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    Dammit, I thought someone was bringing out a game called Jesus...Christ...Almighty... Some sort of Christian first-person-shooter or something. Now THAT I'd pay to play.
  2. k thx

    Who is RoyalBlue?

    That reference alone means he's been here for a good year That's cool that it rhymes BTW, I never noticed that... It also means you've been here for a good year. Did you post under a different name?
  3. k thx

    Who is RoyalBlue?

    Nah, I made this thread to allow people to speculate who I am. If I am indeed someone familliar to this board you'll find out in due time. Hell, if I was someone familiar to this board you could probably work it out from what I've posted.
  4. k thx

    Who is RoyalBlue?

    Yeah, right. Has anyone accused Frank Nabbit of being Tank Abbot yet?
  5. k thx

    End of prime for RVD

    Hey, she's/he's/they've got you worked up enough to accuse random posters of being Prime, so it must have worked on some level.
  6. k thx

    Banned posters

    I got mistakingly banned, and gave KR enough reason to believe I wasn't a PBP. Or I bribed a mod. Whatever you wanna believe.
  7. k thx

    End of prime for RVD

    Oh look everyone, he thinks his opinion matters. How cute. Hey, take it to Hardcore if you wanna flame me. And Prime is a genius gimmick. It gets the biggest reaction out of everyone on this board, and has fooled half of it.
  8. k thx

    Die. Die. Die.

    Downloading cd's just isn't the same as having the real thing though. From now on though, copy the cds and take them with you.
  9. k thx

    Intersting Wrestlemania facts

    Also, HHH's win at WM2000 was understandable as it was an integral part of the storyline, while people only wanted Hogan to win for the first few WM's. Nash winning is the only oddity there.
  10. k thx

    Intersting Wrestlemania facts

    WM is the companies prestige event. It wants to put on a show to please the punters, and what the fans want to se the most is a face win the title off of an evil heel, or second best an evil heel win the title from a face. Title changes are good for business, and that's what WM is all about.
  11. k thx

    End of prime for RVD

    Prime is quite possibly the best gimmick poster on this board...
  12. k thx

    Corperate Banky

    Corperate Banky is the worst rebranding since . . . well, Bankywood I guess. Kudos B, you're turning into Mario.
  13. k thx


    No. It really isn't.
  14. k thx

    Who is RoyalBlue?

    I give it a few hours before someone says that me and Darkness are the same person.
  15. k thx

    Who is RoyalBlue?

    You're all wrong.
  16. k thx

    So...who here would be interested

    I'm guessing JSYK couldn't find any wrestling-lesbians-in-jelly pictures on the net, so we'll have to settle for a wet t-shirt competion photo he found...