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  1. Vampiro69

    WWE Raw (6/30/2008)

    I thought so too. The IWC would have crashed the internet if that happened.
  2. Vampiro69

    WWE Raw (6/30/2008)

    Holy Crap. I can't believe that they rolled the dice on Punk.
  3. Vampiro69

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    That clip just sold me on buying the DVD.
  4. Vampiro69

    Gas Price Check...

    Yesterday it was $4.16 and today it dropped to $4.09. Remember this is the highest that is smack dab in the middle of the Bakken oil formation with 15 active wells around a 15 mile radius.
  5. Vampiro69

    The "Night of Champions" PPV Thread

    I love how JR said that Batista has amazing strength as he tossed Vicki out of the ring on the replay.
  6. Vampiro69

    The "Night of Champions" PPV Thread

    That was a good women's title match. Mickie did a great job of selling the arm.
  7. Vampiro69

    The "Night of Champions" PPV Thread

    Great match. This crowd has been great thus far.
  8. Vampiro69

    The "Night of Champions" PPV Thread

    They edited the accident to look pretty good.
  9. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    With my next pick I choose.....the Winter Soldier. The Winter Soldier possesses a bionic left arm, which increases his strength to superhuman levels. His main abilities involve skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and he is an extremely accurate marksman.
  10. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    So is it Candy and Brooklyn's picks?
  11. Vampiro69

    The Dark Knight

    I like those Gothan Tonight features. What makes them great is that they have put a little bit of new footage of Wayne, Gordon and Dent in them. My only question is who is the female broadcaster in the videos? She seems better then Anthony Michael Hall in the role of reporter.
  12. Vampiro69

    Michael Turner RIP

    What a shock. Last I had heard was that the cancer was in remission.
  13. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    With my next selection I decided that I needed a member of the Green Lantern Corps. With Hal and Kyle gone I have decided that Guy Gardner is a great pick for the team. His ring can do anything that he wills it to. The yellow impurity is now gone as well. He doesn't lack for confidence either. Plus his bar makes a great hangout to come up with battle plans. Just make sure you bring your ID, as the new Blue Beetle discovered. Guy Gardner
  14. Vampiro69

    TWIBsies! June 23 - June 29

    The Twins are going for 10 in a row tonight.
  15. Vampiro69

    News You Can (barely) Use

    What was he doing in the one photo, the limbo or breakdancing?
  16. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    I was so hoping that Galactus would drop to me with my next pick.
  17. Vampiro69

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    The trouble with wanting to make tougher gun laws is that it punishes the law abiding citizens. The criminals that use guns aren't going to register them. They will get ones on the black market. I would like to point out that I was in Washington D.C and got to see them argue the case at the Supreme Court for about 5 minutes. Scalia looked bored out of his mind so I was somewhat surprised to see him write the majority opinion.
  18. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    Amateur...I have the whole run of all the Giffen/JMD titles. Well, the nearest comic shop is almost 3 hours away. So it is not that easy to get older comics. I have found that Midtowncomics.com is a great comic provider and I order from them about every month to a month and a half.
  19. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    Those early Justice League books with Giffen, DeMattis, and Maguire were great. I recently picked up a ton of them online. The only thing that makes them feel dated is the references to Reagan and the USSR. If you can blank out on them they are great.
  20. Vampiro69

    Teachers not being taught math properly

    In ways you are both right. Some schools are teaching towards the tests. While in college teachers are taught the theory of teaching and other such pointless information. I have talked to many teachers who have felt that college didn't prepare them for their profession and what they go through.
  21. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    I had them on my list but not for a couple of more rounds. I thought Beta Ray Bill and Amazo were going to be steals late. How are we deciding who has the best teams in the end? Is it the team with the coolest collection or the team that would win a fight?
  22. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    For my next pick I have decided that my team needs a battle cordinator and who better then..... Nightwing Nightwing (like his mentor Batman) has many different gadgets that he uses to defeat his enemies. Most of the gadgets are in the form of small boomerangs; some of them explode, some spread liquid nitrogen to freeze objects, and some are just sharp, which he uses to disarm but not kill. Along with his boomerangs he has a grappling gun, a taser and a retractable quarter staff which measures at six feet long at maximum length and one foot long at minimum length. Nightwing has trained in many different martial arts including Hapkido, Tae-Kwon-Do, Jeet Kune Do, Kumdo, Escrima, Tai Chi, Hapkido, Wing Chun, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Kempo, Karate, Jujutsu, and Judo. Nightwing is also an experienced gymnast and spent several years of his youth in the circus. Along with skills with gadgetry and martial arts, Nightwing is exceedingly intelligent. He uses his detective skills and tactics to out think physically superior opponents. On the I.Q. scale, Nightiwng is a bit below Batman's near genius level, but he is in no way a slouch. With regards to his detective skills, they are second only to the Dark Knights. What he lacks in raw intelligence, he makes up for in superb leadership skills. His current costume houses numerous concealed devices: swing lines, med.-kit, tazer, etc., all of which are contained in his gauntlets and boots. Also included in the suit are holsters, located on his back, for a pair of escrima fighting sticks.
  23. Vampiro69

    TSM Superhero Draft

    With my next pick I am going to choose my favorite rogue.... Captain Cold
  24. Vampiro69

    Who here is racist?

    Quiet down Teddy Bear.
  25. Glad to see that Jason Kidd will be destroyed in practice by Paul.