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    That about sums it up for me.
  2. The Buzz

    What happend To?

    Dutt worked about 4 events straight leading up to his title shot at Michael Shane if I'm correct. He lost the match, and for now is gone obviously. He is the Jr. Heavyweight champion of two promotions(CZW? MLW?) I think so I'm sure his schedule is pretty hectic at the moment.
  3. The Buzz

    New Raven Column

    Best piece wrestling column I've read in years. AMEN
  4. The Buzz

    TNA Attendance

    Why don't they just start small and start booking themselves in various arenas, etcs in Tennesee. If everything goes well, then and only then should they moves out of the state.
  5. The Buzz

    TNA news for this week

    Looks like a good card top to bottom. Almost every guy on the card entertains me. Matches of the night for me will be Sting(Da Man) vs Jarrett, Cage Match, and Sabin/Daniels.
  6. The Buzz

    Latest On Lex Luger's TNA Future

    Hate to cut him down because in 1988 he was actually pretty good, but the man truly does suck. He basically no sold everything including being hit with a bat by a 250 lbs man..... come on....I wish him the best since his life has been in the crappers lately.
  7. The Buzz

    Johnny Smith

    I have to agree with Wild Pegasus.....Fleisch had a future, but Smith is really solid. I think he is just one of those gems that got overlooked.
  8. The Buzz

    WHY do you enjoy Nwa Tna ???

    I will admit there has been some decent RAWs in 2000.(Semi-retracting my earlier statement) But nothing that entertained me as much as the the 97-early 99 stuff, and the late 80s-94 NWA/WCW. Edit: This ass fingering talk is really scaring me....
  9. The Buzz

    WHY do you enjoy Nwa Tna ???

    Sorry guys imo WCW and WWF both have sucked since late 99. Just a note I've just started watching TNA in April of this year. I have my opinion....What I said is how I feel so lay off. Edit: That first line should say "WCW and WWF sucked since late 99." Since WCW is just a wee bit dead now
  10. The Buzz

    Johnny Smith

    If im not mistaken wasn't Johnny Smith a top draw for canadian promotion Stampede Wrestling in the 80s?
  11. The Buzz

    Status of Vader and Mike Rotundo...

    The last I heard about Vader was the false "Vader Dead" reports from a month or so ago.
  12. The Buzz

    WHY do you enjoy Nwa Tna ???

    Sting, Aj Styles, Jeff Jarrett, D'Lo Brown, Raven, Shane Douglas, and Jerry Lynn are the main reasons I watch the company. All are great wrestlers and atleast decent on the microphone. I also tune in because even the worst TNA show i've seen is better then the best RAW in the past 4 years.
  13. The Buzz

    Reason why Luger wrestled

    I'm always good for a laugh Edit: It's just hard to sit there and listen to people call Sting an asshole when the man laid down for numerous men in his last 3 1/2 years in wcw to help put them over. When almost anytime a wrestler talks about him he is referred to as a class act, nice guy, and someone who doesn't play a whole lot of politics..(go read a commentary from Lance Storm and any shoot interview from someone involved with WCW.) I mean like someone else said many tna wrestlers got their jobs on who they knew not neccesarily talent...so for Sting to say I'm not going to waste my time when I don't have to work unless you bring Luger in next week isn't so bad in my opinion when he's given a lot to the business. But eh I'm done talking about this cuz there is really no use in me or anyone else wasting time over a rumor like I just did writing this rant.
  14. The Buzz

    Reason why Luger wrestled

    Yeah Sting is such a bad guy for working for TNA because he's buddy buddy with Jarrett to help out the promotion. Yeah he's such a bad guy for giving Styles the rub in a prematch promo last night. Sting is a bad guy for bringing in Luger, when it was probably Jarrett who said let's get Luger in here for a match. Note:Sting hasn't won a match himself or cleanly since being in TNA. Yes, Luger sucked but he laid down for Styles last night regardless. It's not like Styles isn't extremely over with the TNA crowd(who were pretty much dead last night save for Raven and Styles chants!) Don't take this as me flaming you guys, but how the hell do you know what they are saying is even true when you and I have never stepped foot backstage. They are merely journalists doing there job in stirring up controversy, which 90% of the time is completely false..............AKA...BULL SHIT!(Shakes head, and waits for the flaming) lolz
  15. The Buzz

    Who has drawn?

    Flair and Inoki drew 125000 fans years ago...so to say Flair isn't a draw is a bit harsh. I've only seen Hogan draw big a few times in the late 80s. If you say he was drawing consistently in the 90s then you obviously forgot that WWF was going bankrupt......so they put the belt on Warrior who couldn't raise the ship up out of the water. Luger has NEVER drawn in my recollection. Sting vs Jake Roberts drew the biggest wcw buyrate for like 6 years until the nWo storyline...and then Sting vs Hogan drew pretty big so Sting has drawn a few times. I do believe the Sting vs Vader matches were decent buyrates as well. The Attitude era is what drew in 98-00 not really any one guy by himself. The biggest draws in wrestling were in the EARLY 1900s....no one will ever beat the amount of people they drew...I believe one match drew in the 200,000 range.
  16. The Buzz

    One and Only TNA 11/12/03 Thread

    The event was a bit on the boring side, but the main event is actually the only match that kept my interest other then Low Ki vs Daniels. Luger killed the match with his slow methodical....sweating profusely after 5 minutes style. Jarrett, Sting, and Styles all looked solid to me though.
  17. The Buzz


    Actually if u want to get technical Hogan is the most over in TNA without stepping foot in the Fairgrounds.....As far as Raven being more over than Sting....I don't know about that...if we are talking about in Nashville I think it's about even...I'm a big Sting fan but neither him or Raven are exactly sending the buyrates into an all time high. But to get back on topic...Sting definately has gas left in the tank.