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  1. Leena is a notorious board hacker. She was first banned six years ago but kept trying to break in. Last week, Mike inexplicably sold half the board to her. She got rid of most of the mods/admins, who started their own board and took most of the established posters with them.

  2. This guy is one of my favorite announcers of all time and for my money, the best. He also pulled double duty as a first rate interviewer. I'll be using him as both to save money. He was voted Best Television Announcer by the readers of the Wrestling Observer for four years in a row (1984-87) and is a member of The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame...


    Lance Russell


    My next guy has been a lead announcer for some time now but rose to fame as "The Professor", an expert analyst with a vast knowledge of the history of professional wrestling, particularly of the Japanese and Mexican variety. I'll be using him in that role, filling in the blanks left by my lead announcer and offering backgrounds on the combatants in the squared circle. He was voted Best Television Announcer by the readers of The Wrestler Observer five times (1997, 2002-05)....


    Mike Tenay


    I'm not certain if KKC wanted both announcers, but he can likely swap out a pick when he returns if he desires.

  3. Al, I saw the Giants/M's in Spring Training the other day and Pablo Sandoval looked like a complete stud. He hit a homerun, bunted for a single, beat out an infield hit, and probably would have stole second if not for a foul ball. What do you know of him?

    Jimmy summed up Sandoval pretty well. I would quote a comment I read on Baseball Think Factory.


    Want to hear something interesting about Sandoval's 2008?


    Among hitters with a minimum of 150 PA, he saw the second highest percentage of curveballs (12.9%) and the 24th lowest percentage of fastballs (53.2%).


    In other words, they were already pitching him like he was Ryan Howard (10th lowest % of fastballs and 16th highest % of CB). Folks seem to think the league is suddenly going to get wise to the guy; but the league already has. Check out the numbers for guys like Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo: those guys see 70% fastballs.


    I'm not saying the guy will continue to hit .345; but he's not going to turn into Pedro Feliz either. He's already being pitched like he's Pedro Feliz and hitting better. He's some kind of freak of nature.


    I ran a search on Baseball-Reference's PI, for players who stood six feet or under and weighed more than 230 pounds. The only hitters that came up were Prince Fielder, Bob Hamelin, Byron Gettis and Travis Snider. So at this point you have a player who's a switch hitter with a unique approach and a unique body type. What the heck do you make of a player like that?


    As far as catching, I figure the presence of Buster Posey is going to make that a non-issue anyway. Sandoval is probably going to need to stick at third base to have value as a regular player. He may be better served in a valuable bench role, filling in at three different positions. I'm rooting for him. Unique, different players make the game more exciting.

  4. Last pick of the week, RF Sam Crawford.




    Crawford is MLB's all time triples king. 14 times he finished in the top ten in slugging percentage. He slugged .452 in an era where the league slugging percentage was .341. If he played today he would likely approach the 500 HR club.