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  1. One of the settings i recently changed, which may have caused some slow down and problems before was related to that. When anyone, even as a guest views a topic or post, it asks the database for it and then writes back it has been read. When you have 150-200 people all in the WWE folder reading, posting, etc in same threads it was mixing those numbers up I think because you may have 20 people click near or @ the same time, and when it talks to the DB, during the write process, no one else is allowed to write, causing a query to write...

    Basically, every 6 hours, topic views should update now as they are written to a different table.

  2. I did some more tweaks and upgrades last night to the server to squeeze as much from it as i can before i buy another CPU or another Gig of ram for it...


    Please don't hesitate to report problems you have, any small little error...

    Too many connections, PHP something, time out, etc.

    I am trying to pin point every problem I can to make these forums run as smooth as possible, especially under high traffic.




    Without your feedback, I can’t improve things.




    FYI, request for post counts or non-sense will be deleted.

  3. The below link is an "How To" for people who want to use teamspeak for vocal conversations with board members. We are planning on using it for roundtable discussions in the future and previously used it for our interviews on TSM Radio.

    this is for whomever wants to use it, maybe @ the very least it will get more people talking. :)


  4. Averatec makes a decent computer. Currently using the Averatec 6100 as my main Laptop and a Dell Latitude C400 as my secondary (weighs 3.4Lbs) the Averatec was considered by PC Magazine I think notebook brand of the year or something in 2004 maybe 2005 i think. As the best bang for your buck. I wouldn't recommend a dell, as they don't make them like they use to. The one I have now is a magnesium alloy shell (basically metal) and holds up well, however I have replaced the motherboard in it as well as the hinges.

  5. Your welcome,


    No his post will just be divided by three... Our new post counting system will work off quality post. Anything with less than 100 words will be reviewed and post counts will be divided by the number of "quick" words such as: a, the, it, he, she, they, and, post, Czech, and a few others.


    The nice thing about division is you will never get to zero, because cutting something in half, no matter how small you will never get nothing afterwards.

  6. Well, I feel its time to let you guys have a little more “freedom” I guess you could say. Since space isn’t too much of an issue and I know you guys are always complaining about things, I think this is something you hopefully won’t complain about. J Besides not having enough after you use it all… So what’s going on? Everyone now gets the following upgrades, free of charge…


    You now have a PM box which can hold 500PMs! (previously 100)


    You now get a global storage space of 5Mb, for use anywhere on the site, including blogs. (Previously 0Kb)


    You now get to upload your own avatars and personal photos! (Previously not allowed, but due to the e-mails I get time to time, for some smartass who links his avatar to some other site, then they wonder why they all of sudden increase 1300% in traffic or bandwidth usage…) I think the funniest e-mail I got was someone using a picture of jesus off some bible site and caused their site to shutdown because they exceeded quota. J This was about 1½ years ago, no good ones recently.

  7. If its brand new and you haven’t been to any of "those" sites, then its just strange, but it sounds like symptoms of spyware/adware or maybe a virus. I have personally seen spyware do something similar, but again if it’s new it shouldn't have stuff on it already.

  8. Lol, the hits you see on the site is a different system than what monitors the real hits on the server. I just had that so writers could easily see how many times it’s been viewed. if that is the article I am thinking of, lol, its in the top 5 every month and been #1 for a few. Dames Diatribes are pretty highly viewed as well.


    …So when are you writing another playboy article…? :)

  9. One thing to be careful about, is that dell case may have a slightly different powersupply than new motherboards use. There are 20pin and 24 pin, and even in the 20 pin, dell, hp, compaq, etc I have seen times when the powersupplys won't power on @ all.

    I would ditch the case, and more than likely, you can even put your current dell stuff in a new case. :)

  10. working on a cross browser solution and if the pennies don't start adding up, it won't be worth it. I think the most we have made in a day is $0.37 and like 50 clicks. this does not mean to click the ads to help out more! I am hoping Yahoo will accept my application soon, and they should preform better.

  11. I got this today, never seen it before, a simple page refresh fixed it, but me, being the perfectionist I am sometimes, would like to make sure things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

    Has anyone else had problems like this or similar in the last week?



    If so, please tell me exactly what they are (Copy and Paste is the best method) rather than re-interpret what you thought it said. Screen shots are great too. Just let me know what browser & operating system you are using.