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  1. Leena is a notorious board hacker. She was first banned six years ago but kept trying to break in. Last week, Mike inexplicably sold half the board to her. She got rid of most of the mods/admins, who started their own board and took most of the established posters with them.


    I misread that for a moment and thought that Leena owned the board's name who we shan't speak.


    I don't get why the Leena thing killed the board entirely. I never cared for her, but I didn't think the board would completely fall apart during her 20 minutes in charge.


    I'll probably be phasing this one out and posting at the new one myself

  2. Kate's never done much for me...but she was just smoking hot in the grocery store.


    If Lost was a little sillier I'd almost think Richard was a soul sucker and it kept him young. Glad we're seeing more of him this season. Looking forward to more backstory