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  1. Hopefully this will spawn a few sequel dvds ala The Rise and Fall of ECW. Hopefully it's not too one-sided. WCW did have it's share of good stuff. I always watched WCW over the WWE if I had to choose just because I knew that I'd see corny storylines on both but I'd see the better wrestling on WCW.

  2. It's an insult to the Ultimate Warrior to have his wrestling skills compared to the Boogeyman. Boogeyman was just one notch above guys like Khali, El Gigante, etc. Where as at least The Warrior can have a good match when motivated to do so with the right guy.



    The Boogeyman was interesting enough, and regardless of his wrestling skills he could have probably done a little bit more than he ended up doing. But for coming in so late in life, he should be pretty proud of what he accomplished.

  3. JBL served his purpose, was entertaining and although some of the matches weren't great from a pure wrestling workrate point of view, a lot were entertaining. I'm aware he didn't draw huge number, but he didn't kill the show off or anything and if nothing else was a good heel champion to put Cena over the edge. As far as some good recent ppvs, I enjoyed the run of ppvs that involved CM Punk as Champion and HBK vs Jericho/Batista. The Cena/JBL parking lot brawl was pretty cool too. Believe some of those ppvs are Summerslam 08, Great American Bash 08, One Night Stand 08, Armageddon 08.