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  1. I was standing south of the main entrance seeing as how my third row seats sucked major ass. Didn't have any chairs fly over my head, however my friends girlfriend did get hit by a chair Adam Pearce was leaning on in the crowd that he threw to the side when the CZW guys came out.


    "She's hardcore! She's hardcore!"


    Yeah, I remember that. Didn't she at least get a bunch of merchandise for her troubles?


    If I remember correctly a few of the guys autographed a dvd for her boyfriend(my friend) on our way out. I was dead tired from working the night before and driving there.

  2. As far as fans that didn't tune in to see the Invasion-based ppvs in WWE because of a lack of stars. I think they did lose a lot of potential fans when WCW died. I know WCW didn't have as many as they once did, but I think a lot of wrestling fans stopped being wrestling fans when WCW died. Had a stronger roster been used for the invasion I think word would have gotten around and people would have tuned in.

  3. I miss it because I feel it has hurt the actual matches, as people want more and more from the wrestlers which has caused the need for all the high flying, chain wrestling stuff without rhyme or reason that seems to flood the business. It also seems that anyone younger than the age of 35 is apparently more deserving than someone whos older, but in reality knows what they are doing more. Those are the things that are most annoying to me.

  4. The problem with debuting for TNA is, if you're not an established legend or star. The crowd expects you to be able to perform circus acts in, around, and off of the ropes. Not all wrestlers are able/ nor want to do that type of shit. Not saying he was great or anything, but I thought he had some potential if built up right. His promos were pretty decent.

  5. It's a sad day when I don't know if Ken Shamrock has it in him to beat a guy whos 1-6 in his last seven fights. Then again he is a big mother fucker.


    If anyone spots a sports book covering his and Tank's matches next Friday, hook me up


    I want to bet aganist both


    I guess Tank and Ken Shamrock's next fight after this friday is against each other. Sorry if posted elsewhere already, the fight would have been interesting about ten-fifteen years ago.

  6. Well AJ is probably better off last night getting that segment because it's in my opinion the best promo he's ever done. His work was solid at the start of the Sting angle, and tonight he did a nice job compared to his usual promos. Not to mention Samoa Joe is interesting again right now, as it seems he's back on form to be the near unstoppable badass that everyone grew to love.

  7. I went to the first few Detroit ROH shows and Better Than Our Best, enjoyed myself tremendously. ROH is fun to watch on dvd, but is amazing live.


    TNA Bound For Glory 2006 was awesome just to see Sting win the world title live. At that time I figured it'd be his last title reign, and to see my favorite wrestler win a title was very cool.


    The only other shows I've seen were Price Of Glory wrestling in Coldwater, Michigan and some WCW house shows back in 97 and 98.