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  1. I'm not sure how, but I get the feeling that there just needs to be a difference in punishment between a fifteen year old trading pictures and someone with a bunch of pictures of naked four year olds.


    I don't exactly know how, but when you're eighteen and you have sex with a sixteen year old, its just not the same as having sex with a five year old.

  2. Because it is blatantly offensive to my mind that the gays have such persecution and are seemingly ignored by other minorities like blacks, when they themselves were oppressed just as much, simply because conservative Christianity is popular among the black population.


    The Church was certainly implicit in the enslavement of blacks in the first place, they need to understand how their struggles are the same, or they're as guilty of the same, "It's not me, it's not my problem" mindset that white people had when it came to the abolition movement or civil rights.


    In other words, just because some black people don't think the two are the same doesn't make them right, it makes them wrong.

  3. The deal was that adotpion agencies in the state need to file with the state for a license. To obtain the license- the agency must swear to oblige to all state laws....which, in MA includes a law against discrimination based on sexual orientation.


    Right so obviously by indicating that they were discriminatory the Catholic Church proved that they were not ideal people to be handling adoption.


    I...don't see the problem here.

  4. That Catholic Adoption agency was obviously being involved in state services in some way, maybe even getting Federal/State money?


    And that is, by the way, the weird part. Gay people CAN get Religious-married, the church I grew up in performed those ceremonies. Or should I say they had weddings that happened to involved a same sex couple. No difference.

  5. Can we get back to the "ewww gay people, WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?" issue?


    Because I think that's the more important aspect of this argument.


    At least I hope.


    Religious anti-gay expression is as ridiculous as Jingus said it was. Gay sex is mentioned very infrequently in the bible. Obviously (obviously) this is an issue propagated by peoples homophobia and not their religious zeal. So many other things the bible commands both in the old and new testament (keep the Sabbath holy and do no work on Sunday?) are completly ignored in today's society. People are picking and choosing because they're scared or grossed out by gay people, just like were scared and offended by interracial ANYTHING at one point.


    And people who claim, "This isn't like racism" are deluding themselves too with the bigot's message. "I'm not bigoted, what I'm doing isn't so bad, it's just decent/fair/reasonable/normal/whatever." If you're uncomfortable with being called bigoted or homophobic, deal with your inability to deal with telling yourself or your kid, at the age of four or six or whatever, that two guys can love each other the same way a guy and a girl can.

  6. Basically, I'd hate for parents to be labelled hateful bigots because they get annoyed about it.

    Okay, annoyed bigots.


    I'm just saying, when one's actively denying a loving couple the same rights to get hitched that you have simply because it disquiets you, thats ridiculous. You're insecure. Homosexuality bothers or scares you because you can't deal with it. And that shows a flaw in you.

  7. I have had people in this thread or one like it say, "I don't want gay marriage, because I don't want to have to explain to my kids why two guys are kissing in public."




    You know, I'm sure that there were people who didn't want to teach black history to their children either. Who didn't want to have their kids watching a black man kissing a white woman. But this is SOOOOOO different :rolleyes:

  8. Whoever said that we've done all this before is completely right.


    (fond memories of Marney saying two men kissing was disgusting and should not be)


    To be honest I'm getting less and less hopeful that those people with a little or a lot of homophobia in them will ever change their minds about this. Ideally either people with such idiotic thinking with either die off and let a younger, better generation improve this nation, or we can get some sort of federal laws pushed through so poor gay people born in idiotic states don't have to suffer for 18 years. Its so stupid.

  9. Indeed.


    You have to realize that the U.S. doesn't always get the "good guys" moniker from the rest of the world, especially after the last eight years. YOU might feel like we're the only safe people to have nuclear weapons, but a lot of the world still sees us as the only nation on earth ever to nuke another population.

  10. You don't know the half of it :(


    Damn people from the 60's don't know a big deal when they hear of it.


    Global Warming? Spotted Tree Owl? Talk about an easy choice... But if you ask them, there just HAS to be some OTHER way.


    Maybe some OTHER people can use less energy or build solar collecters somewhere else.

  11. Well, that was something.


    Part of me really misses the cool space battles the SPACE BATTLES from the first seasons. Back when the main characters were dog-fighting.


    But I guess there's only so much of that you can do.


    Baltar is bad-ass, no matter if he's a human or an angel.