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    *Smackdown Spoilers*

    So The Undertaker has turned into the Marvel character known as The Sandman. Build towards a Buried Alive match at SummerSlam.
  2. Are you CooCoo for KaKa? Kakka as in rubbish.
  3. zyn081

    Impact Spoilers

    Man, I hate this finish so much. So Sting had AJ in the Scorpion Deathlock whilst Angle had him in the Ankle Lock? Is that physically possible? I can understand a face submission and a leg submission being applied at the same time, such as a Crossface and a Walls of Jerricho and a Crossface and a Ankle Lock or a Indian Deathlock and a Triangle Choke but not 2 face or 2 leg submissions.
  4. Cornette's still got it (to Christy Hemme re Kip James): "You want to get even with him? Marry him, that will teach him"
  5. Is it just me, or is Mickie James the hottest diva on the roster at the moment.
  6. zyn081

    OAO 2007 Royal Rumble Thread.

    That means 2 things: 1. That leaves RAW very short and the draft lottery is after WM. 2. Your implying that Edge and Orton jump, and then Edge beats Batista (and this happens within 2 months). You could easily have someone like Kennedy jump into an uppercard/main event role on RAW. He's already feueded with Batista and Undertaker, there's not much more to go on. And if Booker jumped as well, that plugs him easily into the slot against Michaels. EDIT: I didnt KNOW that Russo was working for the WWE again. Thought it was working for TNA.
  7. zyn081

    OAO 2007 Royal Rumble Thread.

    My bad. That was in 05. EDIT: Shows how I havent been watching the WWE consistently.
  8. zyn081

    OAO 2007 Royal Rumble Thread.

    Yes, it did. Batista and Cena switched shows.
  9. zyn081

    OAO 2007 Royal Rumble Thread.

    That means 2 things: 1. That leaves RAW very short and the draft lottery is after WM. 2. Your implying that Edge and Orton jump, and then Edge beats Batista (and this happens within 2 months).
  10. zyn081

    OAO 2007 Royal Rumble Thread.

    Instead of doing Batista/Undertaker, I'd just have Batista drop the title to Edge thanks to Orton. This would lead to Edge Vs Undertaker with the idea of streak vs streak. Edge/Taker would be a pretty good match as well. In turn, you'd set up Batista against Orton, with that match you make that the McMahon/Trump program. Batista being the good looking big man with style would be better for Trump's image then a old dancing man in leather pants and Orton fits with McMahon's sleazy persona. That would leave Cena/Michaels for that Rock/Austin type main event. Just more to work with and much better end result with that set up. Let me type slowly so you understand . . . Edge > > > RAW Orton > > > RAW Batista > > > SD UT > > > SD How do you get to Edge/UT and Orton/Batista? And how does the latter equate to McMahon/Trump. Fair enough, UT can jump to RAW, but how would Batista get to RAW, cause I cant see Orton jumping again. Dont over analyse.
  11. Is this true? Can somebody other than ECJ confirm this please. Joe has been cooled off so much over the last few months. They were going nuts for him as late as June, for the match with Steiner, but since then he's turned into just another wrestler giving the main event a visit to do something with Jarrett. He's no longer special or different, and that's taken the edge off him. Again, is this true? Can somebody other than ECJ confirm this please. From watching parts of the show, thats not the impression that I got. No Surrender seem to be a decent put together and well delivered PPV. On par with an above average Unforgiven. The crowd TOTALLY REJECTED the Jackass stuff at TV and the PPV, and especially with the Sen Shi/Sabin match it helped kill off what had been a well recieved match. It might not affect the other stuff, but with such a complete rejection, and outright hatred, of a strongly pushed angle, it's possible the fans are disgusted enough that they've come to believe the future of TNA holds more of the same nonsensical bullshit. NS was a show where as good as the matches were, at least in some aspects, the booking totally sucked. I think that with a well booked angle (and firstly, they have booked him well in the past, and secondly, Russo is a Joe mark) he could easily regain his heat. So the stupid Jackass stuff made the show self-destruct until UX and the Kurt Angle announcement? Damn, and they are still running this kaka.
  12. Because I think they have a better back story than Sting Vs. Joe. And how would the ending be if Sting is to go over JJJ? Whats another month of JJJ being NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World? I think you mean AT MOST there because otherwise your arguement is redundant.
  13. He wrestled Van Dam, I think in his last match for the company, and tore his groin and at least two other muscles and needed help to get to the back. And that was just on a house show. I take it that hes in a lot worse condition than Austin then. I think the neck is the one area where Austin might be more worse off than Angle. Other than the neck, the only major problem Austin has is bad knees. For everything else, Austin is almost physical and mental perfection compared to Angle. It helped Austin that, whenever he could, he protected himself a whole lot more than Angle ever did and didn't go balls out all the time. Thanks. I remember the Benoit Vs. Angle Steel Cage Match on RAW when SCSA was doing color commentary and Angle did the moonsault off the top of the Cage. SCSA tried his best to sound impressed but at the time I always got the impression that inside he was saying what an idiot.
  14. He wrestled Van Dam, I think in his last match for the company, and tore his groin and at least two other muscles and needed help to get to the back. And that was just on a house show. I take it that hes in a lot worse condition than Austin then. Wrestling's a business, i.e. people want to make money out of it, so it would make perfect sense to run with that.
  15. zyn081

    Bound For GLory

    Joe and Sting arent exactly on the same page, so I cant see why Joe would make the save and cost him the NWA Title by accident. If "by accident" you mean its obvious but he plays it up to be a mistake, it still wouldnt work because your dumbing it down. Hell, Joe turned his back on Sting when he was his mystery partner Vs. JJJ and Steiner, so why save him now. Just. Does. Not. Make. Sense.
  16. All Im saying is that they have done it to death and there is very limited potential as to where they can take an overbooked finish.
  17. The Book brings the content: EDIT: I must have botched up one of the quotes (or is it because of over quotting?), so I put them all in italics so as to somehow facilitate reading. Eventually they should, but only when Joe is the NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. Nothing ingenious about the unstoppable force Vs. the immovable object but the Monster Abyss needs building up to Monster level again. When Joe beats JJJ, and JJJ isn't allowed his rematch, they could played on the weak and uneasy alliance between himself and the Monster Aybss. This was already hinted at by sending out the Monster Abyss to take the Title back and Joe could then use this in his promo on the basis that he failed in his role as a hired hand then and will do so again. Joe's stuck his nose in something that wasnt his business because he loves riding rough shod over the competition. Thats why hes been added and is, in relative terms when compared to his oppenents, out of his element a bit in a four way Monster's Ball match. Raven's just come back and this is hist 1st programme. He just needs a little motivation. The Monster Abysss is dragging water too at this stage. And technically has a rematch for the NWA Title. He can still put a good story together unlike no other. No, it shouldn't. Joe went to them, they didn't come to him. Joe is at a much higher level when compared to the other three. Raven and the Monster Abyss need elevating and this is as close as Runt will come to the NWA Title, i.e. being in the ring with your future NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. Vide above. He wondered into it by his own choosing and its a case of outside the greenhouse pissing inwards. Is this true? Can somebody other than ECJ confirm this please. Something struck during his promo on last Thursday's iMPACT. What is with the green face paint? He blows chunks. I was like OMG, how pathetic does he look. Get out of the ring Grandpa. He blows even bigger chunks. They have developed Eric's character extremely well. And poor Devine and Shelley, just left in the cold since Nash bolted without taking a loss. And here comes Mr Caving in a Chest Cavity. They have. How are they going to screw it up though, thats the question? Poor Devine and Shelley. I don't see the harm in elevating them to NWA Tag Team Titles level. Its not as if there are any other fresh teams in the division. Again, is this true? Can somebody other than ECJ confirm this please. From watching parts of the show, thats not the impression that I got. No Surrender seem to be a decent put together and well delivered PPV. On par with an above average Unforgiven. Its going very, very too far. He blows chunks. Samoa Joe .VS. Abyss, in a singles match is planned for the Genesis PPV on November 12th. Dammit. Thats just plain stupid. What a waste of a ME. It doesn't, cause Sting has to go and go now. In a Title Vs. Career Match, has a Face who is putting his Career on the line ever lost. JJJ retaining for 1 last month can be exploited better from a business standpoint. Anyways, even if he does leave, a loophole for him to return for a short run could be created say in 6-9 months time down the line. There will be more than on person involved in the overbooked ending you are forgetting about Luger, Buffy, Eric Young, Cornette, Larry Zybrisco, Slick Johnson, Borash, Steiner(s). Firstly, wouldn't be a shot out of the blue and doesn't have a shelf life. Secondly, whats the point of having a Special Ringside Enforcer who can't control that from spiralling out of control. Again, no where to go with apart from another Fans Revenge Match. ^o).
  18. The Book is back. And now you’ve all been put on notice. I can’t remember the last time I posted here. It seems that wrestling has gone down hill since then. I don’t know how long this stay will last, but I will definitely be posting a lot less than I used to. Now listen up monkeys because I am going to give you all a kick up the backside and stir up some controversy. What the hell are you smoking around here? The ME at B4G is JJJ vs. Sting, Title vs. Career, with Angle as Special Ringside Enforcer. JJJ is putting his title on the line, Sting is putting his career on line, and what does Joe have to throw into the pot, apart from come make my day and end my streak? Joe aint gonna be added. Get over it. And don't say something stupid likes possesion's nine 10ths of the law, because it would be the same old, same old, angry wrestler muscling his way into something (Benoit vs. HHH vs. the 3rd wheel HBK anybody?) a bit too early. I think its great that Joe has taken the NWA Title and dropped himself in a pile of kaka by involving himself in other people's business. Hes now going to ride over everybody. Can’t you see that? Hes gonna put an end to something that he didn't start in Raven/Runt/Abyss, then hes gonna put his nose into JJJ vs. Sting (which will most probably stop Angle from calling it down the middle, despite leaning towards Sting, and inadvertently costing Sting his TNA career). And you know whats going to make it even hotter, Angle wont be able to hold up the Title before the match cause Joe will still be holding on to it. Cornette will speak to him at the top of the show and say its been fun Joe, but I need the title back. And Joe says all you have to do is take it. Joe and Cornette will then have a shout out. Then mid way through the show, Angle knocks on his door after Joe's won the Monster's Ball saying that he likes what hes done to JJJ this past month, but he needs the title back. Rinse, dry, repeat. And when the dust has settled, Joe has cost Sting his career, JJJ is still your NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Joe has pissed off Cornette, Angle et al . . . but hes still holding on to the Title. Next night he starts the show off with a monster promo staying that he may not be the NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, but hes the one who is holding on to the gold and has done so by sheer brutality, strength and violence for the past month. So JJJ, you can have the gold back . . . but your gonna have to come and get it. JJJ comes out irate, saying that hes ruined everything, tonight was about the 'celebration' of JJJ's end of Sting. JJJ's had enough of playing games, so at Genesis (roughly meaning creation of something new) hes gonna give Joe what he wants. And then he closes with lets see if you can last the distance when it really matters. Joe starts to laugh, calls JJJ back and says, oh I can last the distance alright but if I need to prove it to you again, I will and thats why its gonna be a 60 man Iron Man Match (which brings back recollections of his series with CMP). Joe is officially and convincingly crowned as the NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World at Genesis by beating JJJ something like 4-0. Next night, Cornette flaps his gums saying this changes nothing between himself and Joe. And now hes gonna teach Joe a lesson in tough love, being that its easy to capture the gold once, but how long can you hold on to it whilst I do my damndest to break you down. And then he reads off a list of challengers: - Christian Cage wants and will get his rematch. - Abyss has a legit claim to a title shot. - Raven wants and will get his rematch. - Steiner has unfinished beef with you. - Rhino has unfinished beef with you. - After 5 months of pure pain, can you handle the Truth that you just can't cut it anymore? - After 6 months, are you still the Alpha Male of this company? - 7 months, ready to beg forgiveness from the Real Mr. TNA? - 8 months, still feeling Phenomenal? - 9 months, I will finally give JJJ his rematch. - 10 months, Sting wants revenge and is coming back for 1 very final last match. - Hell, Angle wants a piece of you too. - Which brings us back to B4G. When A Star will be born and take your place. 365 DAYS LATER . . . Samoa Joe is still your NWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. Cornette tells him you’ve got Senshi, Homicide, etc . . . and then he brings in a manster like Bill F'in Goldberg. Thats a year and half worth of TV. Booking is an art, the art of getting from point A to Z and filling in pot holes along the way.
  19. MLW isnt talked about much. Any reasons why? I think they had a good product with the Extreme Horsemen, Hart Foundation 2.0, War Games, Young Lions Challenge and Hybrid Wrestling. Also, what happened with H20? Did they put on a show?
  20. What a great day it was yesterday to be an Englishman? What can I say about yesterday, it was simply phenomenal. What a roller coaster ride that was. No sport could match that. It was up and down, up and down, up and down. My ticker was pumping. Cricket is a fantastic game, with the balance of Test switching sides in the matter of minutes despite the 5-day match length. Full credit to Australia, they have a bit of the mongrel in them. Warney is still doing it for them, the undisputed master of leg spin. Lee was really aggressive. That ball to Freddie was just wow, but to bowl a full toss to Hoggard was a bit off. McGrath was really missed. The commentaters said that Lee had to keep the tight end, when its normally spinners who are required to do that. I think Australia were expecting a walk over after the 1st test, especially after Ponting backing up McGrath's comment of a 5-0 series victory. But they havent been good for the duration of a test, especially the 1st 2 innings. Its not good having a blinding last session, but it was nearly completely different. Id say that the last 3 tests have 75-25 Englands way so a 2-0-1 result is justified. England just need to have the killer blow that has been missing. Edgbaston was bloody close. Old Trafford should have been ours and yesterday was a great chance to claim a 10-wicket victory. The pitch was taking a lot of spin though, and smaller scores are harder to get. Im a bit disappointed with Pontings comments about substitutes though. Nothing was said when Clarkey was off the field for ages with his back problems. Its just a case of sour grapes. It happens a lot in the sub-continent, when bowlers bowl 6 overs and have to go off to take on liquids and then later go off to the toilet. And it should be the ACB at ICC executive level complaining about this and not Ponting himself. They only have 7 minutes off the pitch, which is just 1 over. If not, they cant bowl for a while and I think that would be a bigger blow to Vaughan. I believe he would have prefered to have a fit Jonesy rather Pratt on the pitch. On the umpiring, I think the only bad decision was that of Katich, but he still shouldnt have done what he did. Maybe they havent got the calls right twice and called a short over once, but your being finicky if you complain with that. Without technology, Strauss wouldnt have been given out yesterday. Where is it though? I dont think so. Hodge hasnt ever played a test match and Warney is god like at the moment. I was surprised how unimaginative Ponting can be. He only went on the attack with field placings in the 1st innings when players were nearing their 50/100. I wouldnt mind see Gilchrist number 2, playing the pinch-hitter role so well and then Langer coming in at 6 and he has batted so low down before. To rely on Warne and Lee with the bat to boost totals is a bit poor. I think Katich has played a good anchor role in the last 2 innings for the Aussies, better than Martyn for sure. I am surprised that they dont have an all-rounder averaging 30 with the bat and the ball instead of Katich if anything. They have been lacking the spare 5th change bowler. Why Bichel is not in the team is beyond me.
  21. zyn081

    Impact Taping

    Or AJ-Lynn maybe in an Exibition match?
  22. Pretty self-explainatory. How much do you buy into what the WWE say about Bischoff? Was he solely to blame as they make it out to be? Can anybody be solely blamed for WCW going under? Feel free discuss, especially you Si82.
  23. zyn081

    Strange OVW Angle

    How can people like gorey bladejobs? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Because when they are done at the right time, they can add a lot of drama a match or an angle. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It was sarcasm on my part
  24. zyn081

    Strange OVW Angle

    How can people like gorey bladejobs?