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  1. Youth N Asia

    South Park Season 13

    first bleh episode of the season
  2. Youth N Asia

    Passing a Urine Drug Test

    Most jobs will tell you that you have 24 hours from the time they give you the test forms
  3. Youth N Asia

    Not Deleting Peoples PMs

    Yeah, that was annoying. I'm going there to at least finish up the baseball draft
  4. Youth N Asia

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Yeah. I'd rather see Hendo or Marq get a(nother) shot first. Maia's kickass, but his biggest win is Nate Quarry? He's beaten good gatekeepers with Sonnen and MacDonald
  5. Youth N Asia

    South Park Season 13

    I've been watching the episodes on comedycentral.com uncensored. So-so episode this week, but a strong season overall
  6. Youth N Asia

    24 -- Season 7

    Yeah, tight pants Walker does just fine for me in the female dept.
  7. Youth N Asia

    24 -- Season 7

    I don't think we need her back
  8. Youth N Asia

    Old School Videogame Quiz

    27/30 brainfarted on and never heard of
  9. Youth N Asia

    The Office Season 5

    Did Ryan get fired of quit this season? I really don't recall it happening
  10. Youth N Asia

    The Xavier Cromartie question of the day

    I've heard of Twitter, but I honestly don't know what it is
  11. Youth N Asia

    Weekend Box Office Report March 27-29

    to me he'll always be the guy that kinda looks like Chris Keller
  12. Youth N Asia

    Weekend Box Office Report March 27-29

    The Marine didn't do well in the boxoffice but had really good DVD sales, maybe they're hoping the same for 12 Rounds. I just love that after 9 weeks Taken is still in the top 10. Looks like The Watchmen is going to underperform when it's all said and done, but I loved it
  13. Youth N Asia

    This week in the NBA

    If Detroit could make number 7 then I think they'd have no problem with Orlando, it's a team they've owned the last few seasons and swept this year. The Detroit train wreck is just all kinds of amusing to me right now. Could look like a whole new team next season
  14. Youth N Asia

    Big love

    Show's been over a week or so now, not using spoilers. I doubt that Joey killed Roman, mostly for the reason that Joey screws up everything he does. I mean he looked dead, but even the DA said that they were gonna raid the compound within the next 24 hours anyway, I think he's saved. I feel like a dick, my favorite characters on this show are Roman, Frank, and Hollis Green...all the bastards. I didn't care for the casino storyline this year, like I didn't care for video poker deal last season. Overall though it was a pretty good season. Albie nearly blowing himself up was very funny.
  15. Youth N Asia

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    The sodomy laws are sketchy here in Michigan
  16. Why is this thread done??
  17. Youth N Asia

    The Office Season 5

    not enough Creed this week
  18. Youth N Asia

    Ask Leena thread.

    Can I be a mod? I've been here forever but never really done anything
  19. Youth N Asia

    Magazine Subscriptions

    I think I'm about to get Maxim and Fight! subscriptions
  20. Youth N Asia

    MLB Mock Draft

    I guess we got moved here for a reason to keep this folder open
  21. Youth N Asia

    MLB Mock Draft

    Good pick. Good pick Gay Pic
  22. Youth N Asia

    MLB Mock Draft

    I'm enjoying this draft a lot. I really wanted to see about getting Tramell and Whittaker together, but I knew I wouldn't be able to make it happen
  23. Youth N Asia

    MLB Mock Draft

    Orel Hershiser, SP
  24. Youth N Asia

    MLB Mock Draft

    Joe Carter, LF. Always been a huge fan of this guy
  25. Youth N Asia

    MLB Mock Draft

    Damn, I completely forgot he existed, but liked him a lot