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  1. MarvinisaLunatic

    Covering Coverage

    calling Nancy Pelosi a monkey is an insult to monkeys.
  2. MarvinisaLunatic

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    oh, great..
  3. MarvinisaLunatic

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    The starting pitching is starting to thin out really fast.. NuclearTBD selects Todd Wellemeyer, SP
  4. MarvinisaLunatic

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    Here's one for the wackjob conspiracy theorists! I saw something about NESARA being released and some strange alien stuff happening when the DOW hits 7200 and it just went below 7200 (might even go below 7000!). I fully expect mass chaos within the hour. or not do not click unless you'd like your brain to explode
  5. MarvinisaLunatic

    Comments that which don't warrant a thread

    Im not sure if this should go here or not but anyway: Best Buy cutting back sales of Anime
  6. MarvinisaLunatic

    Weekend Box Office Report

    this friday I think
  7. MarvinisaLunatic

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    26 - Phoenix (seems like its settled already) 27 - New Orleans (Mardi Gras is 03/08/11 but they could still do a Mardi Gras theme with it going a couple weeks later) 28 - Indianapolis (20 years since VIII) 29 - Toronto (seems like they go every 12 years and this is as close as that gets) 30 - MSG (obviously) Other people mentioned St. Louis which I think would be good. Minnesota would be a spot too but they'd have to go next year since it seems they're going to tear down the Metrodome and replace it with two open air stadiums.
  8. MarvinisaLunatic

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Idiocracy is coming true!! Uh..that doesnt sound like its 2 hours of someones ass for a movie entitled "ASS"
  9. MarvinisaLunatic

    Spring Training 2009

    I wonder how the Nats contacted Odalis Perez to let him know he was released since they haven't heard a word from him yet?
  10. MarvinisaLunatic

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    NuclearTBD Selects Kaz Matsui (and his healed up Anal Fissures) 2B This rounds out my starting offense. There were a couple better options at 2B left but I think Matsui will help with SBs which is what I need more than HRs or other stats. He should be good for 30 SB which will help keep me at least competitive with SBs so I dont have to completely punt that category.
  11. MarvinisaLunatic

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

  12. MarvinisaLunatic

    Improving Current Sports Coverage By Network

    Fox could get rid of Digger on their NASCAR coverage but Im not expecting any of you to have a clue what Im talking about. It was cute when the dumb thing would pop up whenever they went to their embedded track cam but now the stupid thing has its own cartoon in the prerace show and they're selling t-shirts and they even stuck some poor person in a Digger suit to walk around the track. Its even more annoying than the animated Baseball they used a while back.
  13. MarvinisaLunatic

    Mellow's sig is stretching out my screen

    Im willing to bet its the bigfoot thing not the text below it. I blocked the bigfoot thing after it stretched my screen like this as well and it doesnt do it anymore.
  14. MarvinisaLunatic


    It was a hamburger with pickles and onions if I remember correctly.
  15. MarvinisaLunatic

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Jesse Ventura's voice was used in the motivational tape that was in the Ringer as well. /feels bad for remembering that.
  16. MarvinisaLunatic

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    So he's the Edge of Oscars?
  17. MarvinisaLunatic

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

  18. MarvinisaLunatic

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    He looks like hes about to keel right over and die on the stage.
  19. MarvinisaLunatic

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    I like how they waste time saying "Time is short"
  20. MarvinisaLunatic

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    and now everyone can go to bed happy!
  21. MarvinisaLunatic

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Madea Goes to (fat) Camp. Madea Goes (back) to Africa.
  22. MarvinisaLunatic

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    I read the quote tags wrong. Im disagreeing with Crimson that they oppose it. I think there is a strong number of people who feel the same way that that woman does.
  23. MarvinisaLunatic

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 6

    My team still sucks.. its also keeper/trade time. Im probably keeping Carter/Martin/Crawford (3 Guards!) so Josh Smith (who has been a huge disapointment for me) is up for grabs.
  24. MarvinisaLunatic

    My Fantasy Team

    Damn, no love for the Minnesota Twins?
  25. MarvinisaLunatic


    The Kuro line will go through the roof price wise though. They were already ridiculously priced and this will probably just drive that price up further.