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  1. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Future HOFers on Your Team

    I'm sure in 1999 or so Kerry Wood was on several lists like this one.
  2. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    That's the jist.
  3. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The Concert Thread

    Possibly seeing Thursday in March. Yellowcard and Spill Canvas are heading out on tour together, which I definitely am going to catch if they come to my area.
  4. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Future HOFers on Your Team

    Who is Jose Calderon, and what sport does he play? I've never heard of him.
  5. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Future HOFers on Your Team

    I'd like to see Mark Teixeira build his case over the next 8 years.
  6. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Future HOFers on Your Team

    What about Bernie Williams? Does he have a case for the VC at some point?
  7. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    UFC 94 - Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn II

    Anybody know the name of that song that played at the end of tonight's episode?
  8. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Future HOFers on Your Team

    Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera are in. Mike Mussina should be in but I don't know if he will make it. As for the G-Men, I'll say Michael Strahan and that's about it for now.
  9. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    Acoustic, live, remix, or cover versions of my favorite songs.
  10. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    iPhone and iPod

    How long do songs stay in your "Recently Added" playlist on iTunes for? I have almost 200 songs in mine. Edit: I have this stereo adapter for my car and it's excellent. I think it goes for about $70.
  11. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    My new way of eating.

    It can be difficult but the results will be huge. By changing my diet I dropped about 45-50 pounds since the middle of 2007. I always exercised but never really ate all that great so I never saw results till I started to eat right. It becomes very easy to stick with once you find stuff you like and start seeing the changes. Just experiment with different stuff, throw foods together, and see what you come up with.
  12. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    My 10 All-Time Favorite Songs

    I posted this as a facebook note in October...I guess it hasn't changed since then, and it's not in order except the GnR song is my favorite.
  13. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe


    Abercrombie Proof (which they don't make anymore and I'm almost out of) and adidas Dare are my two favorites. I also like Davidoff Adventure and Beckham Signature.
  14. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe


    3 cheers for preppiness!
  15. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe


    I have a similar button down to that photo, but the stripes on the one I have are spread out wider. Match 'em up and knock em dead.
  16. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    What did you eat today?

    I've gotten into a groove of drinking hot chocolate every night. It's delightful.
  17. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe


    Another killer combo... + White/Blue&Gray striped button down under Blue thermal
  18. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe


    Once I was walking around in Abercrombie with a gift card, wondering what to spend it on, so I bought a $15 pair of boxers. Yes, one pair was fifteen bucks.
  19. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe


    I think my boxers were about $5. They're designed with festive mistletoe. I got 3 pairs of Christmas themed boxers this year and damned if I'm not gonna wear them all year round now.
  20. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Superbowl XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

    1. Haven't decided on a winner yet 2. The winning QB 3. Warner will have more yards passing than BenRo More importantly.... 4. Best avatar - AoO 5. Creepiest avatar - AoO 6. Funniest avatar - AoO Congrats, man. What are you going to do next?
  21. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe


    So here I am, sitting in an Abercrombie muscle T ($30), Hollister sweats ($40), and an American Eagle zip up hoodie ($50) realizing I have a) too many clothes, b) too many clothes from the same stores, and c) spend too much money. Well, the sweats and the hoodie were gifts but you get the idea.
  22. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Superbowl XLIII: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

    Yes. 2004. He was awful.
  23. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    How did you get into wrestling?

    I'll bite. I was 12 and I stumbled across the Saturday morning show Livewire on USA around the winter of 1997-98. Everybody at my school was getting into it at this time, and the Austin 3:16 and DX shirts started showing up more and more. Having no internet, I had no idea who Bret Hart was besides from the video game and had no idea about Montreal. Anyway, I started getting intrigued by it, and around March or April I started watching Raw every week. I don't remember what drew me to it exactly, because I didn't have a particular favorite wrestler. I guess it just sort of hooked me. Of course, as a 12 year old, Steve Austin became my favorite pretty quickly. I always hated The Rock, because when I started watching he was a "bad guy," then all of a sudden a few months later he was a "good guy" yet he was doing pretty much the same stuff, so I couldn't root for him. I was already programmed to hate the guy. That's how I started being a wiseass and always rooting for the heels. By the time I was 15 or 16, my interest faded quickly through the summer. It was around the time of the WWF to WWE name change and the Raw/SmackDown roster split. Two events stopped me from watching the product completely: when 87 year old Hulk Hogan won the title in the spring (which me and my friends were rooting huge for, and then afterward I realized how ridiculously dumb it was). I thought it was ridiculous how King and JR would always badmouth WCW for having the old guys in the main events, and here we were years after that and they are putting over the same geezers over their own talent like Rock and HHH. I stopped watching Raws, didn't see any of the summer PPVs, and then stopped watching it altogether when Eric Bischoff gave HHH the big gold championship belt without having to wrestle a match for it. Every so often, my one friend who still watches will try to convince me to watch a PPV with him, but that is rare these days because I think he's given up on the 'fed and is only into the independent circuits.
  24. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    List things that don't interest you

    Most everything on TV. I don't watch TV anymore.
  25. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    List things that don't interest you

    I have a friend exactly like that. We finally stopped bringing him out after New Years.