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  1. EricMM

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    I don't like it
  2. EricMM

    Barack Obama's Inauguration

    So let me say that as someone who lives right outside of D.C., its already fairly crazy. In fact, the crazy is almost over. All the metro stations around me, all those parking lots are completely full, and some of them are parking garages. Still full. With 10 mile backups behind them. But that was all earlier around 4, 5, 6. Back when there was some rational hope that these places wouldn't be completly full. Now? You're better off walking. Oh and its freezing out.
  3. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    The fact remains that Hamas is equipped to do damage, and has, and does, and currently will. Israel must, to protect its people, change that to won't. How could they do otherwise?
  4. EricMM

    Sonic and the Black Knight trailer

    Don't be tricked!! If it doesn't have 2D playforming, its not Sonic!!!
  5. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    Would it be better of 300 Israeli children died? Fairer?
  6. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    The reason they're impoverished is that they're Blockaded. They blame Israel for that.
  7. EricMM

    Candy Manufacturer 3-Way Dance

    Reese's FTW.
  8. EricMM

    Gas Price Check...

    Ditto here. You had to know its coming...
  9. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    in 08 they're living in poverty because Israel has sanctions put on them because their govt. is hostile towards Israel. Your point?
  10. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    He said emigrate, IE kick them out of Gaza Strip and the West Bank... That would go over so well......
  11. EricMM

    The OAO Strategy RPG Game Thread

    Gladius was pretty cool, but I don't remember beating it. FFT > All, IMO.
  12. EricMM

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    There was a pamphlet that said that his match with the Ayatollah was the match that "made Wrestlefest 3" Like Wrestlemania 3?
  13. EricMM

    Let the music set the mood...

    I mean, imagine people who could beat the super-bosses from the rerelease for FFX in Japan. Crazy. Now speaking of good music, no love for Suikoden? Dragon Fortress!!!
  14. EricMM

    Somali Pirates

    This thread is reminding me of the Astroboy one. *EDIT* May I add that I skimmed through and missed the comment on the previous page*/EDIT*
  15. EricMM

    Let the music set the mood...

    Re: FF6, loved the game, music from that scene, even that scene itself. Yes, yes, yes. But. That still sounds like cows being slaughtered, that signing. Much better when Celes tries to become a hero... Re: Kingdom Hears 2...great. That song is going to make me play that game again. Again.
  16. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    The Palestinians could make this all go away by going all MLK/Ghandi on Israel. It would seriously work, I think. If Hamas does not stop shooting rockets, though, all Israel can really do is keep fighting until they can't. The main goal of a govt is to PROTECT ITS CITIZENS. If this is an unequal response, how equal SHOULD it be? One Palestinian death for every Israeli death? That would exactly work against a group that uses suicide bombing, for crying out loud.
  17. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    When Israel opens up the boarders to Palestinians, suicide bombings increase. And they are so much worse for the Israelis than the rockets are. I can't believe people here are demanding more open boarders in the area when that has always led to more loss of life in the past. These people proclaim the death of Israel as a political goal. Why should the Israelis try to appease them?
  18. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    But what on earth else is Israel supposed to do? You can't just allow your people to be fired upon!
  19. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    I don't think its possible to overreact to someone launching rockets at your countrymen. Okay, well, thats not entirely true, but honestly if they just started firing rockets back and firing mortars WAY more Palestinians would die. Tit for tat type thing.
  20. EricMM

    More Middle East turmoil

    Apparently very few, thank goodness. Everyday I hear about the strikes I hear, "Israelis bombed the home of a Hamas leader, killing him and most of his family. Some rockets also flew into Israel, no one was seriously injured." I gotta wonder. Why keep launching those rockets?
  21. EricMM

    Teenage Mutant Team Ninja Turtles Bros Brawl

    How well did Shonen Jump Ultimate Stars or whatever sell in Japan? Granted that is for the money-printing DS but...
  22. EricMM

    The Dark Knight

    Bear in mind that I would have said even worse of Heath Ledger. (Did you see A Knight's Tale?)
  23. EricMM

    Persona 4

    I...I must admit I'm trying to finally beat 3 before I put in 4, for the reasons stated. Obviously I have to play 3 before 4 or 3 will be slightly bad by comparison. I'm on 6/6...so much more to go...
  24. EricMM

    Somali Pirates

    I was speaking, of course, about the Chinese/Sudanese relationship. And thus why the UN cannot even attempt to deal with that situation.
  25. EricMM

    Somali Pirates

    (it's all about oil)