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  1. MarvinisaLunatic

    Ted Williams' Body Decapitated

    *Crosses off being cryogenically frozen from list of things I want done to me* Also, I'd just like to make the first futurama talking head in a jar reference....
  2. MarvinisaLunatic

    Heaven and Hell...

    I had a wierd dream one night where people who thought they were going to go to heaven ended up in heaven but it was actually more like hell and vice versa. It actually scared the living snot out of me for about an hour after I woke up.
  3. MarvinisaLunatic

    Freddy vs. Jason

    Ghostface (From scream) should at least make an appearance in the sequel and fall down a set of stairs or something, never to be seen again.
  4. MarvinisaLunatic

    Occupational Privilege Tax -- ever hear of it?

    And the taxes will keep on getting wierder, considering states/local government are deep in the hole money wise. I can understand the above tax if a lot of people who work in the city live outside of the city and it was directed at just those people. Those people get to use the cities services for free while the people who live in the city get to pay for other people as well.
  5. MarvinisaLunatic

    Fox News sues Franken

    So wait a second.. Fox News is the only people who can claim to be fair and balanced? I can't claim to be fair and balanced? Well then I'm Unfairly Unbalanced! Whatever the hell that might mean. *Goes and patents Unfairly Unbalanced so no one else can use it, like anyone else would want to*
  6. MarvinisaLunatic

    Smackdown Spoilers..

    Angle supposedly has a pulled groin muscle. Doesn't sound like a very spectacular show though. Seems to be a couple good matches with the rest being crap. And if Kanyon is now Mortis, I guess that means they killed of the "Kanyon trained with the monks in the himilayas" angle. Plus, he won't have his one good catchphrase "Who betta than Kanyon?"
  7. MarvinisaLunatic

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    Im holding out for the live draft, but I think that the latest that we should is the 23rd or so. Specific time wise, its any time that we can get the most people on to do it so I'll leave that open to everyone else. I'd also like to add they would start using the league forum instead of this one for most league discussion (it will be easier to keep track of) The League Forum (Full Page Size)
  8. MarvinisaLunatic

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    I just conducted the draft for the keeper league seeing as though we filled the league with 12 teams.. ----- Draft Order Conducted by the League Admin (Marvin) at 1:00 am, August 13th, 2003. Each team was assigned a number, 1-12 at random. These numbers were imput into randomizer.org and the draft order was obtained by running their research ramdomizer script. Which gives us the Smart Marks 2003 FFL Draft Order: 12. Team Bad Ass (DangerousA) 11. Palookaville Psychos (Bps "The Truth" 21) 10. Johnsonville Jumbo Sized Hot Dogs (??) 9. Los Guerreros (razazteca) 8, Roswell Aliens (El Satanico) 7. Woodsville Womanizers (??) 6. Marvin's Madness (MarvinisaLunatic) 5. Metaluna Mutants (Kingpk) 4. Darkside Dominators (Dr. Tom) 3. Tyler's Trogdor Burminators (Tyler McClelland) 2. Pogo the Monkey (AgentBond34) 1. The Whalers on the Moon (the pinjockey) Good Luck! (I cant figure out who Woodsivlle and the Hotdogs teams owners are from the owner info and whats been posted here..someone speak up..) Schedules will be up soon as well ( I have to do them week by week so it will take a while.
  9. MarvinisaLunatic

    FUCK! What's happening?

    If you get the RPC, just set the date back to 2002 and you'll be able to do stuff without fear of the computer shutting down. This might not help anyone now, but I've gotten RPCs before and this won't stop them from happening permanently I don't think. And as far as Windows Update goes, I went to download all of the patches again (I reinstalled windows Monday morning) and the file was like 50mb for every one of them. I took out some of the ones that only apply to server issues or issues with stuff that I don't have installed on my computer, but that still left the file at about 25 mbs. 25 MBs will take me at least 4 hours to download non stop without being able to do anything else. Plus I have to check back every 20 minutes to keep from getting knocked off, and the download won't restart if I do get kicked from the net (I've had this happen to me a couple times, pisses me off I spend 2 or 3 hours downloading only to end up with nothing because I get kicked off). So I've gone to downloading 1 or 2 files a day but its still going to take about 2 weeks that way (There are like 40 updates I need to download).
  10. MarvinisaLunatic

    Women's Wrestling and RAW

    I like the fact that they actually spent a minute last night to explain Gail Kims heel turn, although I think she forgot about the Confidential interview.
  11. MarvinisaLunatic

    Vanilla Pepsi

    Im pissed that I live 10 minutes from a Pepsi distribution center and I still haven't seen 1 bottle of the stuff yet. But it sounds like its ok, although I find that my taste buds are a little bit more on the critical side when it comes to these things...
  12. MarvinisaLunatic

    I'm going to the beach this weekend

    Hmm. Im on the eastern shore in Maryland (close to Salisbury..) I haven't been up to the DE beaches in a while, but I have had their pizza before and I'd say its nothing really go out of your way spectacular or anything..
  13. MarvinisaLunatic

    Weekend boxoffice report Aug 8-10

    Well..let history be our guide.. Last year opening weekends.. April 28th, 2002 - Jason X - #4 @$6.5 mil (Behind Scorpion King, Changing Lanes and Life or Something Like it) Lasted only 6 weeks in theatres btw.. July 14th, 2002 - Halloween Resurection - #[email protected] mil (behind MIB2, Road to Perdition and Reign of Fire) March 17th, 2002 - Resident Evil - #[email protected]$17.7 mil (Behind Ice Age's opening $47 mil) I added RE just because it fits the genre but it had way more main stream appeal than the other two so $17 mil is kinda high. I'd be willing the bet no more than $10 mil opening weekend, which would almost be as much as Jason X got in its entire 6 weeks ($12.6 mil).
  14. MarvinisaLunatic

    Weekend boxoffice report Aug 8-10

    Theres no way F vs J opens #1. The absolute best it will do is #3 (behind SWAT and Freaky Friday)
  15. MarvinisaLunatic

    This week in DVDs

    Yeah, it is pretty sick. I got it a few months ago, with being in the UK & all. You'll understand why Spanky G left the band after watching the DVD. Poor kid. You'll either love it or hate it. I love it, but Bloodhound Gang could put out anything and I'd love it. All I can remember is Kevin Nash and Scott Hall trying to sing fire water burn on Nitro way back..I think I actually might have it on tape.
  16. MarvinisaLunatic

    Maryland football penalized...

    the only thing that pisses me off is the fact that other schools get away with much worse and they aren't even discreet about it half the time.
  17. MarvinisaLunatic

    The ONE and ONLY fantasy football thread

    The Keeper league has 10 teams currently which, if no one else is interested would work just fine (if 2 more people want to sign up to get 12 then feel free to). Im still waiting on the live draft feature, trying to hold off from having to do an AIM draft as a last resort. the good news is that they recently added individual defensive player option, which was one of their 4th batch site enhancments (as was the live draft). If you want the IDP let me know and I'll set it up. I think with a small league its not really necessary. Im also working on a site to put up on geocities, although thats kinda been put on the back burner with my computer problems as of late.
  18. MarvinisaLunatic

    What's so bad about Randy Orton?

    I honestly dont mind Orton, and realize that it could be worse. I thought of a funny idea where Test would be the 4th Evolution member. Its only funny because Test has been around for 4 years and aside from a hair cut and costume change he's seemingly not evolved (changed) at all since he started.
  19. MarvinisaLunatic

    Question about villagephotos.com

    they obviously have set up a daily usage limit on linked files and its usually only a 24 hour thing for most places.. BTW, I use inkfrog.com, and other than the fact that you can only do small pictures and can only have 6 up at a time, its perfect as an image host for forum avatars and Im pretty sure theres no limit like you are experiencing (I could be wrong, but I only have 1 pic hosted..)
  20. MarvinisaLunatic

    FUCK! What's happening?

    Basically, when a person gets the worm, it tries to send itself out to other computers who are not protected by that patch which was released last month. Now, I do occasionally download the small critical update files that apply to my computer, however I reinstalled XP Sunday Night/Monday morning and that erased all of them. I was in the process of downloading them yesterday when it hit me. I've also read that the worm will cause you to be unable to do thing such as cut/paste, cause random programs to open, and also possibly allowing other people to view your computer, delete files and add files. I can't help but think I picked the wrong day to reinstall XP, but at least it didn't don't think that anything serious was done to my computer and it didn't take more than 2 or 3 hours away from me.
  21. MarvinisaLunatic

    This week in DVDs

    Im gonna take a guess and say that Mask SE is the one with Cher, not Jim Carrey... Brocky gets a DVD!
  22. MarvinisaLunatic

    FUCK! What's happening?

    http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/winxp/n1058783032 I've been down since about 9 pm trying to figure it out. My virus software (brand new, bought it about a month ago) didn't have the definitions and to download the file it would always shut down before I even got logged on to the net. I managed to get on the net and do a search quickly and found that site (last post is mine, and I actually did have the MSBLAST.exe file) The problem is a worm MSBLAST.exe which apparently is spread by some MP3s or something. The first fix mentioned works. One easy way to give yourself enough time to download and fix things is to set your date back to 2002 after the RPC Termination thing pops up. IT will give you 364 days to fix the problem (ample time to do everything I hope..) Im surprised I could get infected by a worm on my slow ass 21k connection (major reason why I don't have a firewall installed). ZDNet : How to clean up after msblast.exe A good site on how to rid your computer of the files as well
  23. MarvinisaLunatic

    Word association thread

  24. MarvinisaLunatic

    SNL: 25 Years of Music (Is it worth it?)...

    Andy Kaufman - Elvis "Blue Suede Shoes" Damnit. They could at least put him "singing" the chorus of the Mighty Mouse theme, even though I have it anyway (Be nice to have it DVD quality though) I've been sending NBC emails every week for a while now to put out an Best of Andy DVD thing but I doubt they'll ever do it.
  25. MarvinisaLunatic

    DDP and Kim Page in new movie

    Wait.. DDP did a commercial for Slamball which aired durring RAW last week. So on a technicallity, it does.