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  1. I havent seen them yet, downloading them as a type but I know they will be awesome. I still dont get it why Jericho cut his hair. Ive been dying for him to break into the WWE for ages. BUT they have to let him come in as is. That is let him do standing moonsaults, standing SSPs, the C4 and take to the air. Thats his gimmick. That sounds more like it. Hes heavy. Thats why the jumping around reaks of awesomeness.
  2. zyn081

    Opponent For Matt Hardy?

    Nah. RVD's moveset would lead to inevitable face pops, just like when he was an attempted heel during the beginning of the Invasion. Add that to the 'smart' portion of the fanbase that will boo Hardy, and that could be a disaster. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Can RVD ever pull of playing a heel?
  3. zyn081

    A way to turn Eugene heel

    I can imagine him doing that, and saying "But its chocolate". Btw, keith6601, this is a ticket for signature gimmick copying.
  4. zyn081

    More Hassan News

    Cant they just plop him in with the FBI? Its funny they havent done that yet, since the objective of every business is to make money. Off topic but Im curious: Are you a Genestealer fan?
  5. zyn081

    Rob Conway or Buff Bagwell?

    I liked the way Conway jumped into his punches against Big Vis. Bagwell was just bleh.
  6. Im sure he said: Go right ahead, thats just great, something OR You just do that, thats just great, something. IIRC, when they where in their hometown and beat Edge-Benoit for the Tag Titles, or a show or 2 before. How can you be off topic in a thread called: COMMENTS WHICH DON'T WARRANT A THREAD?
  7. I must admit, Im surprised that they are ending it next week and not dragging it out to SS as they always do. So, who is going to be? The Avril wannabe, the girl who likes to show her body off as much as possible and does freaky hand gestures or the gal who punched Rob Schneider out? Im just glad Kristal is gone. Boy was she boring. Im pretty surprised she lasted so far. Id like to see Leyla do it. Shes got an exotic look and seems kinky. Ashley would be better suited though for the WWE I think. So would Elisabeth for that matter. Roll up, roll up. Vote for the ladies already. EDIT: I always fuck up the title. How can I edit it please? It should read WIN.
  8. Well there's only been one... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They somehow have TE contestants appear at PPVs. They did that with the last one in the Dixie Dog Fight between Puder and Miz. People actually vote for these things? I told you, I fucked it up. If you tell me how to edit thread titles, Ill do it. Whys that? She showed very little personality and was very generic looks IMHO. I forgot about that. She HAS to win.
  9. zyn081

    If the fans ever turned on Cena

    Ironically, this applies to Cena. As soon as he officially turned babyface, his raps turned into lame comedy, and were nothing like they were when he was a heel, which was one of the things that got him over. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats very true and makes perfect sense. Thanks.
  10. zyn081

    TNA News: Candido Memorial Tourney?

    Hillarious. Id like to see signs in the crowd: I WAS DISAPPOINTED WITH WWE'S GAB. This is fantastic news of the Tag Tourney. So is that of not paying for the slot.
  11. zyn081

    Undertaker threatening HBK at WM 14

    See, it could have worked. BUT, wouldnt that mean lost heat when HBK lied down for HHH?
  12. zyn081

    Roddy Piper's I.C.O.N. shirt

    Nobody, nothing. Potatoes, potatoes. Tomatoes, tomatoes.
  13. zyn081

    Undertaker threatening HBK at WM 14

    Exactly, Bulldog over HHH. I hate it when a guy holds 2 belts anyway. Its a cop-out.
  14. Forgot that you dont. No, he didnt say that. Im not good at lip reading im afraid.
  15. zyn081

    Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels?

    But I thought money was everything. I have also happened to study finance and money. And this is not an arguement that you want to take on HTQ. The point of business is not to make the most money you can. That hypothesis has been disproven several times. The objective of any business is maximisation of owner's wealth. Life isnt just about money HTQ. If you think it is, then you live an empty life. Money ruins peoples lives, it doesnt make them. Businessess lose money because they are either overcapitalised or undercapitalised, because they cannabilise future sales, because they dont have a sound strategy, because they dont have a product that they can back-up what they say. The world needs businessmen who arent sleezy and cutthroats. You cant take money with you. Have you happened to talk to people who have lost everything because of 1 businessman who went too far? Do you help people get back on their feet after they have overreached in the quest for money? I dont think so. See my reply to Porter. Perhaps instead of creaming yourself over Hogan/Austin and saying boys are jobs are done for WM (as we know they will do), actually build-up the product to the level we want to see it at?
  16. Ooops, sorry. When Hogan name-dropped Bret, HBK mouthed something on Mondays RAW.
  17. zyn081

    Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels?

    Ahh, so they couldnt have done it at WMXVIII, WMXIX or WMXXI then?
  18. Never, because it's obscenely expensive. WWE can't affford to lose that money for a silly angle, duh! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They could use a fake prop. The first time he described it as being obscenely expensive, I thought, ok, ok, when is it going to be smashed up? Also, what did HBK mouth about Bret? I made out: You just do that or go ahead, thats just great.
  19. zyn081

    Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels?

    Its just an attempt of a quick fix. You have nothing which people will care about apart from Hogan/Austin. Few of the casuals will stay, and even fewer will stay long. Instead of thinking about Hogan/Austin, they need to fix the permanent problems that they have. Make Cena look more credible by having him beat a HBK fresh off of a Hogan win.
  20. zyn081

    Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels?

    They would see that regardless of who main events. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Doesnt that make your roster talent look poor?
  21. zyn081


    Im not alone. Who should he lose it to though?
  22. zyn081

    Is this extension of TNA?

    Ive been looking at this site: www.ringofglory.com since I read Russo's comments on the BatB incident. Doesnt this just look like a TNA ripoff? Nearly all of the roster is made up of TNA talent, and so is the production staff (David Shaidi for example). The trailer footage is soley made up of iMPACT pieces, and the voice-over is the guy who does them for TNA. I must admit though, cool graphics.
  23. Was watching RAW today and have the following thoughts: (1) I liked the way Conway jumped up into his punches to Big Vis. (2) Why the fuck did Chad Patton run down last week, when PPV MEs have ages without a up and about referee? Surely, Chad Patton should run out on every match now. (3) When is somebody going to break the obscenly expensive Jerathron 5000? I thought Nash was going to do it and that was ages ago.
  24. Isnt it spelt bUrchill? This is great news. I like the idea of pairing him with Regal. I hope they let him retain his moveset, but I doubt it.