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    The NCAA Football 2005 Dynasty Thread

    I decided to move the Montana Grizzlies up to D-1. I am 4-0 right now after beating Duke, Youngstown State, Wyoming and Louisna Lafeyette. the worst right now is that my guys are constantly getting into trouble. In one week I had 5 guys get into trouble, all warranting 3 game suspensions. I dropped them down to 2 games mostly, but damn, I had run out of discipline points in week 6! I am amazed at the different infractions that can occur to your players, cops arresting the players, plagerism, fighting in practice and so on. I do like the fact that if you start with a small prestige school, as you win the crowds will get larger. Over all, the recievers do suck on my team, but still the Griz is undefeated!
  2. Vampiro69

    Like Justice League?

    I agree that Captain Marvel should be on the show. I think he is one of the most underuse charachters that DC has. The creators have said in an interview that they want to use hin but his rights are held by someone else and they haven't provided them the a-ok for them to use him. It is a shame since he is one of my favorite characters. SHAZAM!!!!
  3. Vampiro69


    Another overlooked match from 1989 is from the Great American Bash. It has three great matches on there. Sting vs the Great Muta, Steamboat vs Luger: Luger in his best match outside of Flair, and a Flair vs Terry Funk match as well. Flair's entrance was unbelievable for the time period. In my opinion it is the one of the best PPV of all time.
  4. I have one shirt that always gets strange looks when I wear it and it is my LWO (Latino World Order) shirt. Where I am from we don't have any latinos here (North Dakota) and nobody understands it. It is still my favorite t-shirt to wear around the house though. The other shirt I have is the Guerrero's "Cheat 2 Win" shirt. People have been offended at it, granted it was at High School sporting events I was announcing for.
  5. Vampiro69

    Tapes for sale

    I have a few that I would be interested in selling if anyone is interested. The tapes are in great shape and the only reason that I am selling them is that I have dubbed these onto DVD. WWE Canadian Stampede $15 Bad Blood 97 $10 WCW Spring Stampede 1999 $10 I have a few others that I haven't dubbed yet and would be interested in selling WCW Slamborre 94 Uncensored 1998 Hog Wild 1996 WWF Wrestlemania 14 More will be listed later. if interested drop me a line at [email protected]
  6. Vampiro69

    wCw/WWF Historical Tapes For Sale

    I would be interested in the Bash at the Beach 2000. How much are you asking for it? email me at [email protected] and let me know.
  7. I am curious because my girlfreind wants a picture of it to use for a college project. She thinks it would be funny to use. If anyone has a picture of a screen shot it would be most appreciated.
  8. I think that the angle actually was named the worst angle of the year in 1995. Hard to believe that it was 9 years ago.
  9. Do you remember what the event was by any chance? I have been unable to figure it out. If anyone else has the picture I would appreciate it very much.
  10. What matches ended up surprising you in actually being good when they occurred? I was surprised that Vader vs The Bossman from Spring Stampede 94 was good Vader vs Undertaker Canadian Stampede 1997 was good as well What else has surprised you as being actually interesting to watch when you were expecting a crapfest?
  11. Vampiro69

    Least appearances on PPV

    I may be off but wasn't the Blacktop Bully around for an Uncensored match in the back of a Semi against "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes? Also wasn't the Awesome Kongs only on one pay per view? I think it was Starrcade 93. Am I just trying to keep memories of bad appearences out of my mind or are those the only shows they appeared on?
  12. Vampiro69

    Suprising moves that a wrestler has used.

    Another one was right when the Radicals entered the WWF. There was a 10 person tag featuring HHH, X-Pac, Benoit, Malenko and Staturn vs Foley, Rock, Rikishi, and Too Cool. Benoit came in a hit a Release German Suplex on Rikishi, that surprised everyone Lawler nearly lost it when that occured.
  13. Vampiro69

    Suprising moves that a wrestler has used.

    I think it was on Nitro back in 1996 or 1997 when Scott Stiener was facing the Giant. This was back when Stiener was the curly haired guy that still was a tag team with Rick. The Giant was running at Scott and he did a belly -to back Suplex on him. The crowd was silent when that occured, because they couldn't believe what they saw.
  14. Vampiro69

    Whats your favourite sports memory of all time?

    The Minnesota Twins defeating the Atlanta Braves in the 1991 World Series. I think my favorite moment had to be when Kirby Puckett hit the home run in to make a game seven. Jack Buck had the call when he hit the home run. It is a deep drive to left center field and we will see you tomorrow night!! the crowd was going nuts and then the greatest game seven in world series history as Jack Morris pitches 10 shutout innings to win 1-0 on Gene Larkins bases loaded single. Amazingly I remember that and I was only 11 years old at the time.
  15. Vampiro69

    Why ESPN sucks

    All I have are these 3 words on the worst part about ESPN. FIRE STUART SCOTT!!! The man is freakin annoying and hald the time you can't understand a damn word thing he is saying. Also they need to put Suzy Kolber back on Sportscenter, she is easier on the eyes then Rece Davis and Trey Wingo.
  16. Vampiro69

    Best Modern Day Spinebuster (WWE)

    Batatista does the best one in the WWE nowadays. However Arn Anderson has done the best one in the businesses history. One guy that I think we are forgetting, even though he wasn't given a chance in the WWE even though he should is CW Anderson. That man has come the closest to duplicating Arn's spinebuster.
  17. I think that this match would cause mass suicide to take place throughout the arena Giant Gonzalez vs The Yeti In an Ultimate Submission Match!!! Smell the Buy rates!!!!!
  18. Vampiro69

    Favorite Announcers

    Who are your favorite announcers? I really enjoyed the following announcers Gordon Solie(favorite quote from the Falir/Funk I quite match is when he said "Five letters, two words, I quit" was outstanding Bob Caudle- Liked him back in the old NWA days. Anyone know if he is still alive? Tony Schivanve- Pre 1998 he was like Tenay on Steroids Heenan- Just a classic, espically the Rumble where Flair wins Mike Tenay- made WCW bareable while the crusiewieghts where on Gorrila Monsoon- He had a calm voice and presented the matches well, espically with Heenan. those were who I liked who were yours?
  19. I am talking about people who have really imporved this last year. My list is as follows: Gail Kim- I dig the submission moves Christian- is a very goos midcarder, needs to learn to not take restholds when he does. He puts them to use when the match develops a nice pace. Rico- finally getting some recognition and can kick ass when not used for comedy Batista- Last few months developed more of a personality, and his energy and matching working has improved a ton. This will catch heat but I think Randy Orton has improved alot. He is still green in some areas, but he keeps getting better and better. Also he has great intensity in the ring. Who are your thoughts?
  20. Vampiro69

    Best entrnace music ever....

    I really enjoyed the following music Mr. Perfect the Million Dollar Man Ric Flair The Rock's heel music Owen Hart's old music Raven's WCW music Ken Shamrock Billy Gunn's "The One" had a good guitar riff in the beginning Chris Jericho's WCW music The Patriot's WWF music (I know it is Angle's but Patriot had it first) Honky Tonk Man Those are all I can come up with at the moment, although I bet I come up with more later.
  21. Vampiro69

    Actors who you beleive

    There are a couple that I believe are underrated Gary Sinese (Ransom, Forrest Gump) Tom Bergenger (Majore League, Platoon) Ed O'Neil (Married With Children, Little Giants) Ed easily has the best facial expressions in the business!
  22. Vampiro69

    Moves which went out of fashion

    Couple of moves that haven't been done for awhile Arn Anderson's Back Suplex with the arm held behing the oppenets back the running splash (Warrior used for pins) Crossbody off the top turnbuckle Headbutts! Reverse atomic drop those are the only ones coming to mid at the monent
  23. All I can say is that he is a total idiot. To bad that fan didn't get to Bradshaw and attempt to beat him up
  24. Vampiro69

    The OAO What wrestling tapes / DVDs do you own?

    Tapes/DVD's that I own WWE WrestleMania 14, 16-20 Monday Night War Foley's Greatest Hits and Misses No Way Out 2004 Ric Flar Collection Bloodbath Hulk Still Rules Royal Rumble 2001 Invasion 2001 Unforgiven 98 Shawn Micheals from the Vault SumerSlam 2002 No Mercy 2002 Rey Mysterio 619 Confidentail vol 1 Best of Raw vol 1&2 Global Warning tour Triple H the Gme Canadian Stampede Badd Blood 97 WCW Slamboree 1994 Sring Stampede 1999 Uncensored 98 Hog Wild 96 Bash at the Beach 98 Superbrawl 98 Halloween Havoc 97 Slamboree 98 Fall Brawl 1998 Slamboree 1997 War Games 1992 SuperBrawl 1997 Great American Bash 1989 ECW Heatwave 98 Hardcore History Extreme Revolution Anarchy Rules 1999 Barely Legal Deep Impact That is all so far for me.