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    need help with sig.

    um....whoosh indeed?
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    need help with sig.

    i khnow it comes from the 100 reasons why big bossman is better than goldberg thread oh and moist party girl thanks for aknowledging the lushness of myold sig.
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    Ric Flair DVD worth the money?

    instead of just saying oh yeah its lush or its really overated i will review the whole dvd for you the first chapter harley race the nwa championship is brilliant probably the best on the hole tape as far as build up goes and ends in a really dramatic cage match wich i would give four stars despite the stupid spotlight hogging reffere the next chapter dusty rhodes talking the talk has good buildup including the exellent ric flair .vs. nikita kollof post match angle and while the match was really crap from a workrate stand point i found it preety fun which may actually be a bad thing considering it was a serious issue the next chapter barry windham kepping up with the champ had only average buildup although if your a four horseman mark youl enjoy it really reedems itself in the match however wheir flair and windham put on a pure wrestling clinic the next chapter ricky steamboat the rivalry has not only the worst buildup on the whole dvd but also the most overatted match in their clash of the champions bout however the wrestlewar match is the best on the dvd and i like the way they build towards the finish the next chapter terry funk hardkore buildup is really lacking however the i quit match delivers all you could expect and more the next chapter the nature boy heads north featuring the 1992 royal rumble is a lush chapter in terms of buildup and the actuall match in which flair bumps perfectly for over an hour the next chapter sting definingh an era features the worst promo ever from sting not enough buildup and an average and dissaponting match. so all over all while overatted well worth the purchase.
  4. Copper Feel

    Real F'n Show's Random Match Reviews

    low ki .vs. paul london .vs. a.j styles ive heard mixed fellings about this one all over the interweb.
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    need help with sig.

    its not that crappy but thanks anyway ive now got a lush dean malenko .vs. chris jericho sig .