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    '90s Song Tournament

    You just made my day in reading this. Well, Garbage *is* my favorite band of all time after all.
  2. fazzle

    TSM Hates The 90s

    Salt-N-Pepa- "Whatta Man" (d. "Seether," 23-8) Beck- "Loser" (d. "I Want It That Way," 21-10) Montell Jordan- "This Is How We Do It" (d. "I Don't Want To Wait," 27-4) Goo Goo Dolls- "Iris" (d. "Missing," 24-7) The Breeders- "Cannonball" (d. "Mmmbop," 21-10) Snoop Doggy Dogg- "Gin and Juice" (d. "Wicked Game," 24-7) Kris Kross- "Jump" (d. "Who Will Save Your Soul," 20-11) Dee-Lite- "Groove Is In The Heart" (d. "Inside Out," 22-9) Jamiroquai- "Virtual Insanity" (d. "Building a Mystery," 21-10) Warren G. (ft. Nate Dogg)- "Regulate" (d. "Livin La Vida Loca," 26-5) Notorious B.I.G. (ft. Puff Daddy and Mase)- "Mo Money Mo Problems" (d. "Kiss Me," 22-9) L.L. Cool J- "Mama Said Knock You Out" (d. "Genie In a Bottle," 19-12) Fiona Apple- "Criminal" (d. "End of the Road," 19-12) Weezer- "Buddy Holly" (d. "You Mean The World To Me," 26-4) U2- "One" (d. "Dreamlover," 22-9) Jay-Z- "Can I Get A..." (d. "Tearin' Up My Heart," 21-10) Nirvana- "Heart Shaped Box" (d. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," 16-15) Blink 182- "Dammit" (d. "All the Small Things," 21-10) Blur- "Song 2" (d. "Boys and Girls," 17-14) Stone Temple Pilots- "Interstate Love Song" (d. "Plush," 20-11) Smashing Pumpkins- "1979" (d. "Today," 16-15) Seal- "Kiss From a Rose" (d. "Crazy," 19-12) Cranberries- "Linger" (d. "Dreams," 21-10) No Doubt- "Don't Speak" (d. "Spiderwebs," 19-12) Alanis Morissette- "You Oughta Know" (d. "Ironic," 24-7) Green Day- "Basket Case" (d. "Good Riddance," 19-12) Oasis- "Wonderwall" (d. "Champagne Supernova," 20-11) R.E.M.- "Losing My Religion" (d. "Everybody Hurts," 20-11) Chumbawumba- "Tubthumpin" (d. "Bitch," 19-12) Tom Cochrane- "Life Is a Highway" (d. "Glycerine," 20-11) Third Eye Blind- "Semi-Charmed Life" (d. "All I Want," 23-8) Blind Melon- "No Rain" (d. "Jealous Again," 24-7) TLC- "Waterfalls" (d. "Cryin,'" 17-14) Soundgarden- "Black Hole Sun" (d. "My Lovin'," 22-9) MC Hammer- "U Can't Touch This" (d. "Ice Ice Baby," 21-10) Skee-Lo- "I Wish" (d. "In The Meantime," 22-9) Naughty By Nature- "O.P.P." (d. "Shoop," 21-10) DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- "Summertime" (d. "The Freshmen," 20-11) 2Pac- "California Love" (d. "...Hit Me Baby One More Time," 22-9) Fugees- "Killing Me Softly With His Song" (d. "Wannabe," 23-8) Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg)- "Nuthin But a G Thang" (d. "I Do It For You," 21-10) The Verve- "Bittersweet Symphony" (d. "One Week," 22-9) Beastie Boys- "Sabotage" (d. "Good," 26-5) The Cardigans- "Lovefool" (d. "Two Princes," 16-15) The Offspring- "Self Esteem" (d. "Give Me One Reason," 21-10) Eagle-Eye Cherry- "Save Tonight" (d. "Runaway Train," 16-15) Semisonic- "Closing Time" (d. "Walking In Memphis, 24-7) Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Under the Bridge" (d. "Shine," 24-7) Radiohead- "Creep" (d. "Mr. Jones," 23-8) Outkast- "Rosa Parks" (d. "Lump," 20-11) Pearl Jam- "Evenflow" (d. "Low," 23-8) New Radicals- "You Get What You Give" (d. "All I Wanna Do," 24-7) Pras (ft. Maya and ODB)- "Ghetto Superstar" (d. "One of Us," 24-7) Sinead O'Connor- "Nothing Compares 2 U" (d. "Counting Blue Cars," 23-8) Nada Surf- "Popular" (d. "I Touch Myself," 16-15) Faith No More- "Epic" (d. "Sex and Candy," 20-11) Guns N Roses- "November Rain" (d. "More Than Words," 26-5) Lisa Loeb- "Stay (I Missed You)" (d. "Tennessee," 19-12) Hootie and the Blowfish- "I Only Wanna Be With You" (d. "Santa Monica," 22-9) Ben Folds Five- "Brick" (d. "Flagpole Sitta," 20-11) Garbage- "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" (d. "The Way," 19-12) Gin Blossoms- "Hey Jealousy" (d. "Back That Azz Up," 18-13) Foo Fighters- "Everlong" (d. "What's Up," 25-6) Meat Loaf- "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" (first round bye)
  3. fazzle

    NCAA Tournament

    This Memphis game is scaring the shit out of me, since I have them picked to win the whole damn thing. And yes, once again MMOD is a godsend. I have no idea why they don't charge for it, but I'm glad. FUCK. tie game.
  4. fazzle

    Yahoo NCAA Tourney Pick 'em

    My bracket is boring as fuck, but I'm in
  5. fazzle

    2009 PPV Prediction Contest

    count me in for another pathetic showing
  6. fazzle

    '90s Song Tournament

    Veruca Salt- "Seether" Salt-N-Pepa- "Whatta Man" Backstreet Boys- "I Want It That Way" Beck- "Loser" I'm sure this will be the first of many votes where I don't want to pick either Paula Cole- "I Don't Want To Wait" Montell Jordan- "This Is How We Do It" Everything But The Girl- "Missing" Goo Goo Dolls- "Iris" Hanson- "Mmmbop" The Breeders- "Cannonball" Chris Isaak- "Wicked Game" Snoop Doggy Dogg- "Gin and Juice" Jewel- "Who Will Save Your Soul" Kris Kross- "Jump" Eve 6- "Inside Out" Deee-Lite- "Groove Is In The Heart" Sarah McLachlan- "Building a Mystery" Jamiroquai- "Virtual Insanity" Warren G. (feat. Nate Dogg)- "Regulate" Ricky Martin- "Livin La Vida Loca" Sixpence None The Richer- "Kiss Me" Notorious B.I.G. (feat. Puff Daddy and Mace)- "Mo Money Mo Problems" Christina Aguilera- "Genie In A Bottle" L.L. Cool J- "Mama Said Knock You Out" Boyz II Men- "End Of The Road" Fiona Apple- "Criminal" Toni Braxton- "You Mean The World To Me" Weezer- "Buddy Holly" Mariah Carey- "Dreamlover" U2- "One" 'N Sync- "Tearin' Up My Heart" Jay Z- "Can I Get A..." Nirvana- "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana- "Heart Shaped Box" Blink 182- "Dammit" Blink 182- "All The Small Things" Blur- "Song 2" Blur- "Girls and Boys" Stone Temple Pilots- "Plush" Stone Temple Pilots- "Interstate Love Song" Smashing Pumpkins- "Today" Smashing Pumpkins- "1979" Seal- "Crazy" Seal- "Kiss From A Rose" The Cranberries- "Dreams" The Cranberries- "Linger" No Doubt- "Spiderwebs" No Doubt- "Don't Speak" Alanis Morissette- "You Oughta Know" Alanis Morissette- "Ironic" Green Day- "Basket Case" Green Day- "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" Oasis- "Wonderwall" Oasis- "Champagne Supernova" R.E.M.- "Losing My Religion" R.E.M.- "Everybody Hurts" Chumbawumba- "Tubthumping" Meredith Brooks- "Bitch" Tom Cochrane- "Life Is A Highway" Bush- "Glycerine" Toad the Wet Sprocket- "All I Want" Third Eye Blind- "Semi-Charmed Life" Black Crowes- "Jealous Again" Blind Melon- "No Rain" Aerosmith- "Cryin'" TLC- "Waterfalls" En Vogue- "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)" Soundgarden- "Black Hole Sun" MC Hammer- "U Can't Touch This" Vanilla Ice- "Ice Ice Baby" Skee-Lo- "I Wish" Spacehog- "In The Meantime" Salt-N-Pepa- "Shoop" Naughty By Nature- "O.P.P." DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince- "Summertime" The Verve Pipe- "The Freshmen" Britney Spears- "...Baby One More Time" 2Pac- "California Love" Spice Girls- "Wannabe" The Fugees- "Killing Me Softly" Dr. Dre (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg)- "Nuthin But A G Thang" Bryan Adams- "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" Barenaked Ladies- "One Week" The Verve- "Bittersweet Symphony" Better Than Ezra- "Good" Beastie Boys- "Sabotage" The Cardigans- "Lovefool" Spin Doctors- "Two Princes" Tracy Chapman- "Give Me One Reason" Offspring- "Self Esteem" Eagle-Eye Cherry- "Save Tonight" Soul Asylum- "Runaway Train" Mark Cohn- "Walking In Memphis" Semisonic- "Closing Time" Collective Soul- "Shine" Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Under The Bridge" Counting Crows- "Mr. Jones" Radiohead- "Creep" Outkast- "Rosa Parks" Presidents of the United States of America- "Lump" Cracker- "Low" Pearl Jam- "Evenflow" Sheryl Crow- "All I Wanna Do" New Radicals- "You Get What You Give" Pras (ft. Maya & ODB)- "Ghetto Superstar" Joan Osborne- "One Of Us" Sinead O'Connor- "Nothing Compares 2 U" Dishwalla- "Counting Blue Cars" The Divinyls- "I Touch Myself" Nada Surf- "Popular" Marcy Playground- "Sex and Candy" Faith No More- "Epic" Extreme- "More Than Words" Guns N Roses- "November Rain" Arrested Development- "Tennessee" Lisa Loeb- "Stay (I Missed You)" Everclear- "Santa Monica" Hootie and the Blowfish- "I Only Wanna Be With You" Harvey Danger- "Flagpole Sitta" Ben Folds Five- "Brick" Fastball- "The Way" Garbage- "Only Happy When It Rains" I will vote for this every round. EVERY round. No matter what it's up against. Even if it's already been eliminated. Gin Blossoms- "Hey Jealousy" Juvenile- "Back That Azz Up" Foo Fighters- "Everlong" 4 Non Blondes- "What's Up"
  7. fazzle

    The TSM Fantasy Wrestling Game.

    Almost got my lead back up to 100 points. Go me.
  8. fazzle

    WWE Raw - March 16 2009

    That's Whey too much gay porn
  9. fazzle

    WWE Raw - March 16 2009

    So...Steph is fine then? Why is HHH so pissed off, what's the big fuckin deal? And for that matter, why is Vickie still GM of Raw?
  10. fazzle

    WWE Raw - March 16 2009

    Oy. What a waste of a mania match.
  11. fazzle

    WWE Raw - March 16 2009

    wow, complete lack of reaction for Snuka. They just proved Jericho right about nobody caring about him.
  12. fazzle

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Stay classy Mickie
  13. fazzle

    ESPN's Streak for the Cash

    I have a 3 game streak going on right now, pending the results of the Knicks/Bucks game(I picked the Bucks). I'm at a total of 64-57-2, thanks to a horrendous 11 game losing streak I had earlier in the season.
  14. fazzle

    Pictures I Like

    I like the guy on the left in the light blue. He appears to be the only person in the photo who has no idea what the fuck is going on, or he's doing the best job ignoring it.
  15. fazzle

    WWE Raw - March 9, 2009

    Nitro Party. (or Randy is part mexican?)
  16. fazzle

    The TSM Fantasy Wrestling Game.

    So are Rhodes/DiBiase going to get points for the win, since the ref did officially announce them as the winners by forfeit?
  17. fazzle

    WWE Raw - March 9, 2009

    Randy's family is a whole bunch of moochers. How many fucking people does he have at his house? Is he throwing a Nitro Party?
  18. fazzle

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    Why the fuck is Punk taking a picture with Jennie Garth?
  19. fazzle

    Botches that actually improved matches

    not to mention that at this point the crowd was still an "ECW" crowd that was shitting all over him, and anything else that felt WWE-ish.
  20. fazzle

    The Amazing Race: Season 14

    Way to ruin my fantasy about Luke banging the cheerleaders while mom signs instructions to him.
  21. fazzle

    Moments So Contrived

    It wasn't contrived that Austin was flat out threatening to murder someone over an entire two hour period and nobody else was trying to do anything about it?
  22. fazzle

    The Amazing Race: Season 14

    I think we all know that no matter what reasons they actually gave, the only reason why Amanda/Kris were U-Turned was because Luke wants him some cheerleader ass. He better have at least gotten some head.
  23. fazzle

    Moments So Contrived

    How about the night when Austin kidnapped Vince McMahon for an entire episode of Raw, and then eventually brought him out to the ring and shot him with the "Bang 3:16" gun? I was already growing tired of Austin by that point, but I'm pretty sure that episode was the one that made me just completely hate him.
  24. fazzle

    ESPN's Streak for the Cash

    Yeah, I play this too. Highest I've ever gotten is 7.
  25. fazzle

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Yeah, the daughter was completely fucking annoying to me. She was supposed to be, what, 17? Then why the fuck did Maggie Grace keep acting like she was a damn 12 year old?