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  1. Vampiro69

    WWE Season four fantasy

    I was the one who set up the league and am only in 10th place! D'oh! Lineup this week Masters Christian Bischoff Cena Angle Hassan Shelton HHH Heck Masters not showing up screwed me for the week. I picked up Shelton thinking that he would face Hassan in a title defense at Vengence. Whoops! Holds the belt forever then loses the week I add him. Maybe he can beat Carlito next week. However, I am glad that I picked up Bischoff this week. Counted 4 appearances by him. I did a quick addition of my points for the night and sadly came up with 83. Hopefuly I missed a few points.
  2. Vampiro69

    Most Athletic Wrestler?

    The three of the top of my head 1. Brock Lesnar: freakish strength, speed and agility 2. Kurt Angle: Quick, strong, athletic 3. Shelton Benjiman: The guy is strong extremely quick, and agile
  3. Vampiro69

    What was your favorite moment from

    My favorite part of the ppv is when the crowd chanted f*ck you Smackdown! To hear several thousand people chant that at once was amazing
  4. Vampiro69

    I'm sorry, but this warrants some discussion

    I thought Austin's attempts at humor was horrible. I am part Arab as well, and found his comments to be in poor taste. However, I expected it from Austin since he is a douchebag.
  5. Vampiro69

    Early number of ONS buys in

    Well I still have a hard time believing that they would have numbers in already to discuss the number of buys. I think that number is a little to high in my opinion. I would have guessed that the number of buys would have came in roughly at 600,000 at the most. If the 800,000+ becomes a reality then that is excellent
  6. Vampiro69

    Did he know?

    Hey my bad on this one. I got my facts mixed up is all on this one. Overall that was a huge slipup on my part.
  7. Vampiro69

    What's your favourite

    A promo that I really liked was back in the summer of 2001. It was when ECW had reformed when RVD and Tommy Dreamer interferred in a Mike Awesom/Lance Storm vs Kane/Jericho match. Everything looked great for about an hour after that, except at the end of night it was revealed that Stephanie McMahon was the new owner of ECW. Heyman's promo was great, plus it was so out of the blue the reformation of ECW that night.
  8. Vampiro69

    Weirdest sports injury?

    I can't remember the player but the injury was bizarre. Some baseball had to sit out a couple of games because he got taco bell hot sauce in his eye. Another strange injury involved a Twins player. Apartently he threw out his back while moving a hotel TV so he could see it better.
  9. Vampiro69

    Did he know?

    Somewhat on a related note in regards to WWII. There has been evidence that Churchill wanted to get the US involved in WWII. He decided the best way for this involved the Luisitania. He figured that this would more then likely get shot at by German u-boats. Churchill figured that at the cost of english lives and a few American lives it would get the US involved in the War. However, it took until Pearl harbor for us to get involved.
  10. Vampiro69

    Woman on cell gets pulled over doesn't listen.

    I believe that the she got exactly what she deserved. You ignore a direct request from an officer after you already are going to be in deep shit, you get whats coming to you.
  11. Vampiro69

    Director Oliver Stone busted for drugs and DUI.

    Well Stone will probably say that he was a victim of a right wing conspiracy that caused him to get busted. Plus Platoon was the last Stone movie I enjoyed of his.
  12. Vampiro69

    Most hard luck player on your favorite team

    I always felt bad for the great players that were stuck on horrible teams. Aeneas Williams: made the all 90's team as a CB for the Arizona Cardinals. One playoff appearence in the decade. Donnie Baseball: Stayed with the Yankees through the bad times before their resurgeance. Walter Payton: Sure he won a Super Bowl, and held the record for most rushing yards, but the man was on horrible teams. Plus fricken William Perry scored a TD in the Super Bowl and not Walter!
  13. Vampiro69

    Your favorite player that isn't a superstar

    Well I suppose Aeneas Williams could be considered a superstar. I went with him just because of the lack of coverage he gets from the NFL and ESPN.
  14. Vampiro69

    Your favorite player that isn't a superstar

    Holy Crap! There is another Eric Piatkowski fan out there! NFL: Aeneas Williams DB Rams and former AZ Cardinal. Man doesn't get the respect he deserves from the NFL. Just because he is not flamboyant like Deion, he gets no props MLB: Scott Podsednek: I just like the fact that he is bringing the art of the stolen base back after being gone for a decade.
  15. Vampiro69

    WWE Season four fantasy

    Good to see that we have people joining up for this league. We need to beat the guys from Wrestlecrap though.
  16. Vampiro69

    WWE Season four fantasy

    My team for this as is follows SmackDown! Carlito $3,500,000 RAW Chris Masters $2,500,000 RAW Christian $3,500,000 RAW Daivari $2,000,000 SmackDown! Eddie Guerrero $5,000,000 RAW Edge $4,000,000 RAW Maria $1,000,000 RAW Muhammad Hassan $3,500,000 RAW Triple H $5,000,000
  17. Vampiro69

    Chris Masters

    I am actually liking Chris Masters. I know that nearly everyone on the internet hates him but I dig it. The music is pretty cool for an entrance. For some reason the gimmick just clicks for me. I know most people hate the gimmick, but I like it.
  18. Vampiro69

    Fantasy Baseball Teams

    My team is as follows CA-Brandon Inge: catcher eligble and picked up late 1st- Travis Hafner 2nd- Michael Cuddyer SS-Michael Young 3rd- Hank Blaylock OF- Scott Podsednek OF- Brad Wilkerson OF- Miguel Caberera Util- Justin Morneau Ben- Austin Kearns P-Johan Santana P-Jake Peavy P-Greg Maddaux P-Chris Caprenter P-David Wells RP- Brad Lidge RP- Danys Baez RP- Jeremy Affeldt RP- Huston Street Cuddyer had 2nd base eligbility and thought I might be able to get a steal there. Huston Street is there becaause Dotel will falter in Oakland
  19. "I am the big Nasty Bastard"- The Big Show This was used when he first debuted in the WWF, but Corlis Williamson forced them to drop the nickname due to him being called the Big Nasty. Does Corlis even play in the NBA anymore?
  20. Vampiro69

    Most overrated/underrated writers & artists

    Glad to hear that there is someone else that thinks that Bendis is overrated.
  21. Vampiro69

    Most overrated/underrated writers & artists

    Overrated writer-Brian Michael Bendis. I know this may bring heat, but I haven't been impressed with him, except for Daredevil. The only thing he seriously knows what to do is kill people. That is just my opinion though. Mark Millar and Jeff Leob are a close second. Overrated artist- Have to agree with the Quietly assesment. Never been impressed with his work. Howard Porter is to inconsistant with his work. Some of it is great then the next is very mediocre. Underrated artist- Scott Kollins drew the flash very well in my mind, espically the speed force was unique to me anyways.
  22. Vampiro69

    Favorite Baseball Nicknames of All Time.

    How can we forget Stan "The Man" Musial?
  23. Vampiro69

    No Child Left Behind?

    There is another big problem with the NCLB. I am from North Dakota and we will have 65% of our teachers reaching the point of retirement in the next 10 years. The Education department says that to teach high school you have to have a major in the field you teach. In North Dakota that is deadly for us due to fact that is hard for us to get teachers here. We have some science teachers that have a major in Chemistry and a minor in biology that teach at the school. According to the new law the teacher could only teach Chemistry and the school would have to hire a teacher to come in to do biology. Where are the states going to get the money to pay for the new teachers in these schools? The budgets are stretched already! Recently the education dept said that 3,000 of our elementary teachers were underqualified. The state got pissed and protested and eventually reversed the decision. The strangest thing is that ND is one of the highest rated states according to student scores yet we are getting dissected by NCLB.
  24. Vampiro69

    2005 Dead Pool - Roll up, roll up

    1. Erik Watts 2. Nick Botwinkle 3. Muhammed Hassan 4. Chavo Guerrero Jr. 5. Gene Okerland Hassan will be killed by rednecks somewhere in the south or in West Virgina.
  25. Vampiro69

    The Flash: The Movie

    I heard that it was going to be Wally West as well. The questions are who are going to be casted. Let's get creative here people Flash- Ryan Renyolds or Sean Astin Villians I would go with either these three for the movie Captain Cold- No clue who to cast right now The Top- Jude Law Reverse-Flash- Mark Paul Gosslar I seriously think that he can pull off the role Who would you like to see?