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  1. Shane going for super bump...
  2. Whats the crowd chanting?
  3. Don't forget Shane doing a perfect version of RVD's best move.
  4. i always thought shane's van terminator was called ''coast to coast''. It probably is then
  5. Shanes Van-whatever its called was pretty much perfect!
  6. Shanes gonna do the RVD across the ring jump thing with the steps...
  7. Shane hugs the ref... Kane kicks the ref
  8. Kane has new attire... Everyone at Gamefaqs complains when Smackdown 5 doesn't have his new attire
  9. I think he looked atleast as good as Rock & HHH when they were at this point so I doubt it. He didn't fuck up, pretty solid match.
  10. Flair put Ortons foot on the rope... Restart... Flair gave Orton Brass Knucks... Orton wins.
  11. 3 count... Music plays... foot on rope
  12. They probably didn't like how it sounded like HHH music at the start.
  13. Repo Man jr

    Golberg steals HHH's movie roll

    I can't wait to watch this brilliant movie!
  14. Repo Man jr

    HHH's bachelor party

    Pfft, this whole party makes a mockery of the brand split.
  15. Repo Man jr

    a short explaination to the Kane angle

    Could of been worse. Fan: Uh, On last weeks show Kane died, but the very next week he was alive again? WWE: Uh, whenever you see something like that, a wizard did it.
  16. Repo Man jr

    Vince has really done it now

    I would be easier to believe it wasn't a work if it had been an Ultimo Dragon match.
  17. Repo Man jr

    Coach vs JR at the ppv

    6 minutes that could be used for Dreamer vs Richards If its any consolation, you can see that match every week on Heat!
  18. Repo Man jr

    Brock the man whore

    On this site - http://www.wrestling-media.ru/