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    GENESIS (And Countdown To) Comments!

    Things that stood out in my mind on the first read: Strangler's long promo in the middle of the show. Read it. Ejiro's opening match. Only Ejiro could do that to open the biggest PPV of the year and still not only make it not suck but make it incredible. Also, his entrance rocked. Edwin/Silent, but we knew that would be excellent. Dace winning the Commissionership match. Jesus, talk about your rub. And Danny/TNT. DOn't get me wrong, though... everything on that show was incredible. WFers, I salute you.
  2. Ace309

    Gene-Ass-Is Border Run Thread

    SHIT! I forgot to request something! Before the match goes up um um um LSD AND A MIDGET!
  3. And this makes you different from your opponent how? ;-) I'm over 9000 and writing rapidly, probably a bit over 1k/hour with 3 hours left.
  4. Ace309


    We're all getting excited. It's fucking GENESIS.
  5. I'm no-showing. [DISCLAIMER: Tom Flesher is not actually no-showing.]
  6. "Hey, weren't you the Punisher?"
  7. Ace309

    MLW Wargames results

    Is there any reason for the "Extreme Horsemen" name? I mean, I know it's War Games and all, but that's... a really lame name.
  8. Ace309

    Wrestling Essay

    That's a REALLY good idea.
  9. Ace309


    Hey, Malibu looks kind of like Edge.
  10. Ace309

    Tucker Carlson gives wrong # on Crossfire

    Best gag ever. And best response.
  11. The only known exception to this rule is Jazz, who is properly addressed by her given name, Hank, or simply as "Sir."
  12. There's a big difference between Mel Gibson asking to be called by a character name and a pro wrestler doing the same thing. I assume it stems from kayfabe, where they tried to pretend that the workers really did have outlandish backgrounds and the workers were expected to live their gimmicks. It's just sort of become the accepted thing. This, of course, is ignoring the sack it takes to say that a wrestler doesn't deserve to be called whatever he damn well pleases. So the guy who was born Paul Levesque wants to be called 'Hunter' in public. What's the big deal? More importantly, why should anyone except him decide what he gets called in public?
  13. Ace309

    SWF Soundtrack

    Dropkick Murphys, "The Gauntlet" The Doors, "Tell All The People" Philosopher Kings, "I Am The Man" Led Zeppelin, "Kashmir" Though if I were going to make a soundtrack, I'd leave "The Gauntlet" off, since I only used it briefly.
  14. Ace309

    Wrestling Essay

    Check your grammar, don't capitalize "professional wrestling" just for the hell of it, and remember that plurals don't take apostrophes. I'm not sure a discussion on puro fits the theme of the paper, if only because Japanese wrestling HASN'T really had an impact on pop culture. If the Montreal Screwjob isn't deemed appropriate, something even more esoteric probably isn't appropriate either.
  15. Ace309

    SWF Soundtrack

    Uze Zed's old theme, "Tell All The People" by the Doors.
  16. Oh, that was Edwin? I could have sworn it was Perfect Bo.
  17. Ace309

    Genesis IV Foretellings!

    Ejiro Fasaki vs. "The Maori Badass" Va'aiga - EJIRO~! "The Sinner" John Duran vs. English Dragon - Duran Jay Dawg vs. The Boston Strangler - TBS "The Franchise" Mak Francis vs. "The Sacred One" Andrew Blackwell - Sacred Wildchild vs. Johhny "The Barracuda" Dangerous - Wildchild "Deathwish" Danny Williams vs. "TNT" Taylor Nicholas Thompson - Williams Double Jeopardy (Quiz and Show) vs. Crowe and Dante Crane - Birds Of A Feather Edwin MacPhisto vs. Nathaniel "Silent" Kibagami - Silent, continuing the Genesis broken-neck tradition Dace Night (representing "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens) vs. Bastion (representing the Hville Thugg) vs. Michael Craven (representing the Suicide King) - I hate to say it, but... Craven. AND THE MAIN EVENT… "THE SUPERIOR ONE" TOM FLESHER VS. "JUDGE MENTAL" WILLIAM HEARFORD - No prediction.
  18. Ace309


    Ooh, Greco-Roman.
  19. Ace309

    Need Your Help!

    it's okay, I was a first-round loss in my only poster tournament appearance. I weep nightly when I think about what might have been.
  20. Ace309

    Loser's matches!

    IL, who I'm talking about asif he's not here, is still a bit clunky when it comes to his humor and grammar. He's made great strides recently, and really, it's just all about maturity.
  21. It warms my heart to see this. Warms my heart and makes me want to kick someone in the groin.
  22. Ace309

    Some ideas to put us back on top...

    Well, maybe one of the other guys will continue running it. I should hope so. I was hoping to win their title and then go ttoal rudo heel dissing it.
  23. Ace309

    Are all e-feds like this?

    Well, I've never read the BWF, so I don't have any idea about their quality, but hey, if someone read their stuff and joined, cool. RPing just isn't my thing. I prefer to have the control over both my character in AND out of the ring that are inherent in the SJL and SWF. I love it.