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  1. As of right now, things will remain the same, I am working on some new ideas and stuff which will "spice" up the site some, the radios part is off to a good start thanks to the help of DangerousA. :)

    Things will also slowly become a bit more organized in the back side, like a hard copy of chain of command.


    I will make sure to keep you all posted. Just check back here time to time.

  2. Sounds more like a possible hardware problem, such as overheating power supply or CPU, however bad ram or things can cause random resets too.


    I would disable the following, assuming your using windows XP:


    Start > My Computer (right Click & properties) > Advanced (Tab) > Settings (bottom left) > in the "System Failure" area, uncheck the "Restart Automatically"


    See how that works.

  3. Just to make sure no one freaks out, or panics. :) The site will not go down in August 15th. Things will operate the same, I will slowly work on getting things a bit organized, so I know some of what is taking place. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me @ admin_at_thesmartmarks.com or PM me on the forums.


    Again I ASSURE YOU, the forums will definitely not be going down, as it’s in a 2 year contract which started in April. :) So I hope that makes you guys feel more stable.

  4. Just to let you know, this software is pretty dang stable, and if you compare it feature wise with Windows Media Center is has more features and possibilities.

    From my expertise, which I know many of you don't even know what I do for a living, I would recommend this for at least a try. Very easy to install and uninstall, as well as setup. I have been using this throughout my house through a video distribution system for almost a year now, with little trouble. I bought the remote (ATI Remote Wonder I) for approximately $20 off eBay (NEW) and it works anywhere in my 2 story house.(from the PC in my computer networking closet upstairs. I did attach a FM antenna to it since they use similar frequencies and that helped it a lot.


    Anyways. That’s my 2 cents.

  5. a friend of a friend of my sister in laws step cousin told me try the following:

    Blubster, Kazza Lite K++, or Overnet, but hey, what do I or they know???


    I prefer iTunes, the one click solution is nice, however its not so pretty when the bill comes in. I have heard ok remarks about Napsters service, if you wanted to load up on music cheaply.

  6. I recall mine out too! It was the best, they started giving me like 8 shots in the arm.............................................................................




    Ok, you can get out of the chair now & pay at the front.


    Thanks & have a good day!




    Thats all I recall from it, lol, no pain, not swelling afterwards. It was like getting drunk, having no hang over and taking a few days off work.


    Like can't get much better than that!