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    I contacted a BDSM/Fetish escort

    She's gonna school you good.
  2. k thx

    English Football

    I've got a soft spot for Rowan Vine as a former Pompey player. Pompey, Newcastle and Rangers got raided by police yesterday. Uh-oh...
  3. k thx

    So, David Beckham in Los Angeles..

    If they add another league, they should allow promotion and relegation between divisions. That seems to be one thing missing from US sports that adds a lot to a season.
  4. k thx

    So, David Beckham in Los Angeles..

    If the MLS sticks around for a few more decades, so you can get long term fans and rivalries, it has a better chance of taking off. Better players would also help, as would having the US team in more meaningful conpetitions (say have yearly summer tournament with the best teams from Europe or South America: they bring weaker teams for experience, the US wins, everybodies happy). Freddy Adu also need to move to a European club in order to develop into a great player. Unfortunately, however good he may be a youth level, he won't progress much further with the quality of the game in the States. It looks like he may be going to Tottenham Hotspurs in the UK, which may be a good thing although they have a record of wasting talent. With the low scoring thing, I like the fact that a goal can come at any time and change the course of a match. For every goal, there's usually a fair few opportunities which are missed. Ultimately, it's a cultural thing. I couldn't watch a Baseball, Hockey, Basketball or Football game without getting far more bored than a Soccer game.
  5. k thx

    English Football

    Here's hoping. I'm surprised Wednesday haven't been taken over yet. If I was a multi-millionaire looking to invest in a football club outside the top flight, Wednesday would be in my top 5 (along with Forest, Leeds, Bristol City and Cardiff).
  6. k thx

    English Football

    Pompey signed /nugent and John Utaka, a Nigerian striker, today. Hopefully some good talent to team up with Benjani, Lua Lua and Kanu (if he stays) for the new season. Maybe a left back and a speedy winger, and we're set. Just hope we don't sell anyone.
  7. k thx


    Drugs are for losers.
  8. k thx

    The Slayer appreciation society

    how appropriate it is given whose name is on this thread
  9. k thx

    The Slayer appreciation society

    Okay, Crack Fuckush. HAYTE KRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. k thx

    Live Earth this sat

    It had Madonna with Gogol Bordello. That was good enough for me.
  11. k thx

    WWE General Discussion for July 2007

    I was gonna do a thread on this, but it really doesn't warrant it. What are peoples views on Johnny Nitro? In my eyes, he's got a great look and great moveset, but the guy just doesn't convince me as a wrestler. His transition between moves id diabolical. Hopefully a long feud with Punk may help, but he just doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with it over the last year and is getting more and more exposed.
  12. If they're going to blur him out, they may as well superimpose HHH over his body. They'll more than likely just ignore him for a while.
  13. I imagine they'll probably cut his stuff out of 24/7 for the time being, but they won't be recalling or reissuing DVDs or anything else.
  14. k thx

    Apple Ipods

    My iPod died today.
  15. Invite Warrior onto a show to talk about a murderer, in the first 20 seconds he jokes that he's gonna kill the host. Awesome.
  16. k thx

    WWE General Discussion for July 2007

    This sounds more like HHH getting himself into a title program (possibly winning the nelt at Mania) than anything benefitting the business (although he is right about Cena needing to drop the belt, the fact the money is in him chasing Orton would mean that he would need to feud with him for a while, winning the belt back after several months, which wouldn't allow a HHH/Orton match at SS).
  17. The problem with that is that Punk is the only ME level face on ECW at the moment. Unless they turn someone or build someone up, there's only so long Nitro can feud with him (and that leaves Burke with nothing to do as well).
  18. Could be he was stockpiling in case Astin got caught.
  19. The fact he wasn't undersized could be due to the growth hormone, but it's an interesting point. According to Meltz, there were a lot of people angrily rejecting the thought that Daniel had Fragile X. If Rey is OG, who is MJ? Jindrak? Jennetty? Or, more likely, some non-wrestler.
  20. k thx

    Two bombs found and defused in London

    Saturday could be interesting in London. Tour de France starts Live Earth Anniversary of London bomb attacks
  21. I believe so. The English Football thread in sports is still active and bigger (although this will probably catch it up at some point).
  22. k thx

    English Football

    You have to agree with their reasoning though. If they take Bristol to the Premiership, that's a whole untapped market of fans in the west of the country (similar to Cardiff).
  23. k thx

    WWE General Discussion for July 2007

    I dunno, I think that if Johnny Jeter, for example, was called up, nobody would remember as being in the Spirit Squad unless they bought it up, or were smarks. All they need to do with Kenny is to change his name to Ken, and the link is gone.