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    Enemies List

    i laughed.
  2. Copper Feel

    2009 Worst Poster Tournament: Round 1

    Definitely Not Hot Young Wang Region 1. Goldengreek 8. Xavier Cromartie 4. KOAB 5. theone 3. YKRG 6. Jerichoholic82 2. TaigaStar - 7. NoCal Mike Most Likely Homosexual Region 1. Cabbageboy 8. JN News 4. pbone 5. EricMM 3. AmDragFan 6. Twisted Intestine 2. bob_barron 7. Milky BUTT Fuck Stupid Region 1. RoHo 8. HarleyQuinn 4. Chazz 5. Matt Young 3. Jingus 6. Czech 2. Marvin 7. DarKnight The "I Tried to Save Good Matchups Until the End and Now I Have a Fuck Load of Them" Region 1. EHME - I don't dislike him as a person, just as a poster. 8. Cartman 4. Gary Floyd 5. Porter 3. Y2Jerk 6. Lord of the Curry 2. Enigma 7. CWM
  3. Copper Feel

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    How do you make sure to avoid it? I guess it must be easier for you in pubs and restaurants now due to the ban, but what about when you're just walking from point A to point B? Do you cross the road whenever you see a smoker coming?
  4. Copper Feel

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I wasn't able to eat any dairy or gluten products from the age of 7 to 14. I still try to consume them as sparsely as possible.
  5. Copper Feel

    '90s Song Tournament Nominations

    The title track is better anyway.
  6. Copper Feel

    '90s Song Tournament Nominations

    Radiohead - 'No Surprises' Outkast - 'Rosa Parks' The Ben Folds Five - 'Evaporated'
  7. Copper Feel

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    No, because I think it's cruel.
  8. I've always felt that Golden Greek is Leena.
  9. Copper Feel

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    When she screams out someone else's meme.
  10. Copper Feel

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I'm not really allowed to do any housework.
  11. Bloody 'ell! You've deleted Czech's account.
  12. whoops, I got a little mixed up here.
  13. Impossible. That was released in 1980.
  14. Copper Feel

    This Time Let's Not Eat the Bones

    Board shut your mouth.
  15. It's time, time, time. And it's time, time, time. And it's time, time, time that you love. Yes, it's time, time, time.
  16. Copper Feel

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    It's a pity that I missed this when it was first posted. I've lived in the UK for my entire life, and I've never known anyone who's had a child before they were legal. You're making a massive generalisation!
  17. Copper Feel

    Hey Everybody... Got beef? Come to the chat!

    You're going to get banned again if you keep having conversations with yourself in here. This only has to go on for so long until it's Astro Boy 2009.
  18. It's worth noting that my parents haven't been together since I was 13. Daddy: I had a pretty strained relationship with him when he was with my mother, since he could never really pluck up the courage to stand up to her about anything. We get along great now though, which is probably due to how relaxed he is. He encourages me to drink alcohol with meals even though I don't really enjoy doing so, which is not only hilarious but also shows that he sees me as more of an adult than... Mummy: does. I am quite fond of my mother, but she really needs to grant me more responsibility. I'm not allowed to cook for fear of her oven exploding.
  19. Copper Feel

    Jade Goody's Cancer

    I bloody well can't. The world will have lost absoutely nothing.
  20. Just piss. I make a point of never spitting anywhere though.
  21. Copper Feel

    The Truthiness is a fucking stinky twatfart

    If The Thread Killer were to remind me of one Elvis Costello song, then it would be 'Man Out of Time'.
  22. Copper Feel

    Michael Jackson

    So? edit: Eh, maybe for the label. Obviously that's not what any artist worth listening to should be thinking when he releases an album.
  23. Countries: Germany France Holland Scotland Wales (I know they're not technically foreign countries, but I'm counting them anyway). Greece Spain America including Puerto Rico Best: Germany Worst: Spain
  24. I can't whistle at all. My most shameful insecurity.