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  1. I'm not a huge Christian fan, but I always kind of ranked him at that level with the Hardys, Edge, Jericho, and a few others of the same era. Christian knows how to have a helluva match when it's time, and I can say the same about the others that he's being compared to. As far as promos go, of the guys listed above I'd put him only behind Jericho and Edge.

  2. I guess Eric Roberts replaced Kingsley who dropped out of the movie. I was actually getting ready to post this, and saw the thread. This looks like it's going to be badass. Apparently JC Van Dam turned down a part due to Sly not telling him what his character would be, instead just telling him the fighting would be good and he'd make a ton of money.

  3. Flair(16x), Hogan(12x), Sting(10-13x), and probably a lot of the older wrestlers like your Harley Race and Dusty Rhodes amassed their title reigns in a period of 15-20 years. Now guys are able to have records like that in the span of ten years or less. Triple H I believe won his first world title in 99 and already ten years later has held world titles 13 times. Cena has won the top strap four times in the span of four years. Edge has held 8 world titles in the span of three years. Guys like Jericho and Angle have held the strap multi-times in a short period of time as well.

  4. Edit: I know I've missed a few ppvs so far, but I'm hoping I'm still allowed to give this a shot.



    1. All or Nothing Match: John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Shawn Michaels

    2. No Holds Barred Match: Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton

    3. ECW Title: Finlay vs. Jack Swagger©

    4. WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match: Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy vs. The Big Show vs. The Undertaker vs. Vladimir Kozlov vs. Edge©

    BONUS: Choose the order of elimination (1pt for each correct placement)Hardy, Big Show, Edge, Triple H, Undertaker

    5. World Heavyweight Title Elimination Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Kane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena©

    BONUS: Choose the order of elimination (1pt for each correct placement) Knox, Kofi, Rey, Kane, Jericho

  5. They are getting 1.7 million viewers. I really think that if they did Clash of The Champion style specials on the months with no pay-per-views, and hyped up those big shows well they would have one hell of a model. Like someone said, if they can get a percentage of those viewers to start watching pay-per-views they'd be good. In my opinion, which I know doesn't make it right or wrong, they lost a lot of ppv buying "smark or smart fans" when they stopped putting the x-division first with minimal star power on top, and gained more casual fans who don't necessarily buy ppvs when they brought in their Team 3d, Angle, Sting, Christian, Booker, etc. They would be served well to find a happy medium to please everyone.

  6. I'm all for more matches.. but I love the docu style stuff as I go back to that more than I do the matches. It's a shame that WWE doesn't think this kind of format is valuable anymore.



    They probably changed because the number one thing people used to say bad about WWE dvds was the lack of matches. Now they are doing like 25-30 on each release rather then 6-12.