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  1. fazzle

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 7

    Meh. I wish *I* could be stuck on this game. Damn Blockbuster not getting any copies of it.
  2. fazzle

    24 Season 2 Marathon on FX - Labor Day

    Gawd, the ending scene of that episode is still really powerful Spoiler (Highlight to Read): But nowhere NEAR as powerful as it was the first time. They ended up ruining it by having the bombing meaning NOTHING. With the exception of randomly working phones depending on what the plot needed, the bomb had no effect in the long run. Instead they turned it into a cheap shock tactic. And to that I say blah.
  3. fazzle

    24 Season 2 Marathon on FX - Labor Day

    "I'm gonna need a hacksaw" is still the best line of the season. Unfortunately, Kate actually DOES exist, and it wasn't just a bad dream. DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!
  4. fazzle

    EWR 4.0

    I just got ****3/4 between Eddie/Ultimo, despite a match quality of 100%. Damn crowd.
  5. fazzle

    Should Raw and Smackdown move ...

    No. A majority of people that watch Raw and Smackdown are doing so more out of habit than anything else. By changing nights the WWE would be asking people to change their viewing habits just for them. They'd end up losing a lot of viewers.
  6. fazzle

    NCAA Greatest Games

    So...since the other NCAA thread is buried in other pages, how about some general Dynasty discussion here? I just won the National Championship in my 6th year with UNCW. From 1 star to champs in 6 years. Eh, I probably could have done better. In the offseason after winning the championship, I lose Ellington(QB who came in 2nd in the Heisman voting), Butler(CB and kick returner who had 8 career defensive and 3 career return TDs), and Walter(NCAA all time career sack leader, ended his career with 55.) But yet, I'm still confident about this new season. Mainly because I have a Freshman(redshirted last year) QB who's got a speed of 86. 86...for a fucking QB. That's insane.
  7. fazzle

    NCAA Greatest Games

    Well, I haven't gotten any, because I'm using a created team. Stupid bugs.
  8. fazzle

    The one-and-only football contest thingy thread

    Panthers - 13 Since this is just preseason, I'll be deciding everything by a coin toss. New England Buffalo N.Y. Jets Minnesota Atlanta Tampa Bay St. Louis New Orleans Baltimore Oakland Tennessee Jacksonville Cincinnati Carolina Denver San Diego
  9. fazzle

    Freddy's Nightmares: The old TV series...

    Was it this series or the Friday the 13th series that had the one episode about the chick that killed people with pool cues? That was a so-bad-it's-good episode.
  10. Good thing you didn't post my comments. I'd be looking REALLY stupid Was anyone else's theater REALLY undermanned for FvsJ? The 16 here only had 1 screen showing it.
  11. fazzle

    Freddy vs. Jason

    If nothing else, FvsJ should win an award for worst body double with the shower scene.
  12. fazzle

    ESPN Gamer

    They lose all their credibility right away. A 45/50 for NFL Gameday? That's hilarious enough on it's own, but then when you factor in that they only gave ESPN Football a 43, it's GOLDEN. Saying your own game is worse than friggin Gameday? Way to not sell any copies ESPN.
  13. fazzle

    Satellite Luring Away Cable Subscribers

    Except for this past Sunday, where I missed 15 minutes of the Dennis Leary roast because of a little rain.
  14. fazzle

    Silent Hill 3

    *bump* Just beat the game End of game spoiler: Spoiler (Highlight to Read): She ATE the fucking fetus?! What the hell?!
  15. fazzle

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 7

    Beast was in season 4.
  16. fazzle

    New IC Contender

    I've got $5 on Shane McMahon.
  17. fazzle

    DDP and Kim Page in new movie

    Wow. If DDP tries a little bit harder, he might graduate to porn level acting!
  18. fazzle

    New Shopzone Items

    They made millions and millions of Fuck Your Face babies.
  19. fazzle

    Last time a turn really suprised you

    Why do I have a feeling that everyone's response is going to have the phrase "because I was away from the internet for a few weeks" in it?
  20. fazzle

    TSM Forums Crash 2003

    Hrm. I wonder how many posts I lost. *shrug*
  21. fazzle

    New Shopzone Items

    Holy crap, that Mattitude shirt is horrible. I feel 12.6% gayer for just seeing it.