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    Shit I have to read for High School

    Much Ado About Nothing Spies The Collected Poems of Thomas Hardy Existentialism Is a Humanism European History: 1895 - 1945 Hamlet The Lyrical Ballads There's everything I've had to read for school since I turned 16. This year I had to compare two pieces of literature of my choice (I went with Tess of the d'Urbervilles and Keep the Aspidistra Flying), and I'll have to read some war literature before a test in May. No other subjects really have much required reading at this stage of education in England.
  2. Probably my younger sister. She was an accident anyway, so it's not as if anyone would miss her.
  3. I've never been on a date. I only try to pull at clubs.
  4. As a stoner I'm unqualified to answer this.
  5. Stalin because his (supposedly) ultimate intentions are easier to justify than those of any 'genetic purity' leader. I know this also applies to a couple of other dictators, but I know more about Stalin than any of them.
  6. About 8 1/2 inches long at its full power. Uncircumcised, the European way. Of a reasonable bulk. Far more veiny than I would like it to be.
  7. Copper Feel

    Who do you share a Birthday with?

    Courteney Cox and Ice Cube are the only people everyone will've heard of.
  8. I would occasionally go to a very attractive in a way that I can't explain bar with my girfriend. I found it to be a fairly comforting environment even beyond the fact that no one was chatting her up. When a particularly homophobic fella was kicked out for loudly complaining about being touched by men, there was a certain solidarity between everyone there. Not because we were all homosexuals (we weren't), but because none of us were bigoted.
  9. Copper Feel

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    Rowing machines at the gym are awesome, but only if you don't mind your arse feeling like (what I imagine) it has been raped. I wasn't being serious. I just want the thread to go on for a while longer so I can lol at people who gain it all back in a matter of weeks.
  10. Copper Feel

    Mellow's sig is stretching out my screen

    I for one am looking forward to the paint job that Sensei-J is giving Mellow.
  11. Copper Feel

    What would your biography be called?

    Autobiography: Needless to Say, I Had the Last Laugh
  12. Copper Feel

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    Today a friend of mine described me as 'skinny-fat' after seeing the infamous picture, and now I'm ready to kick this weight loss into a whole 'nother gear. Extend this for two more weeks!
  13. Copper Feel

    13 year old Father.

    He should've waited until he was a little older, and could have pulled some decent gash.
  14. Copper Feel

    Chris Brown

    John Lennon used to beat women up as well. He's taking influence from the greats.
  15. Copper Feel


    Waaaaaay tmi.
  16. Copper Feel


    Hoff and The Intensifier showed up in a dream of mine once.
  17. Copper Feel


    No Holds Barred should probably take a few days off.
  18. Copper Feel

    I give you Doom Metal

    I've been looking for Dopesmoker for quite some time now. Cheers.
  19. Copper Feel

    The OAO TSM "Happy Birthday, you!" Thread

    Happy birthday Parkster.
  20. Copper Feel

    What would your biography be called?

    Geezers and Gash: Being Gilbert
  21. Copper Feel

    Personal Attacks on Jingus.

    All it took was one death.
  22. Copper Feel

    Literature folder

  23. Copper Feel

    Personal Attacks on Jingus.

    Self respecting pussy?
  24. Copper Feel

    The NEW TSM

    This was just like the Britain of the 1980s.
  25. Copper Feel

    I'm enlisting in the Army.

    I see the Army as one of the things I could do after I finish my A-levels. Or now I suppose, but I'd rather get them out of the way.