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  1. Was that move he finished with a franchiser or am I blind? I think he should have won with that flying forearm he had bead that guy good enough...
  2. EricMM

    Bands ever back this up when they say

    You need to embiggen your vocabulary... And to stay on topic, what about Dylan? He certainly evolved, and people didn't shit on him for doing it. The beatles? When My Guitar Gently Weeps doesn't sound anything like I Wanna Hold Your Hand...
  3. EricMM

    Partial songlist for DDR Max 2

    Any idea of the number of songs? I'm hoping there's more than before. And how about a mode that eliminates the whole 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Final thing. I don't care if I have to play on 3rd difficulty forever or something, I just hate not being able to tell if I fail something based on my skill or on me being on the 4th level (and the opposite being if I pass because I'm on first)
  4. EricMM

    An Open Letter

    It's just that it's almost never relevant... and that begs the question of why she mentions it.
  5. EricMM

    The Bitch is Back

    The thing is, even if that were the case, is it equally fun when you ramble on without any respect for common sense and people just roll their eyes and say "That bitchy Zsasz, what will he cry about next?" and then scroll down past your post... Don't call people sheep when you're fucking worse than anyone else. People tend to approve and enjoy Marney's posts because she's *Gasp* not a fucking tool. She is, bless her heart, a republican, but so what? She tends to be a little more honest and tends to keep her stories strait, and shows more integrity than many of the other posters here. Stop bitching about people not bitching about Marney. Stop bitching about everything. Make a decent post.
  6. EricMM

    An Open Letter

    It's not your happiness. It's your habit of consistanly, constantly, and continuously mentioning your boyfriend. We. Get. It.
  7. EricMM

    The Bitch is Back

    Yeah yeah of course it was a joke. I mean apparently, you've been known to socialize with a certain Doctor Tom, and it is well known that he is a man among men. Or some such something or other. Would you say the stereotype Zsasz is perpetuating is the theory that all whiney bitches are good for is whining and bitching? "Hey! Just because I'm a whiney bitch doesn't mean I'm just a whiner and a bitch! I'm a person too!" Please.
  8. EricMM

    An Open Letter

    TSA can you make even five posts without mentioning your boyfriend??
  9. EricMM

    The Bitch is Back

    Zsasz, Marney saying men smell is irritating, but equally irritating is your whining. You shouldn't have started it anyways, so for God's sake don't continue it...
  10. EricMM

    The Bitch is Back

    Marney, JF4H was clearly implying that you cannot be both a homosexual and support Bush, because bush is anti-gay-marriage, ergo anti-gay ergo anti-you. Because clearly as a lesbian your sexuality is the most dominant feature about you, deciding who you can and cannot vote for. Or whatever. This thread isn't about what stupid people say, it's about Banky. I don't like it when regular posters get banned ('cept Jubuki) so I'm glad he's back.