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    I'm having a major D: Drive problem.

    More than likely, depending on the age, something physically could be wrong either with the drive or your motherboard(IDE Channel)
  2. admin

    Anyone had their Wisdom Teeth removed?

    I recall mine out too! It was the best, they started giving me like 8 shots in the arm............................................................................. Ok, you can get out of the chair now & pay at the front. Thanks & have a good day! Thats all I recall from it, lol, no pain, not swelling afterwards. It was like getting drunk, having no hang over and taking a few days off work. Like can't get much better than that!
  3. admin

    So this is a blog thing

    No Comment...
  4. WOW! The WCW, NWO, etc were the days! Nice to see someone bringing those days up.
  5. admin

    Giant Popsicle Melts, Floods NYC Park

    Wow, how funny and embarrassing would that be for a company...
  6. admin

    parodygod and copyguy

    You could always sound professional, ask the ISP for the billing address saying you are mailing a notification of infrigment or something and actual mail him something real scary. Wouldn't that be freaky? Probably scare the hell out of someone, because they are simply posting on a forum, hehe
  7. admin

    New skins available

  8. admin

    TSM on encyclopedia

    Nice comments on the site, but where are you seeing this?
  9. admin

    TSM Observation

    Funny Observation, I often see similar traits among my proffesion
  10. admin

    New skins available

    There are SEVERAL more skins to try out, let us know what you all think!?! On the blog side of things, most all skins are not blog compatible, however the CSS does transfer over to the blogs, just images alot of times will be left out. Depending on how much time I have and what people think about the blogs skin, I may create the missing images my self.
  11. admin

    So I want a blog and shit

    To have your own blog, please send me a money order made out to (leave it blank), a copy of your drivers license, SS Card, Passport (If you have one), and a $5 bill, as well as any major credit card and I will have your blog up and ready in no time, once I have left the country. (Traveling under YOUR-NAME-HERE) We can't have just anyone creating blogs now days... Just kidding, it’s simple. Simply Click "My Controls" in the top right, and under the blog area, you should see "Create My Blog", following instructions from there and use the HELP if needed.
  12. As everyone can see, the forums now have many new skins. They are temporary, until we decide on which ones are used and wanted, and which should be trashed. Also the blog feature is now enabled. To use your blogs, Click "My Controls" > "Community Blog" > You should see a "Create My Blog" button and that’s it! You now have your own blog, which is accessible from: forums.thesmartmarks.com/blog/USER_NAME Have fun!
  13. admin

    New skins available

    More will becoming soon. We will also open a poll of which ones we should remove, then of the remaining ones, we will customize a bit and place the TSM Logo on them, as we have done with IPB's default Skin
  14. admin

    Upgrade Feedback & Errors

    Blogs are now open to all members.
  15. admin

    Spamming my PM Box.

    I have taken care of it as well, by limiting members to sending a message to 5 people MAX, at a time. I also reported his offenses to his ISP and hosting provider, as well as providing the needed logs for proof. Sorry about this and please report anything, even if its one bit of advertisement from another member to us ASAP. Mike - TSM Server Admin
  16. admin

    New skins available

    In the next day or two, before monday night, we will enable the skins chosen so far to the public and allow you guys to vote Yea or nea for them.
  17. admin

    Upgrade Feedback & Errors

    Blogs will come after the search engine is back online, because without it, you can't search blogs or many other things. The "edit" feature is enabled and you can remove the edit line, but unchecking the box at the bottom when you are editing your post. This is bothering the hell out of me. Is there any way I could get rid of the "edited by...." portion. I don't have the option to uncheck the box when I go to edit anymore.
  18. Thursday, June 9th, 2005 @ 2 A.M. The forums will be closed for several hours while I re-index both the topics and post in hopes to re-gain the search feature.
  19. admin

    Upgrade Feedback & Errors

    As a security issue to protect both our forum viewers, posters, and guest, HTML use in Sigs has been disabled. There are alternatives such as BBcode.
  20. Warning system will soon be implemented now, rules on how it works will be posted @ the top of the forums where it says Also know as the board guidelines.
  21. admin

    Try some free pizza

    Man, I use to have a e-trade account too!
  22. Oh shit, I can't read anything any of you said, because you are all on my block list, but I hope you all are behaving yourself....
  23. admin

    Upgrade Feedback & Errors

    What exactly are you referring to?
  24. admin

    Upgrade Feedback & Errors

    What did "The Czech Republic" just say? I clicked the ignore feature for him and forgot how to un-ignore someone. Oh well, only one person... I heard he was leaving TSM anyways.
  25. As part of redoing and consolidating folders on the forum, I think this should be the first to be considered to be removed. Reasons: 1. Besides Tape Trading has the second lowest post count. 2. Who here actually doesn't know how to use a forum online? There is always an edit button, or use *and post your correction? or ask for it to be deleted in a 2nd post in the same topic. What will happen Post will DELETED, it was a "Testing Playground" to begin with. Nothing discussed here should be anything worth keeping. Comments? Questions? We didn't just want to start changing things up too much without the posters thoughts and opinions since the posters are the majority. However this does not guarantee this folder will remain if you get all your buddies to rock the vote.