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  1. The thing about Kidman is that while he was very good for his time, what he did has been blown away by today's cruisers. Look at his SSP which was sloppy and bothced half the time and then look at Evan Bourne's or Paul London's which are hit with perfection everytime. Nothing he did back then (which wasn't even that long ago) stands up what guys like Bourne and London can do today and as soon as he got to WWE, he was just another paint by numbers cruiserweight.

  2. - People who show up to something in a bad mood and somehow have the need to take it out on you. Hey asshole, I'm not the one who pissed you off.


    - People who act like they're some other nationality other than American. If you were born and raised in America, you are nothing but American. You're not Columbian, Italian, Irish etc. and I'm sick of hearing people say "I'm like this because I'm "insert nationality here*" and "My country this, my country that". We're not in your country, shut the fuck up.

  3. Edge Vs. Chris Jericho in the steel cage was originally going to take place at SummerSlam 2002.

    Credit: Adam Copeland On Edge


    Was there a reason why Edge/Jericho didn't take place at Vengeance 2002? I know they announced on Smackdown that they would meet at the PPV and then Edge won the tag titles with Hogan so the match got changed to Edge/Hogan vs Christian/Storm for the titles and Jericho ended up jobbing to a green John Cena then we got the blowoff cage match between the two on a random Smackdown. I always found it wierd that during their 2 month feud, they didn't have a single PPV match.

  4. Bret Hart loses to his brother Owen at WMX in the opening match only to come back 2 hours later and win the world title in the main event.


    Chris Jericho loses to Shawn Michaels in an unsanctioned street fight and is beaten up pretty badly only to come back an hour later to win the world title.


    Yea, not quite the same thing.

  5. Since my comment was the one that got this thread started, I'm gonna give my two cents:


    It's only been a mere three weeks since Summerslam, three weeks after HBK announced his "retirement" and three weeks since Jericho going over the World Champion in his hometown. Since this PPV is flooded with the Scramble matches, it would have just been easier to have those sell the PPV since in they keep saying in the hype videos that "A new champion is guaranteed". HBK/Jericho is the hottest fued in the company right now and shouldn't take a backseat to new gimmick matches esepcially when 3 of those said matches are happening in the same night. What they SHOULD have done is added Jericho in the Raw scramble when Cena went down, have Punk retain and put him in a mini fued with Jericho going into No Mercy in which HBK costs Jericho the match and have them go into Survior Series in a "3 Stages Of Hell" blow-ff. That way, HBK can still sell his "retirement", can really get inside Jericho's head by screwing him over when his game was at an all time high and Jericho's win over Punk on Raw won't be wasted to make him look weak (hell if they still wanted Mysterio to be a part of this, he could have interfered and helped take out Kane). Survivor Series is a PPV that's marketed as having the traditional team elimination matches as well as big time gimmick matches (HIAC last year, first Elimination chamber in 2002, Ambulance and Buried Alive in '03, etc.).


    But back in topic, if WWE wants to keep these Scrambles as an exclusive to the Unforgiven PPV then that's fine with me. It sets it aside from PPV's like No Mercy and Armageddon.

  6. My thing against remakes is that Hollywood doesn't even try and just remakes movies that are only a decade or two old tops. A lot of the originals are still fresh in our minds, why do they wanna ruin that? I don't mind them taking an obscure movie or a movie that was made during a completley different period of filmmaking (The Thing, Willard, The Fly etc.) and bringing it into the mainstream but something like the Rocky Horror Picture Show? That movie is a favorite to millions, why does anyone wanna remake that and ruin the classic in people's minds?


    I remember hearing rumors a few years ago about a Taxi Driver remake (with Ewan McGregor as Bickle). C'mon, SERIOUSLY, TAXI DRIVER?

  7. I'm gonna say no on this one. While people under 21 can still get alcohol with the greatest of ease and get into certain bars (a lot of bars don't ID in Queens which I find laughable), all lowering the age really does is giving incentive for the age to be lowered even more. With an age limit like 21, a lot of people are still gonna make an effort at least to cover their own ass and keep the young ones away from booze. You guys say 18 and a few years down the line there will be people bitching for 16 since a lot of high school freshmen start drinking at 14 and all this really adds up to is more alcoholics. I feel that even when you're fresh out of high school, you're not responsible enough to drink and like what was said before, the last thing we all need is annoying teenagers at our bars, that's just my opinion.

  8. HBK/Jericho is too big of a fued to blow-off at a throw away PPV like Unforgiven, I see Jericho starting a mini program with Punk in the meantime (judging by what happened at Raw, that may hold true) and HBK returning costing him the title and we'll get Jericho/HBK at Survivor Series in the 3 Stages of Hell.