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  1. Found this on gerweck


    - Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett will headline the 3/20 San Juan, Puerto Rico show.




    - 2/20 in Macon, GA drew 2,000 fans paid.




    - No word yet on how Sonjay Dutt's release will effect SoCal Val.




    - Sting vs. Mick Foley is being advertised locally for Lockdown in Philly.



    - James Storm either has or will soon sign a new multi-year deal with TNA.




    (Information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was used in this report.)




    There are talks about the TNA Lockdown PPV happening in April and there has been talks about matches for the PPV. These are the plans:



    From Gerweck via the WON -



    TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Six Sides of Steel Match:

    Sting vs. Mick Foley



    Six Sides of Steel Match:

    Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett



    Six Sides of Steel Match:

    Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe



    TNA Legends Championship - Six Sides of Steel Match:

    Booker T vs. A.J. Styles




    (information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was used in this report)

  2. I could see Foley turning just because of the promos he's done with Sting, the time he was in the MEM Locker room, and the fact that he mentioned he wanted to do another match with Sting now that Sting had a renewed passion for the sport.(in some type of interview online.)


    Jarrett and Sting turning just doesn't make any sense, so I'm hoping they remember that and stick with Foley. I'd rather not see Angle win the strap to be honest, it's refreshing to see Sting hold the title for longer than 2 months again.

  3. I would have enjoyed a well-planned match between Jericho and Rourke. Hell, they probably could have gotten a rematch at Summerslam out of Rourke to return the job to Jericho, but now that Rourke is listening to his agents and what not I know it won't happen. It'd be cool to see Jericho vs Piper, Austin, or Hogan. If and only if the three I mentioned were in shape. Piper brought a good promo the other night, but if he wrestled again I'd hope he would atleast be in WCW shape.

  4. Looks good to me, some people take their comics, novels, and movies too seriously, but I still respect everyone's opinion regardless. I liked League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which a lot didn't, and I liked The Dark Knight. Trailers look decent for this, and it seems to be pretty faithful to the comic so why the hell not.

  5. I'm still looking to sell this lot, but am willing to sell it for 100 dollars plus shipping, which we will just set at 5 dollars. Also willing to take best offers. Just PM me on here or email me at [email protected]


    I also still have the opened lot of action figures and would be willing to part with it for 50-70 bucks. If you'd like to know what figures I have and what condition, just pm me and I'll look as it's been a few years since I've opened the container. Figures are ECW, WWF, and WCW.

  6. I've always liked Sting. He's been a favorite of mine since I saw him way back in my wrestling watching days. Maybe it's a case of him just liking the material or maybe it's because it's his last run...but he's been bringing more intensity and he seems a lot more interested in this last TNA run then his previous couple years.



    I agree, I liked the last two years or whatever because it was Sting, and he wasn't old and washed up. But now he's bringing some intensity that might add to his legacy when he retires.