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  1. -Pulling the tights is an automatic win.

    -Whenever a face hits their finisher, instead of covering for the win, they always go over and get distracted by the heel manager leading to their loss.

    -Wrestlers never have charges placed against them for the countless crimes they commit.

    -Whenever someone wants to interrupt an interview, they must always have their music played. They wanna say something so badly that they first need to inform the sound guy to play their music before going to the ring.


  2. 1.) The Rock started taking over and becoming the focal part of the Nation during his 2nd Intercontinental title run from late 1997/Early 1998. There were internal problems between Rock and Faarooq in the weeks leading up Wrestlemania and the night after Mania, Rock instructed D'Lo, Henry and Kama to turn on Faarooq and he was kicked out.


    2.) Rock and Henry came in later. Rock just returned from an injury in October 1997 and joined the Nation his first night back. Henry joined in December 1997 I believe when he turned on Ken Shamrock during a match.


    3.) I'm not sure what the kayfabe reason was for D'Lo and Henry turning on The Rock but Hart left the group quietly months before that when he started teaming with Dan Severn and feuding with Ken Shamrock.


    4.) I'm pretty sure The Rock actually quit the Corporation and wasn't kicked out. He quit the night after Backlash 1999 because Shane McMahon accidently cost him his match with Austin and regaining the WWF title. I remember Rock coming at the start of Raw that night calling Shane a candy ass.

  3. Spivey's Waylon Mercy (a rip off of Robert De Niro's character in "Cape Fear") gimmick is one of my favorite gimmicks ever. It was so unique for the time as he would act like a face outside of the ring and immediatley snap and become a heel once he wrestled. Unfortunatley for Spivey though, his career was in ruins by then with his age and recurring injuries.

  4. My thoughts:


    1.) I'm gonna just jump on the bandwagon and say that Mickey Rourke was robbed. Mickey should have kept his mouth shut about the Jericho thing from the start. It finally cost him.

    2.) Alan Arkin mispronouncing Philip Seymour Hoffman's name was funny.

    3.) I didn't like the atmoshpere. For some reason, the Kodak theater looked a lot smaller than usual.

    4.) I didn't like the presentation for the acting awards. I missed the movie clips that accompany the nominations. Gives the audience an insight to what the performances were like.

    5.) I didn't like the many musical numbers

    6.) The star power seemed to be lacking. Did Clint Eastwood even show up?

    7.) Adrien Brody's Jesus look was hilarious.

    8.) Heath Ledger's win came off a lot better than I expected. I was expecting the entire cast of The Dark Knight to give him a big memorial or something but they actually did something tastefull and had his family accept for him the way it should have been from the start. I still think he wouldn't have won if he was still alive but oh well, they didn't milk his death as badly as I thought they would.

  5. I still can't get over the Heath Ledger ass kissing. As awesome as Ledger was as The Joker, I think we can all agree that the Academy or any other award ceremony wouldn't give two shits about the role had he not died. The performance was excellent, it's just sad that it took Heath dying for the Academy to finally realize it. Now we get all these awards shows milking his death and it's just plain sad. Just think, had he still been alive today, there wouldn't be any of this.

  6. Best Picture

    Slumdog Millionaire - Christian Colson


    Best Director

    Danny Boyle – Slumdog Millionaire


    Best Actor

    Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler


    Best Actress

    Kate Winslet – The Reader


    Best Supporting Actor

    Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight


    Best Supporting Actress

    Penélope Cruz – Vicky Cristina Barcelona


    Best Original Screenplay

    WALL-E - Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon and Pete Docter


    Best Adapted Screenplay

    Slumdog Millionaire - Simon Beaufoy


    Best Animated Feature

    WALL-E – Andrew Stanton


    Best Foreign Language Film

    Waltz with Bashir (Israel) in Hebrew - Ari Folman


    Best Animated Short

    Presto - Doug Sweetland



    Best Art Direction

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Donald Graham Burt, Victor J. Zolfo



    Best Cinematography

    Slumdog Millionaire – Anthony Dod Mantle


    Best Costume Design

    Revolutionary Road – Albert Wolsky


    Best Documentary Feature

    Man on Wire


    Best Documentary Short

    The Final Inch


    Best Film Editing

    Slumdog Millionaire – Chris Dickens


    Best Live Action Short

    New Boy (Ireland)


    Best Makeup

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Greg Cannom


    Best Original Score

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Alexandre Desplat


    Best Original Song

    "Down to Earth" from WALL-E – Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman (music), Peter Gabriel (lyrics)


    Best Sound Editing

    The Dark Knight – Richard King


    Best Sound Mixing

    WALL-E – Tom Myers, Michael Semanick, Ben Burtt



    Best Visual Effects

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Eric Barba, Steve Preeg, Burt Dalton, Craig Barron

  7. There was one time in the old ECW where it was Sandman against Sabu and RVD came to the ring disguied as Sabu so the real Sabu could ambush Sandman from behind. I think that was the only time I ever saw RVD with his hair fully down.


    The closest he's gotten to it in WWE was the IC title match from 2002 against Benoit where Benoit won the belt.