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  1. Copper Feel

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    The concept of TheTomster being banned.
  2. Copper Feel

    Suggest Word Filters

    Metal = homosexuality.
  3. Copper Feel

    Agent of Oblivion presents: stormy

    Tell me about it. But..with..you..it's..more..like..this.
  4. Copper Feel

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    Weird. I'm 230, and I wear an XXL shirt and 38 in pants. Of course, I do like the waist to be loose in my pants. I was gonna say. I'm bigger than 28 but smaller than 32 and I don't see how I would (possibly) gain a mere 5 inches if I was 115 pounds heavier.
  5. Copper Feel

    Does Criticism Belong in Music?

    The reviews on Allmusic often contradict the ratings anyway. ST-Er's army don't have to fall into no line.
  6. Copper Feel

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Ban everyone who's nominated whilst the tournament is on. I'll even take the hit if I have to.
  7. Copper Feel

    2 months until Leena buys TSM

    You didn't even allow Mellow to give that running joke its forum debut.
  8. Copper Feel

    DJ Khaled commits suicide

    Oh, so you're one of those people.
  9. Copper Feel


    I must say, this was a rather fitting last post:
  10. Copper Feel

    DJ Khaled commits suicide

  11. Copper Feel

    Hey Everybody... Got beef? Come to the chat!

    I'm talkin' shit about you in the chatroom as we speak.
  12. Copper Feel


    I bet Kamala could drunkenly take a sober EHME.
  13. Copper Feel

    Oh man, I'm on drugs right now.

    My weed dealer is short, morbidly obese, balding on top despite long greasy metaler hair and has a ginger beard. I think he's the best dealer I have ever had.
  14. Copper Feel


  15. Please never type this sentence again.
  16. Copper Feel

    Let's Spend The Thread Together

    Well, yes. I don't mean to be pedantic, but this is definitely hyperbole.
  17. Copper Feel

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    My scales are stuck at 153 (not my weight).
  18. Copper Feel

    Michael Jackson thread

    Getting old as well. There's probably no other artist that's held in the same regard as Jackson who's written so few critically acclaimed songs.
  19. You can be my worst poster of the year if it would make you feel special.
  20. Copper Feel

    Hey Everybody... Got beef? Come to the chat!

    You're starting to seem like a lonely old woman.
  21. Copper Feel

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    Still 144.
  22. Copper Feel


    I'm guessing you're already into Frankie Boyle since you're British?
  23. Copper Feel

    Your 10 Favorite Albums

    I don't agree with either of these statements.
  24. Copper Feel


    Come to the chatroom and I'll offer you an antidote.