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  1. IMHO it should have been Bret a little later down the line. Steiner and Berg could have still have feuded down the line. Raven and Benoit were too mishandled by WCW unfortunately. I remeber watching the Raven Shoot interview where he thought that he finally was reaching ME status after winning the US title off DDP, but then jobbing it to Berg.
  2. zyn081

    Unexpected title changes

    Is this really surprising, since it was obvious they where building up for Brock-Berg at WMXX and this was there last chance for Brock to drop the title.
  3. zyn081

    Lame finisher names

    And in addition to this, he tunes up the band before he hits it, hence the "music" reference.
  4. zyn081

    A way to turn Eugene heel

    A big screw-up. Everyone 1st thought that Regal was going to go heelish on Eugene, but it would have been a 'shock' for it to turn out to the other way round. Hell, give him mood swings.
  5. zyn081

    If the fans ever turned on Cena

    Just like that Aerosmith video. The one with the dork and the hot chick. What was it called, Hole in my Soul?
  6. zyn081

    Opponent For Matt Hardy?

    I think it depends on the crowd. The MSG, NY, Toronto, etc... could be interesting to listen to during this match but I dont think the DC crowd will be that strong vocally. Take the next RAW, you just know that all Hogan has to do is mention Bret and HBK will be shat on by the fans.
  7. zyn081

    TNA going all out for Bound for Glory

    At least Im not the only one here who feels that this should be the ME at B4G. Your not the only one by far. Yes and yes. I like the name. I can see a good opening WM-esque promo to kick things off. Reminds me of the BFG in Doom. I do really believe that JJ will do the right thing in putting Raven over. I would have book this whole angle differently but I feel that JJ deep down inside knows that he has to do this. Agreed, but I did like what Bischoff did with the hidden spycams for a while. This is so lame, have an unannounced entry with all the glitter and sparkle. They should just cut the guys music so you build up the segment as the guys walks to the ring and thats it. Who in their right mind would want to play the WWE's game though? It isnt much fun.
  8. zyn081

    8/12 ROH Results

    Im not critisising the booking at all, just asking what people think. Would it have made more sense if Daniels was in the Gibson spot and Gibson was pushed out of the ring by Punk? And isnt Gibson another champion who cant stay for long?
  9. zyn081

    I just watched Royal Rumble 1992

    Matches have become fewer and shorter on TV recently, so why not have squash matches. But to do so you need a deep roster, which the WWE doesnt really have now, after senseless firings. That and not letting talent actually wrestle.
  10. zyn081

    If the fans ever turned on Cena

    Way too small to be taken as credible on the RAW show.
  11. zyn081

    Sid and released WWE talent heading in?

    Since it hasnt been said, this isnt the Sid Im thinking about is it? Or at least isnt the Sid I hope it isnt. Not sure whether its a good thing. Thank god for that. About time wrt Kanyon. NWA North American Heavyweight Title anybody? Even if he thinks he is getting the win back in the third match, Sid still wouldn't put Abyss over the right way in the second match. He'd kick out right at the three count or pull some stunt like that. In any event, Sid can't sell for shit, so it's not like he has the ability to put Abyss over, even if he was willing to. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Fine then, offer him 5 matches. The 1st 3 as nlxsk said. Plus add the last 2 as squashes with Sid going over big time. Do number 2 and dont schedule the rest.
  12. zyn081

    TNA Meeting with Spike about Promoting Impact

    Ive just re-read this and have noticed that a sentence is cut off. Whats this about a tour in the same paragraph of Sonjay promoting TNA in India? Is it continuing talking about him or something more? I think they should do it the 1st PPVs. I dont know why LD is on here and not FR. Doesnt make sense. A 6-man match, with Brown and Kip James on his team, versus Waltman, BG James and somebody else. This is great news about not paying for TV time and the Wal-Mart deal. They should see if they can get on Sky Sports too, since I know fans in the UK will be interested in watching it. Hell, Ill record it. But TNA have still got a long way to go.
  13. zyn081

    What Title Reigns Are Better?

    I think you have to mix it up a bit. I dont think you should have more than 2 seperate year-long reigns. A third would be pushing it. I also think that 1 or 2 month terms should be kept to a minimum, since your diluting your big title. If there are a lot of top talent on the roster, then I think having reigns of 5/6 months is your best bet, followed by a 3/4 month reign. I dont think the big title should change hands more than 2/3 times a year though.
  14. zyn081


    Sad isnt it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> really it is, zyn...I really enjoyed this episode by leaps and bounds more than the past month or so of the current stuff...sometimes it makes you think 96 really wasn't THAT bad (which it wasn't)... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The WWE has to sit down and seriously look at their product and business strategy. Theyve cut people who should never have been cut, harnessed useful workers with very poor gimmicks and get rid of all the entertaiment BS. They need to focus on storylines, in-ring work and let talent go all out for it.
  15. I think that the WWE Hall of Fame is overcrowded. This are some of the people who I think should be in there: Bruno Sammartino Harley Race Bob Backlund Hulk Hogan Bret Hart Ric Flair
  16. With the UT, its always a case of putting somebody over in the rematch when he should have put them over in the 1st match. The former.
  17. zyn081

    The "What Are You Reading Right Now" Thread

    How can you read a trilogy back to front. Jeter's style is a bit different to what Star Wars fans normally get and takes a bit longer to get into but how can you not love Boba Fett. Timothy Zahn is the best Star Wars author though IMHO. Definitely Song of Ice and Fire. I've never met a single person that read it and didn't love it. The first book is Game of Thrones. Here's some posts from a different board to make you want to read it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ive read A Song of Ice and Fire and I enjoyed it a lot, but I feel that the story could have been written better. I disagree with one thing Martin did at the end of A Game of Thrones. I feel that there are too many characters and to say that there is no bad guys in the story is untrue. Im personally reading The Bitterbynde Trilogy by Cecilia Dart-Thorton. Its a hard book to get into and is based on old Anglo-Saxon folklore, but a good fantasy read nonetheless. If your a fan of fantasy books, you have to read everything written by David Eddings, especially The Belgariad, The Malloreon, The Elenium and The Tamuli. I read the latter 2 whilst sitting for my O'Levels and the former 2 during my As they are fantastic.
  18. After seeing Brock in the WWE and a bit of Burchill from what I could my hands on Id say Burchill comes out on top. /me gets ready for the shit to be thrown at him I am half british
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    Thats what I was implying. I was asking the who question not the what question?
  20. zyn081


    Sad isnt it.
  21. zyn081

    Undertaker threatening HBK at WM 14

    Yes, agreed, but US fans wouldnt know about that since it happened in the UK, as has been pointed out here.
  22. *cough cough* HHH and Stephanie *cough cough* *cough cough* Same reason for Edge possibly *cough cough* As for Burchill, he seems promising in the ring, but of course, with WWE cutting out SSP's and 450's, his offense will probably consist of mostly restholds and a shitty finisher. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So your telling me that Jericho and Edge had to cut their hair cause HHH has long hair? Burchill works being Burchill, i.e. doing Standing moonsaults, Standing SSPs, Rolling Samoan Crushes, Suicide Dives, Toss Bombs, C4s, Reverse Back Piledrivers (for want of a better name) and all the other shit he does (including kipping on his head). If anybody is to be portrayed as a monster its Burchill. He just has to come up, beat the crap out of people (and for a change, a guy who does this can actually wrestle) and then let them be counted out.
  23. zyn081

    Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels?

    I have never said its a bad idea or that it wont draw or that it wont make money though. All I have said is that Im not interested in seeing it and that I think HBK should win at SS, since I dont feel that it will take anything away from Hogan/Austin. As HTQ, KNK, Porter et al have pointed out, people will buy WM just to see Hogan/Austin regardless of what happens.
  24. zyn081

    TheSmartMarks Wrestling Radio Show!

    I downloaded it but it told me: "Invalid or corrupt data was encountered" when I went to play it. As regards the name DA, I think it should play up on the line under your avatar. That is to say the bell or ringing or something like that.
  25. zyn081

    Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels?

    Businessmen have a tendancy to overreach, look for quick fixes and cannabilise their portfolios. When companies are facing bankruptancy or insolvency (the applicable term depending on which country you live in and their commercial legislation) or are put in adminstration or recovery, the biggest mistake businesses have commited is selling too much. In fact, using the term make money isnt quite correct, since it could be used to refer to revenue, profit or cash. Nowadays, its all about cutting costs, not making sales. Ive never said that Hogan/Austin wouldnt make money. Out of curiousity, how much would the WWE be looking at for paying Hogan and Austin to be on the card in the ME, and the SD ME (lets say Batista/Lesnar) being compensated for being pushed down the card a slot? Im just saying this, RAW will get the ME again at WM if Hogan/Austin goes through. I didnt say you were. And again I dont dispute that it is their best chance of making money. All I have been saying all along is that Im not interested in seeing it 2006 and based on track-record, the WWE will just say ahhh the fans are getting Hogan/Austin, they will buy WMXXII regardless of the other stuff thats on the card, and they wont put that much of an effort in building up the rest of the card, and the RAWs and SDs in the buildup.