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  1. If you were a wrestler, would you:


    Prefer to be given only finish and call everything else in the ring? Lay the entire match out beforehand?


    Depends on how long id been wrestling for and how long my opponent had been wrestling for.


    Like to have your promo's scripted? Or just be given a couple of bullet points, and wing the rest?


    Bullet points, although i wouldunt want to cut a promo untill i had practiced a lot off camera.


    Blade often? Only on occasion? Would you rather never blade at all?


    I think that if theres blood often in a promotion, let alone from one wrestler it will burn the fans out on it, and no longer seem special. So, only on rare occasion and only in main events.


    What style would you like to wrestle? Why would you prefer to employ that particular style over others?


    Dunno, i would have to try different things out in the ring and see what works before i could answer this.



    Refuse to take certain moves? Only take them when working with certain wrestlers?


    Any head drops, or any kind of carear threatening bump really.


    Are there any match types you'd like to wrestle in a lot? Some match types you'd rather never have to work in?


    Only singles and tags, if you wrestle in too many gimmick matches then fans wont care when you dont.


    What style of normal match would you like to do the most? Would you prefer to sell or to dominate? Would you like to do long matches?


    Depends on my position in the company compared to my opponents, as well as any circumstances that would make one wrestler more likely to dominate. I would only like to do long matches if i had enough experience with filling time.


    Would you like to have a manager or valet to work spots with or would you rather just do it all yourself?


    No, because ive always prefered trying to achieve something on my own than as part of a team. I also have a nasty habbit of reliying on the other person to much in those situations.


    Are there some types of angles that you would refuse to do? Some types of angles that you'd love to do?


    I wouldunt want to do any angles that involve sex or racism, i think that apart from that id just love to do angles period.


    What promotion would you like to work for the most? What promotion would you hate to work for?


    Id like to work for a japanese promotion, since they seem to be fairly patient as far as bulding their wrestlers up go's. Id hate to work for All Star Wrestling, here in England since its essensially a load of pantomime crap.


    What promotion of the past would you most liked to have worked for? What promotion would you have hated working for the most?


    NWA circa early 70's to mid 80's, since the expireince of travelling from promotion to promotion learning how to wrestle would just be invaluble. Id hate working for WCW from 1997 - 2000, since it had so much great talent in this period and sqaundered most of it.


    Any wrestlers today that you'd like to work against? Any you would avoid working against at all costs?


    Id like to work with Eddie Gurreou ( never can spell his name right) since hes probably the best in the world at the moment. I wouldunt want to work against Low Ki, or A.J Styles, since their matches are gennerally very much about themselves.


    What wrestlers from the past would you like to work against? What wrestlers from the past would you not want to work against?


    Id like to work against Harley Race in the 70's so i could observe first hand how to put a lower ranked wrestler over, whilst not taking away from yourself. I wouldunt like to work with Bruiser Brody or Billy Robinson, because of the storys i have heard of them putting themsef over at the expense of their opponent, or shooting on him mid match.