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  1. MarvinisaLunatic

    Will the 03 Tigers break the 62 Met's loss record?

    I say no.
  2. MarvinisaLunatic

    Ozzy tries to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

    Real Audio clip I think that that was the worst I've ever heard, although it was pretty funny.
  3. MarvinisaLunatic

    Smackdown Spoilers...

    Well, its either APA or Noble/Gunn. I guess I'd rather have the later over the former as well.
  4. MarvinisaLunatic

    Smackdown Spoilers...

    Why'd you have to remember it.. Albert - You like it rough..well Im rough.. ehgh..
  5. MarvinisaLunatic

    Smackdown Spoilers...

    Im actually worried that OLM getting the snot beat out of him means he beats Matt at the PPV in an effort to overcome "seemingly unsurmountable odds".. and so that no one wonders who the SPWGTT might be facing on the PPV, they aren't even on this show... That sounds like a "bah" show to me, although I wanna see OLM get beat up by Brock and the 4 way tag match, and Rey vs Matt Hardy..
  6. MarvinisaLunatic

    Smackdown Spoilers...

    I gave up looking about a half an hour ago.. Im letting someone else do the dirty work...
  7. MarvinisaLunatic

    Man says he can turn trash into oil and gas

    I doubt the guy can do it. -=Mike If you saw the news piece, his method does work. The only problem is whether or not going through the entire process to turn trash and other waste (including sewage and animal parts) into oil/gas is economically feasible, ie cheaper than paying to continue to import oil and gas. Initially I doubt it will be, but if the guy is given 5 years to refine the process while continuing to produce oil/gas, I think he should be given the chance. What he produces could be used to sure up reserves or something like that. The bigger benefit initiially is that they can start clearing out landfills and turning it into something thats actually worth something. If you think about it long term, 25 years from now, instead of having landfills, cities could have trash converting centers to produce their own oil/gas. If every large city had these, then Im sure that we would significantly reduce, if not completely do away with, our dependence on foreign oil, and it would be significantly cheaper as well. But of course, like has been said, the Oil Companies will have something to say about this and it will probably keep it from ever getting implemented on that large of a scale.
  8. MarvinisaLunatic

    My Farewell Speech

    And I was betting he was gonna get killed back when his dad rented him that expensive car so he could impress his girlfriend.
  9. MarvinisaLunatic

    Smackdown Spoilers...

    Wait a second.. Ok, so if Linda is just as bad as Vince, and Steph used to be as bad as Vince (HHH/Angle/Jericho....) WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SHANE?
  10. MarvinisaLunatic

    The Redskins are worth $1 Billion..

    They're worth an extra half billion if you throw Fed Ex Field in to the equation... To think Snyder ONLY paid 800 million for everything, hes doubled his initial investment in 5 years.. SELL DAN! SELL! PLEASE?
  11. MarvinisaLunatic

    Toys R Us Buy 1 Get 1 free sale this Sunday

    TRU Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal on any of these TRU Top 10 video games for PS2, Xbox or Gamecube (that's the exact wording in the ad) List of Games (Systems): Enter the Matrix (ALL) Splinter Cell (ALL) Midnight Club II (PS2/XBox) Def Jam Vendetta (PS2/GC) Hulk (ALL) Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (PS2) NBA Street 2 (ALL) Finding Nemo (ALL) Yu-Gu-Oh! Duelists of the Roses (PS2) Dragonball Z Budokai (PS2) Starts this Sunday Toys R Us AD I got this from fatwallet. Deal is unlimited as far as I know (As many free games as you buy for each system) and the prices are 40-50 (free game will be equal/lesser value).
  12. MarvinisaLunatic

    Smackdown Spoilers...

    I thought we were getting a OLM beatdown by the REAL BROCK LESNAR? That would be worth the price of admiss..er..uh.. you get the point. They cancel a match that many people would actually wanna see, probably in favor of Big Show/Albert/Lesnar vs Taker/Angle/????
  13. MarvinisaLunatic

    It's not cause the movies are bad...

    Text Messaging = Internet Chatrooms/Forums
  14. MarvinisaLunatic


    Hmm.. JR: Well, now that Shane vs Eric Bischoff has been scratched, it seems as if we have a replacement match.. Test vs Scott Steiner!
  15. MarvinisaLunatic

    Satellite Luring Away Cable Subscribers

    Damn, I have heard cable prices were going up, but almost 50% in the last 5 years and its almost $50 a month.. *does quick calculations* Thats about twice what I pay per year total.
  16. MarvinisaLunatic

    Being gay is the new trend

    More people who are gay = less people who have kids. Its obviously a subliminal media campaign by the government for population control.. /paranoid mode off
  17. MarvinisaLunatic

    It's not cause the movies are bad...

    Did Hollywood and the RIAA have some sort of retreat weekend in Montana recently? Hollywood has plenty of excuses...but not enough new ideas..
  18. MarvinisaLunatic

    WWE Invades All Japan

    Hmm. The WWE should send HHH over there to play himself.. HHH: Nobody gets to play me-uh but me.
  19. MarvinisaLunatic

    "I don't do what they want anymore"

    They=The voices in his head
  20. MarvinisaLunatic

    NFL Pick 'em contests announcement...

    We're gonna start this with next weekends preseason games, right?
  21. MarvinisaLunatic

    This week in DVDs

    My money is tied up in next week and then in 3 weeks.. LOTR, Simpsons Season 3 and 24 Season 2!
  22. MarvinisaLunatic

    Smart Marks Fantasy Baseball League?

    Im only 2 pts out of first. Im mad I didn't start Vazquez, but I picked this weekend to try and keep my IP low. Plus I've had bad outings from Harden and Gobble to deal with, as well as dumping Chacon since he's done for the year. Picking up Jose Reyes of the Mets is looking to be one of my good moves, as was picking up Reggie Sanders (he was dumped from the Hitmen but no one claimed him, so I did) with Bonds being out until tomorrow (hopefully) and Adam Dunn out for 2-3 weeks. Im probably gonna dump Adam Dunn anyway, since this isn't a keeper league..
  23. MarvinisaLunatic

    Jimmy Spencer Suspended.

    or as we call it B.G Before Gordon. Jeff Gordon started in 1993. I've been watching since 1994. I remember there being fights when I first started watching. And they don't call Jimmy Spencer Mr. Excitement for nothing. He's one of the few drivers left who drives in every series that he can get to. In a time where drivers are often scared to try and bump people out of the way if need be to gain spots, I think hes one of the few that still does.
  24. MarvinisaLunatic

    WGTT is not at Summerslam

    Well have you ever sat down and thought that the tag division on Smackdown sucks. Actually, you know what would be funny? SPWGTT gets a match....... vs Billy Gunn/Jamie Noble.
  25. MarvinisaLunatic

    Test is Next De Niro!

    I think he actually over-sold it to the point where you could tell he wasnt really hurt. Or maybe Im just really cynical about anytime a wrestler gets "injured" in the ring.