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  1. I'd put The Road Warriors, Freebirds, British Bulldogs, Dudleys, Steiners, Hart Foundation, Midnight Express, Rock and Roll Express, Harlem Heat, Outsiders as my top ten probably. Those are in no particular order either. You also have to rank the New Age Outlaws, Hardys, Edge and Christian up there in the top fifteen or so. The Funks and Briscos were great teams as well from what I've seen of them on dvd. I think the Road Warriors are the Hulk Hogan of tag team wrestling, that first team that comes to your mind.

  2. Spending money on himself to make money(Entrance Gear, Ring Gear, etc.)

    Starpower(Lives his gimmick, and had the charisma to be larger than life)

    Working Ability(His stuff in WWF was all pretty good, his two matches with The Warrior are two of my favorite matches of that era.)




    He'd be a great Road Agent for the younger wrestlers to learn from if he could take what he did for himself and apply it to others.

  3. I think Warrior was a bit underrated in the ring, it takes two to dance. Regardless of whether Rude, Hogan, Savage, etc. were better workers than him when they had those good matches. Warrior was still competent enough to do his part. I think Warrior bombed on a combo of his own lack of technical talent(yes I admit he's not a good worker except for big matches), dying interest in wrestling was slowly creeping up, weak opponents, Hogan overshadowing him, and his supposed bad attitude. Although I've been hearing more and more that he was just eccentric and all about making his money and getting out, rather than a straight up asshole.(Shoot interviews)


    To finish this off, as a mark kid growing up I never viewed Warrior as a weak champion, and he always seemed bigger to me than Hogan. I know I'm not alone on that one, it wasn't until I came online that I read about how he was such a "failure".

  4. This was a pretty decent popcorn flick, but the ending either the alien angels was weird and seemed not to fit the rest of the movie. Nicholas Cage did a decent enough job, but there were a few lol moments. But fuck I can watch just about any movie and find something cheesy or something that could have been done better. This wasn't an acting clinic, it was decent entertainment.

  5. Tommy Dreamer on WWE.com blogged about his disappointment of not having a Wrestlemania match. Dreamer said he is retiring from the ring in April. "Yes I am beyond disappointed I am not having a match," he wrote. "Actually I read my New Year's Resolutions blog and I have failed on 2 out of 3 of them - being in the Royal Rumble and having a match at WrestleMania." (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)


    Sorry if it's been posted elsewhere. Just thought that was interesting, whether it is part of his angle or truth.

  6. I know this is basically a joke thread, but hell I'll give it a serious response. Kevin Nash in my opinion is underrated as a worker. I can always watch his matches without getting bored, and I think he works the mic pretty well. Is he the greatest big man ever? Not a chance. But I think he made the most of his limited talent and then some.

  7. I think it was made clear with both Rey and CM Punk, that they both had a career night when they won the belt, and that keeping it was going to be a long shot. They were not made to look dominant. Rey had it worse than Punk, as atleast Punk was having competitive matches with Batista that would end in controversy, and got clean wins over JBL and Regal. Rey if I remember correctly was getting his ass beat by just about everyone on the Smackdown main event and upper card roster as champion. Someone in WWE seems to have mixed up the concepts of underdog and loser. If either man get another reign I hope it'll be a bit stronger.