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  1. anyone want to meet on playstation 3 and have some matches? My name on there is thebuzzstud



    I'm also having trouble picking up objects and picking up the opponent. Is there a trick to it. I'll press circle circle and start running instead of picking up the weapon, and anytime I try to pick up an opponent I either do a move to them or start running.

  2. Watched my yearly viewing of 3000 Miles to Graceland. Good, fun, action movie, with comedy sprinkled in. It holds up for me every time I watch it. One of my favorite Kevin Costner performances, and I'm a guy who's liked pretty much all of his work. Also saw Knowing last night. Not a great movie, or even a good movie. But it had some good cgi, decent suspense at times, and Nicholas Cage usually brings the goods whether his movies suck or not. The ending kinda left a weird taste in my mouth, not necessarily a good weird. Just kind of left me feeling indifferent towards the movie. I liked it enough to pick it up when it hits Blockbuster's 4 for 20. I recently enjoyed Race to Witch Mountain and Watchmen in the last few weeks as well.

  3. I always thought the SSP helped the match and how they recovered from it. It made Brock look like even more of a badass mofo who wanted the belt regardless of the consequences. In real fights not everything ends up perfect, and that's lost in translation a lot of times in pro-wrestling. People expect moves to land crisp and perfectly every time, and while botches can be dangerous, they do add a sense of realism to the match for me.

  4. I think Cena's point is more along the lines of, Rock won't come back to do one match a year, or even appear a few times a year on the live tv. He's not filming that many movies where it'd be impossible. The fact is he has distanced himself from the wrestling business for the most part, and is probably wise in doing so since he seems to want to become as serious of an actor as possible. So I can see it from both ends of the spectrum. Personally I think both guys are doing great for themselves, and it seems like interviewers just bring it up for the controversy to make for interesting tv or print.


    BTW, The Marine was a helluva fun action movie, as was the Condemned. I know they are popular around Michigan at least from what I've heard from a few different people.

  5. I saw somebody suggest the Ultimate Warrior vs Jericho. What do you guys think of that.


    It'd certainly be better than what they have now, plus Warrior looked okay in his comeback match last year, not great, but I'm sure he could work a simple 5-10 minute match with Jericho.


    He did find his way into the Legends of Wrestlemania game...



    It'd be a nice way to bury the hatchet with the Warrior(not that either side cares), and besides Flair, Austin, Hogan it would be probably the best option. Would be pretty cool to see a nice 5-10 minute match between the two. Too bad it wouldn't happen.

  6. More or less(with exceptions) that is Japanese wrestling, although you could say they base their wrestling off of Fire, Fighting Spirit, and intensity. Some say they are just bad workers, but I think what they do is pretty cool when done right.



    I'm pumped if there will be another fire pro game, especially if its for ps3. I played quite a bit on Fire Pro Returns, and have thought of picking it up again recently. Great game.

  7. From what I've heard and seen of both guys, they will do whatever they need to in the ring to get the match over. Flat out it won't be a technical masterpiece, but it has a fighting chance of being a helluva fight. Sting's knee and Foley's nagging injuries may get in the way, but it won't be from a lack of either man trying. To say this ppv will be more talked about than Wrestlemania is a stretch, but I do think Foley/Sting is a Wrestlemania caliber match even with both guys in the tail-end of their careers.

  8. I too thought that Jericho and HBK would find it's way to Mania, and I thought the Regal/Punk feud would be longer than a few Raw matches, possibly finding it's blowoff at Wrestlemania. With the way they were pushing the IC title, I thought it was going to get a focus again but it was just a promotional tool for the fucking dvd. I guess if JBL defends it against Mysterio, then that is a step forward.

  9. It'll be cool to find out if this fight really happened or not. Because I would love to for the hearts of the certain type of mma fan that constantly bashes wrestling to be broken. Considering Ken Shamrock was a professional wrestler before he ever had his first professional fight, the current ufc champion is a former pro-wrestler, Dan Severn has been doing both simultaneously his entire career, and various mma guys do wrestling for big paydays.


    If this did happen it's just another reason for that one type of mma fan to knock the bashing off.

    Umm, Ken Shamrock was fighting professionally YEARS before he was ever a pro wrestler.



    As previously mentioned, Shamrock started Pro-Wrestling around 1990. I believe he was trained by Buzz Sawyer and at the urging of one of the Malenko brothers got into Japan to fight.