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  1. k thx

    The thread that never ends

    Van Halen & luke-o are the other notable southerners. We're fucked.
  2. k thx

    The thread that never ends

    I may have helped popularise that in Pompey. Certainly, lots of people started using it after I nicked it off some Londoner. Also, "fair play" and "smek".
  3. k thx

    Just because I spent the last 4 hours at a bar discussing it...

    Beatles or Floyd circa Animals. I'd say Radiohead post Amnesiac, but I saw their definning show of that period. I'd love to see it again though.
  4. k thx

    English Football

    Good luck today Franchise. Not too good though.
  5. It's a shame they've already used The New Breed, it'd work well for them.
  6. Teddy Hart is like an insane, less attractive Johnny Nitro.
  7. k thx

    Transformers The Movie

    I haven't seen the cartoon in years. So long as you don't give a fuck about the plot logic and just enjoy it as a big shiny movie, you're fine. Just asume that Bumblebee was too drained to change forms due to having been in a heavier attack. Or that Megatron has some sort of weapon which stopped him from switching.
  8. k thx


    I saw it twice in the cinema (Once I sneaked into it after 300, the oter time I dragged my girlfriend there). Loved it, but more for the asthetic than the plot. Brilliantly filmed movie. I think it's out on DVD in the UK shortly for all you Yanks who can't get to see it, although it's a movie that you really need to see on the big screen.
  9. k thx

    The Simpsons Movie

    It was okay, but I didn't love it. I'll probably watch it again, but not in the cinema.
  10. k thx

    Bonnie Hammer submitting ideas to Vince

    As much as "make it an action show" sounds shit, if it means having fast moving, storyline driven feuds and segments with performers the fans want to see, count me in.
  11. k thx

    English Football

    Awesome. We're still gonna win Friday though...
  12. k thx

    English Football

    Where can you get a torrent for it from? PM if needs be. I'd be interested in seeing some non-televised games.
  13. k thx

    England Underwater

    I think 2005 was a bit wet (I remember dodging puddles on the way in) but I don't remember it raining constantly over the weekend or any pools of water, just some mud. My tent got slashed into on the Saturday night, so I know I didn't get rained on for the rest of the festival. May have been 2004 as I didn't go.
  14. k thx

    7/27 SMACKDOWN! Spoilers

    Dammit, stop jobbing Kenny out.
  15. k thx

    English Football

    It should be a good attacking exhibition game. Pompey have a big enough squad now that we can afford to put decent players on the bench too (not Torres and Gerrard mind) so hopefully it'll be good experience ahead of the new season for us. I'll watch the second half on my lunch break. Hopefully we're not two goals or more down by then.
  16. k thx

    English Football

    909, your boys against mine on Friday. We're gonna beat you good. Unless you play a decent team. Kluivert to Wednesday is a sign of the apocalypse.
  17. k thx

    I contacted a BDSM/Fetish escort

    Babysit me.
  18. k thx

    England Underwater

    It's not been too bad in Bristol, for what it's worth.
  19. k thx

    I contacted a BDSM/Fetish escort

    There's not enough money in the world to make me spank sexualy inadequate geeks like the aforementioned poster for a living. I can't imagine it'd be any easier for a chick.
  20. k thx

    England Underwater

    I honestly can't remember a bad Reading, rain wise, and I went to both of those. Certainly nothing to compare with Glastonbury.
  21. k thx

    I just got sent this on myspace.

    ::is on Luke's friends list::
  22. k thx

    Camping Outside Concerts.

    It's The Shins. I'm guessing you wont need to camp out that long.
  23. k thx

    English Football

    We got Gerry Creany from Celtic a few yeas ago...
  24. k thx

    SD! Spoilers for July 20th...

    Kenny is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. I'm not even joking.