 10-man cruiserweight title battle royal by last eliminating Billy Kidman Luther Reigns pinned Charlie Haas with a spinning neckbreaker Booker T pinned John Heidenreich with the scissors kick WWE World Champion John Cena & the Big Show defeated Kurt Angle & John Bradshaw Layfield when Cena pinned JBL with the FU; after the bout, the Basham Brothers and Orlando Jordan helped in attacking Cena WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury defeated Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio Jr. when Mysterio was pinned with the elevated DDT double team as Melina distracted Guerrero Carlito Caribbean Cool pinned Mark Jindrak with his feet on the ropes Torrie Wilson pinned Dawn Marie with a DDT; late in the match, guest referee Jackie Gayda turned on Torrie, with guest ring announcer Joy Giovanni eventually counting the pinfall The Undertaker defeated WWE US Champion Orlando Jordan via disqualification after using the title belt as a weapon; after the bout, Taker hit the tombstone on the champion --- WWE (Smackdown!) @ Newcastle, England - Metroradio Arena - April 21, 2006 (9,000; sell out) Paul Birchill defeated Orlando Jordan WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick Tatanka defeated Road Warrior Animal Matt Hardy pinned WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms in a non-title match with the Twist of Fate Sho Funaki fought Nunzio to a no contest when the Great Khali interfered and attacked both men Bobby Lashley pinned Booker T with a powerslam William Regal pinned Finlay WWE US Champion John Bradshaw Layfield pinned Chris Benoit with a DDT onto a steel chair after Orlando Jordan interfered World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Mark Henry and Kurt Angle by pinning Henry; Ken Kennedy did guest ring announcing for the match WWE @ London, England - Wembley Arena - April 21, 2006 (8,500; sell out) The Big Show defeated Charlie Rage & the UK Kid in a handicap match Lance Cade defeated Eugene Goldust & Gene Snitsky defeated Eric Schwarz & Andy Simmonz Kane defeated Trevor Murdoch Raw - 4/24/06 - included an opening in-ring promo by Edge, with Lita, in which he showed clips of pinning Triple H the previous week and beating John Cena at New Year's Revolution to prove why he is the odds on favorite to win the triple threat match at Backlash; Triple H soon interrupted, followed moments thereafter by WWE World Champion John Cena, with Cena clearing Triple H from the ring; the Spirit Squad then appeared at the entranceway and did a cheer saying that Vince McMahon had made a match pitting Cena, Triple H, & Edge to face the five members of the Spirit Squad later in the night; featured a backstage brawl between Kane and the Big Show which was eventually broken up by Bruce Prichard, referees, agents, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade, and others; included a segment on Kane appearing in "See No Evil" in theaters May 19th; featured an in-ring promo by WWE Women's Champion Mickie James, finally dressed as herself, in which she was interrupted by Trish Stratus, also dressed as Mickie; after Trish repeatedly finished Mickie's sentences, the two briefly traded blows before Mickie was knocked to the floor: Rob Van Dam, Carlito Caribbean Cool, & Charlie Haas defeated Chris Masters, Matt Striker, & WWE IC Champion Shelton Benjamin at 9:07 when RVD pinned Benjamin with a side kick off the top followed by the Five Star Frog Splash Candice Michelle defeated Maria, Torrie Wilson, and Victoria in a bikini contest when guest MC Jonathan Coachman awarded Candice the victory despite the crowd's reaction; after the contest, Coachman said her prize was making out with him; moments later, Viscera appeared and said he wanted to do to Coachman what Coachman wanted to do to Candice; he then dropped Coachman with a Samoan Drop, splashed him, kissed Candice, and left ringside with her Shawn Michaels fought Shane McMahon (w/ Vince McMahon) to a no contest at around the 8-minute mark after Vince hit Michaels with the time keeper's bell on the floor and Shane followed with an elbow drop from the top rope through the commentary table, with Vince then cutting a promo on Michaels saying that God had abandoned him and he and God had no chance in hell of beating the McMahons at Backlash Umaga (w/ Armando Allejandro Estrada) pinned Steve Lewington with the thumb strike to the throat at 2:04; after the bout, Ric Flair attacked Umaga, grabbed him by the groin, and then punced him out of the ring; after the commercial break, it was announced Flair would face Umaga at Backlash WWE World Champion John Cena, Edge (w/ Lita), & Triple H fought WWE Raw Tag Team Champions the Spirit Squad to a no contest at around the 8-minute mark when Cena and Triple H began fighting each other after hitting their respective finishers on the opposition while Edge & Lita watched on from the aisle --- WWE (Smackdown! & ECW) @ Vienna, Austria - Wiener Stadthalle - April 21, 2007 (8,530) WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Jimmy Wang Yang Tommy Dreamer pinned Matt Striker with the DDT; after the bout, the Boogeyman attacked Striker and poured worms on him WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino defeated Brian Kendrick & Paul London and William Regal & Dave Taylor when London was pinned after Cherry interfered Nunzio defeated Gregory Helms WWE US Champion Chris Benoit defeated MVP via submission with the Crippler Crossface Rob Van Dam & Sabu defeated Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von when RVD pinned Burke with the Five Star Frog Splash Michelle McCool defeated JillianHall ; Kristal was the guest referee for the bout World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker, Batista, & Kane defeated Mark Henry, Ken Kennedy, & Finlay when Taker pinned Finlay with the tombstone WWE (Raw) @ Oberhausen, Germany - Konig-Pilsener Arena - April 21, 2007 (6,999) WWE IC Champion Santino Marella pinned Jonathan Coachman with a crossbody off the top Super Crazy & Val Venis defeated Kenny Dykstra & Daniel Rodimer when Venis scored the pin with the Money Shot; late in the bout, Crazy suffered a blown out knee CM Punk pinned Snitsky with a roll up; prior to the bout, ring announcer Todd Grisham mistakengly referred to Snitsky as Kevin Thorn; after the bout, Snitsky attacked Punk Mickie James & Maria defeated WWE Women's Champion Melina & Victoria when Mickie pinned Victoria with the DDT Ric Flair defeated Chris Masters via submission with the figure-4 ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley pinned Kevin Thorn with the running powerslam Carlito Caribbean Cool pinned Johnny Nitro with the Back Cracker Shawn Michaels, WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Edge, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch following the superkick and Swanton WWE World Champion John Cena pinned Umaga with the FU; Umaga wore Edge's pants for the match --- Some good/interesting stuff from above: Pretty sweet prime time tag match in 1985 with Steamboat/Tito vs the Dream Team. Hogan with a quick squash in 1988 before he left to film a classic movie with Zeus. 4 shows in one day in 1990. Slaughter with a DQ win over Hogan in 1991, which I assume would set up two months of rematches between the two in Toronto, as was the usual plan. Bret vs Owen in both 1995 and 1996...1996 house show looks pretty sweet actually. A pretty famous RAW from 1997 with the great Bret/Austin stuff and the writing becoming very Russo-esque. Backlash 2002 with Hogan vs HHH and the terrible Austin/Taker match. 2003...remember the white boy challenge? Setting up the Backlash appearance of God in 2006. And finally, I liked this one from just a year ago: Anyways. thoughts, comments, memories etc are welcome.
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    Scott Keith Q & A

    Cool stuff. Thanks for posting.
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    ECW on Sci-Fi (4/15/2008)

    Wade Keller's PWTorch review is funny.
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    Bobby Lashley released

    He's comfortable and furious.
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    Eddy Guerrero passes away

  17. The WCW thread really turned into a great one that people really seemed to enjoy, so with the ECW DVD coming out this week I thought it would be fitting to start an ECW thread. Post something ECW-related that you think the majority of people on this board won't know/remember. Go!
  18. I need to see Havoc 89 now. Great review.
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    ECW One Night Stand 2 Thread

    Fonzie will come out later.
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    ECW One Night Stand 2 Thread

    Edge's pin: http://imagesocket.com/images/diffpine34.jpg
  21. Velocity: 1) Funaki vs. Mike Knox (might be dark) 2) Tatanka vs. Seth James 3) Gunner Scott vs. Colt Cabana 4) Kash/Noble vs. Sterling James Keenan and Jon Bolen 5) Matt Hardy vs. Simon Dean Smackdown: 1) Brian Kendrick vs. Psychosis 2) Nunzio vs. Vito 3) Lashley vs. Regal 4) Henry vs. Raymond Rowe 5) Ken Kennedy vs. Scotty 2 Hotty 6) Ashley, Jillian, Kristal and Michelle in a bikini contest 7) Rey Misterio vs. Finlay (non-title) Also Paul Heyman has an in-ring interview with Michael Cole.
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    Smackdown Non-Spoilers for 6/2

    Also of note is that on Velocity there is Gunner Scott vs. SImon Dean and Mexicools vs. London/Kendrick. And Helms and Tatanka vs. jobbers.
  23. What were the dates of Russo's first and second tenures writing for WCW? I know that end date of his second stint is a little hazy, but maybe somebody has a rough idea of when he was pushed out?
  24. These spoilers seem to be legit: And...
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    The REAL Smackdown spoilers for 5.26.06

    The Funaki bit is on WWE.com, so that adds to the idea that these spoilers are real and the otheres were fake.