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    That's not exactly true. Brock Lesnar isn't really hated around here, and neither is John Cena. But anyway, what the hell is there to like about people coming from OVW? They always come out early and suck ass their first couple of months. I thought OVW was to prepare them.
  2. Brett Favre


    Within a month? Why wait that long?
  3. Brett Favre


    Too bad he helped two young guys who absolutely suck. Now if he woulda helped Paul London..
  4. Brett Favre

    Stevie & Victoria turning face

    I don't think they turned him face though.
  5. Brett Favre

    Stevie & Victoria turning face

    Rajah is a dumbbass. If someone pays a tribute to someone and starts to cry he's suddenly a face? I don't think this happened when Owen Hart died.
  6. Brett Favre

    What "cena" thing do you like most

    Sometimes I can't help but do the "Word Life" hand gesture at school some days. It's weird I tell ya. But i'd go with the "You can't see me" taunt. But I do question something. Why did Cena shake Benoit's hand yesterday? Benoit can't see Cena..Cena mentioned it on Smackdown last week..what was he thinking!?
  7. Brett Favre

    The One and Only Survivor Series Thread

    Wouldn't it be great if HBK got up and no sells, shook hands with both Batista and Orton and mentioned that he yet again has sucessfully completed another Survior Series screw job? Eh!?
  8. Brett Favre

    Another Kurt Angle interview

    Interesting. He forgot to mention that Brock Lesnar is homegrown and he had Paul Heyman to do the talking for him. He probably didn't mention that because hey, guess who else got a huge push during his first year?
  9. Brett Favre

    Looking Ahead to Royal Rumble 2004

    The Return of Stone Cold Steven Austin.
  10. Brett Favre

    Your Survivor Series 2003 Predictions

    Rob Van Dam should turn heel on Sunday. He could then cut a promo on RAW on how he hasn't gone anywhere with Austin as Co-GM, that the only title shots he's recieved have been for the Intercontinental Title. While when Bischoff was GM on his own, he got title shots at the World Title. Then maybe he'd get a title shot at Goldberg (If Retained) and set up a feud? Nevermind, this will never happen.
  11. Brett Favre

    Vince vs Undertaker

    That could be a good thing.
  12. Brett Favre

    Vince vs Undertaker

    This is very odd when you think about it. The man that cares about another person's family is named the UNDERTAKER. How ironic is that? Ten years ago, who would have thought that the deadman would be worrying about someone else's life?
  13. Brett Favre

    Vince vs Undertaker

    I guess the reason they are feuding is because Taker is upset at Vince for hurting Stephanie and Linda. God knows Taker would never hurt Stephaine.
  14. Brett Favre

    Kurt Angle interview

    Huge Relief. Hopefully he isn't lying either. That reminds me, I guess he wasn't lying about the Cena teaming up with him storyline.