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  1. Well there is another take on this, maybe Jericho is a mentor to Kelly Kelly in the back about wrestling. She has a crush on him and invited him out to a party, he accepted and had some fun. Could be innocent, could be an affair. But either way it's like the hollywood gossip, none of our business.

  2. I think that's also the big reason why their is such a lack of distinct personalities in the top leagues. You got the same group of people writing every promo, rather than CM Punk using his brain, heart, and personality to get over the fact that he needs to build a match with so and so for the next ppv. I said it in another thread, if they want to run a tv show, then go with it all the way. Film the matches and a few promos in the ring to keep the live atmosphere for the crowd, but tape ahead of time and post-produce it big time to make your tv show. Atleast then you can film multiple takes with the wrestlers backstage to get the corny scripts just right.

  3. The Sharkboy/New Jack segments and this one segment with Sandman and a bunch of ECW guys are probably my favorite stuff in terms of comedy from TNA. In the Sandman segment a bunch of the ECW guys they brought in around the Raven/Jarrett angle were cutting a promo. In the background Sandman is running with a flaming kendo stick back and forth like a madman. All of the sudden the flaming part of the kendo stick falls off and Sandman keeps running like a madman with half a kendo stick.

  4. The way I look at TNA is this for every three good things they do, they do ten retarded things. For example, they made Raven a big deal again for a time. Then they turned around and made him into enhancement talent just as fast. They fill the void WCW left me with. You get to see great undercard action, although some of it is nothing more than spots strung together. You get to see legends of the past and present do what made them good, which more than likely wouldn't be the case in WWE. Then you also get the storylines that start out great, and either don't end or end in a stupid manner.

  5. The Birth of ROH and their various ups and downs. Few good comebacks by guys like Sting and Finlay. A few bad ones as well.


    I think if anything 2000 has been more bland than the 80s or 90s were. It seems like wrestling was going uphill through the 80s, had a dip in the early 90s and then rocketed up even further by the end of the decade. 2000's seems to just be a bumpy road with no real personality to it. It's not edgy or hip like the 90s and it's not wholesome and so simple it's brilliant like the 80s. In my opinion the key to making a truly entertaining product again is simple. Make it old school and simple with promos, vignettes, lots of matches, and very few backstage angles. Or you go in the opposite direction and try something hip and edgy. If you want to make it a tv show like WWE seems to at times, why not go all the way and film it more like a tv show. Keep the live atmosphere for the tapings, but post produce and truly work at making something interesting out of it. I think of playmakers, any given sunday, the documentaries hbo does about boxing, even the UFC countdown shows.

  6. I'd love to see the show, but last time I bought expensive floor seats from tna(like sixth row) I couldn't see shit. I ended up walking to the upper bowl and standing. I saw better standing up in the general admission then I could from the floor.(Bound for Glory 06) Best seat in the house for me will probably be on my couch watching it on ppv.

  7. T-nation is a good fitness/bodybuilding/nutrition website. On the outside its geared toward bodybuilders, but their articles cater to all sorts of athletes and even weekend warriors. Also Dr. Squat Fred Hatfield's zig zag diet plan is up on his website I believe. Just thought I'd toss you some stuff to help you learn.









  8. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that at this point the working plan for Mickey Rourke at Wrestlemania 25 will see the actor appearing in the corner of whoever Jericho faces at the PPV. Because Rourke is a former boxer, creative has an idea to push that ability of Rourke's and have him interfere in the finish of the Jericho match possibly hitting him with a knockout style punch that Jericho could sell as devastating. At this point there is no confirmed opponent for Jericho, however Jerry Lawler's name has come up a few times in creative meetings as he fits the legend persona and has been vocally "against" Y2J's attacks of other legends on Raw. Lawler is 56 years old and has never worked a match at Wrestlemania, so now may be the last chance the veteran has to wrestle on the big show.




    Found that on wrestlezone.

  9. They should have just stuck to having Joe cut those on screen promos, show up and take out a mafia member each month, leading to some type of showdown with either Sting or Angle at Bound For Glory. Would have returned some credibility to his badass character. Although I don't totally agree with what Hall was saying on a few of his shoot interviews about hatred and death threats being used in-character on camera. This stuff proves his point big time about threatening someones life being cheesy in wrestling. Careers are one thing, but I'm going to kill you? To be fair, I think some of Angle's promos have had their cheesy moments as well lately.