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  1. Eddie keeps cheating... Show keeps kicking out, even after Frog Splash
  2. Nice one, I forgot Eddy was still to come.
  3. FU, revers into angle lock, crowd going mad, Cena taps clean. Awesome match!
  4. Cena grabs chain, ref takes it, crowd boos, Cena takes Medals, crowd cheers, hits Angle, kick out
  5. No they love Angle, they just really really love Cena. Angle takes harsh looking DDT btw... And Powerbomb into turnbuckle on Angle!!!
  6. This is the best chant ever
  7. Big "Lets go Angle, Lets go Cena" chant repeating
  8. Crowd started a Cena chant.
  9. Nah, she just felt sorry, she didn't pull an Owen.
  10. Wah? Linda threw the towl in... just when I was enjoying it n everythin
  11. Gotta admit. They got the crowd going bit time.
  12. He came down on on the top/side of his head and neck. Looked in pain for 10 seconds, but then carried on like normal. His mouth was busted up earlier too.
  13. Good. Nothing apart from the APA match has seemed too long or too short. Rey Tajiri seemed quite long, maybe close to 15 mins. Benoit A Train also, I think atleast 10. Gowen Hardy was around 5 mins.
  14. Bashams win after Shaniqua hits Bradshaw with nightstick.
  15. Hardy went for a toprope back drop, Zack knocks him back, Moonsault, pin. I liked the finish cause you don't expect clean wins in wwe really.
  16. Zack won with a nice looking moonsault
  17. A bit sloopy/stiff but I liked the match. Benoit could of broke his neck. Good crowd response which I didn't expect.
  18. Wow. Benoit fell headfirst on a chair. Nasty.