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  1. Yeah. They actually worked it like a typical M.E. match for once. Nice psychology throughout, nice efffective spots. Albert/Benoit next. Wicked kicks by Tajiri. Couple of good nearfalls.
  2. Good opening match. A Train Benoit next
  3. Repo Man jr

    Rock Signs On For Another Movie

    Cool sounds good... Okay... Oh man
  4. Repo Man jr

    The One and Only Smackdown! HCTP Thread

    They gave him the botched tiger driver move he did on Al Snow. They fall on their head and he leans over to cheak on them while doing an awkward pin. No Mack dancing on his intro though.
  5. Ref Bump... Sledge Hammer... Goldberg Spear... Jackhammer... PIN!
  6. Looks like its gonna be a short match
  7. JR and King are feeling sad...
  8. They just started a "we want JR" chant...
  9. I just noticed, no commentary. Doesn't really make much difference
  10. So HBK vs. HBK w/ Orton is MOTN right now? I liked the HBK Orton and Kane Shane Matches a better than the 3 way.
  11. Xtian pins RVD with belt shot as he does the 5 star
  12. Crowd is popping big now
  13. I was just thinking that... I hope Snow and Coach win
  14. All that match did was put over Shane really. He beat up Kane... Did a super bump... Kane won, but walked off... Music stops so everyone can chant for Shane.
  15. Although he would of died n stuff. The stage looked pretty hard though. Not like a bed or anything.
  16. "elbow drop" They saw Backlash 2001... OK cool
  17. That was a very harsh bump I must admit