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  1. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    24 Game Possibly in Development

    Awesome news
  2. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The Greatest Video Packages Of All Time

    I don't remember which PPV it was, but it had words throughout the opening that said "Know gold, know power...No gold, no power." Armageddon 1999 was badass, Vince vs. HHH. "My life....my life....my title...my daughter..." Things in each of their lives that mirrored one another. It actually may have been the same one.
  3. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    WWE Title Breakdown by Year.

    For 1998, you should add that it was vacated September 27th, and for 1999, September 6th (Not sure on that one) Raw Title 2002 - Given to HHH - Won by Shawn Michaels in November - Won back by HHH in December 2003 - Won by Goldberg in September - Won by HHH in November 2004 - Won by Benoit in March
  4. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    [Long] How the WWE is killing itself:

    You may have the issue arise of guys not keeping in shape over an extended break like that, however. Some people tend to get lazy, especially during December and the holiday season, not to mention being indoors the whole time. I'm not saying time off is a bad idea, but it is a point to consider.
  5. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Worst WrestleMania ever?

    Rankings of the WM's I've seen.... XIV X7 I 2000 VI III X8 13 XV XII X
  6. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    15 WORST PPV Matches...

    In no order.... Steve Austin vs. Undertaker, Rock Bottom 1998 Mark Henry vs. Vader, Fully Loaded 1998 X-Pac vs. Road Dogg, SummerSlam 2000 HHH vs. Goldberg, Unforgiven 2003 RVD vs. Kane, SummerSlam 2003 Shane McMahon vs. Kane, Survivor Series 2003 Chyna vs. Lita, Judgment Day 2001 Undertaker vs. Bossman, WrestleMania XV Hogan vs. Undertaker, Judgment Day 2002 HHH vs. Undertaker, King of the Ring 2002 Brisco vs. Patterson, King of the Ring 2000 William Regal vs. Raven, Invasion 2001
  7. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Worst WrestleMania ever?

    WM X by far the worst. I hated that show. Way over rated.
  8. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Backlash main event speculation

    How does one cheat in a No-DQ Match?
  9. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Will you notice an NHL Shutdown?

    I will notice, but I won't care.
  10. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Best moment from 24 Season 3

  11. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Best moment from 24 Season 3

    The guy who shot himself in Russian Roulette played the role of a terrified victim perfectly I thought. He really helped make that scene.
  12. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Best moment from 24 Season 3

    Ah yes. However, something is telling me that Chase will die sometime before 1:00 PM.
  13. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The NCAA 2004 Dynasty Thread

    2003-2008 (Current Season) USC 2 National Titles 5 Pac-10 Titles 4 BCS Bowl Titles 2 Heisman 2 Maxwell 3 Best OL 1 Best WR, Bednarick, Best QB, Best RB 2008 Rutgers 1-1, (2-2 overall) I just created a second coach and took over Rutgers. With one win, I jumped from National Rank #99 to #78. USC is unstoppable, winning last year's NC and 7 individual awards. Rutgers is so piss-poor that they have basically no home crowd and there are no announcers for the games.
  14. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    College to NFL transition

    How does one tell that a college player will not make it in the NFL? Like Charlie Ward and Eric Crouch. These are two Heisman winning QBs but they either weren't drafted or were drafted in the last round. Also, were guys like Chris Wienke, Danny Weurful, and Ron Dayne who have done zip in the pros, projected highly?
  15. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    College to NFL transition

    What is the story with Weinke? Wasn't he in his late 20's his senior year?
  16. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    20 worst ref calls

    This coming from a guy with a San Francisco Giants avatar yeah that team who had the 2002 World Series all rapped up before they forgot to play the rest of Game 6!!! Thanks. No need for you to bring up something completely irrelevant to what he was talking about. Besides, he's right. If you botch a game-winning FG like that, you deserve to lose. On top of that, the Giants didn't even deserve to win that game anyways, given the fact that they blew a 24-point-lead. Any time you do shit like that, you deserve the loss. Giants fan here, totally agreeing.
  17. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    New Avator

    Testing mine too
  18. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    2004 NFL Schedule Released

    Miami played at Dallas on Thanksgiving.
  19. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Madden, ESPN, or NCAA!!! AHHH!

    Good choice. I've played Madden, and while playmaker control is badass, NCAA overall is better.
  20. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Allstar Baseball 2003

    The only time I've ever heard him was either in Home Run Derby or Batting Practice. He said one line about the stadium, and that was all.