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    It's a big joke that's not very funny.
  2. Molotov The Bear

    The NEW TSM

    What. You know, Dandy is right. I'm not sucking up to you because you bought some piece of shit board that hates you anyways. Suck my dick, bitch. Insubordination will not be tolerated at forums.thesmartmarks.com Go die, you useless attention whore.
  3. Molotov The Bear

    Persona 4

    I have a question about P4 (since this topic seemed to turn into a P3 love-fest). I've been looking all over the friggen place, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to make the "super special maxed out ultimate personas" that you get for maxing out NPC social links. One of them showed up on the fusion list in the 5 point list, but the rest aren't on any of my lists in game and nowhere to be found online.
  4. Molotov The Bear

    Weekend Box Office Report

    She's pretty great in Coraline though.
  5. Molotov The Bear


    Parkman, despite being a former Cop and a Telepath has never been worth anything other than to get some mid-level information that the others can use to help the big picture. Might as well go all out and make him the new Issac full time.
  6. Molotov The Bear

    Smallville: Season 7

    After this episode, I'm really hoping she dies and stays dead.
  7. Molotov The Bear

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    Saw it on Friday, was a great movie. I loved the Deli scenes too, though I think the 2nd was just a little better than the 1st. But I must've been the only person in the theater under 50, that was kinda weird. There were a couple old people who didn't look like they had any clue where they even were, and one of them got up and just kinda stood in the middle of the theater before being helped out by security after the Necro Butcher fight.
  8. Molotov The Bear

    Rock Band Draft

  9. Molotov The Bear

    List things that don't interest you

    Politics Baseball Poker on TV Nascar (Hes making a LEFT TURN!) Car talk WoW Law and Order and all the other stupid court shows on TV Just a few I can think of.
  10. Molotov The Bear

    Literature folder

    Make it both again, for the hell of it. For everyone talking about the Comic folder and its two threads of activity, it used to be the Lit folder, and the only active threads were the comics threads and the ginormous Harry Potter thread.
  11. Molotov The Bear

    Overseas Folder

    This should be the new food folder subtitle.
  12. Molotov The Bear

    Rock Band Draft

    Coheed & Cambria
  13. Venkman Kinetic Agent Vitamin X
  14. Molotov The Bear

    Rock Band Draft

    Lacuna Coil
  15. Molotov The Bear

    2009 TSM Poster Tournament: The Round of 16

    Venkman Cheech Kinetic Mellow Smues King Kamala Kreese 909
  16. Molotov The Bear

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    It is not impossible, I went over that a couple pages back. I used Taker's submission to win almost every match in his RTWM. You have to get the opponents head and chest in red, then lock it on. It works.
  17. Molotov The Bear

    Rock Band Draft

    Sonata Arctica
  18. Molotov The Bear

    2009 TSM Poster Tournament: The Round of 32

    Venkman Incandenza Cheech Slayer Kinetic Canadian Chris Mellow Edwin KOAB Smues King Kamala Agent Kreese Treble 909 Vitamin X
  19. Molotov The Bear

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Ive never heard of a Verizon store (or any cell phone store) that has sales reps AND greeters. That seems alittle much to me.
  20. Molotov The Bear

    Peace out EGM

    Nah, they'll just switch you over to the even shittier PCMagazine they run.
  21. Molotov The Bear

    Your top 10 films of 2008

    The Dark Knight Iron Man The Incredible Hulk Tropic Thunder Transporter 3 Hellboy 2 Hancock Eagle Eye Quantum of Solace The Spirit
  22. Molotov The Bear

    2009 TSM Poster Tournament: The Round of 64

    Venkman Dandy Incandenza EHME Byron Cheech Slayer Thoth Kinetic Broward Spaceman Spiff Canadian Chris Mellow Obi Chris Kenobi Edwin fazzle KOAB The Franchise Smues Mattdotcom Kamala Damaramu Alkieper Agent Sensei John Kreese Cyber Mark Treble Massito Milky 909 Vitamin X Lord of the Curry
  23. Molotov The Bear

    Rock Band Draft

    Blackflagg's time's gone, and mine's almost up, (thanks Jebus) so Im gonna make my pick. Sevendust