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    Wrestling's biggest FLUCK UPS1

    HHH - "I'm bi a lot of things, but lingual isn't one of them... did I really mean to say that?"
  2. The Hogan Rock match just for the crowd reaction.
  3. Repo Man jr

    New RAW 2 trailer

    You have to paste this link into Window Media Player - http://www.xboxmagazine.co.kr/xbox/sscss/r...2/sscssraw2.asx I got this from Gamefaqs. I thought the game was gonna be shit but I just changed my mind big time.
  4. Repo Man jr

    New RAW 2 trailer

    You can download the file here - www.rapturepress.com/Raw2.rar
  5. Repo Man jr

    Mark Henry Backs The Mack

    They finally realized that he has no talent and is unbelievably boring. They still use him on rare occasions, (putting Matt over in the US Title tournament,) but they figured out that a Stinkface every Smackdown just isn't entertainment. Not to mention he had eye surgery and forgot to tell them about it.
  6. Repo Man jr

    WWE Invades All Japan

    No your getting mixed up. Hot Stuff was Eddie Gilbert. Hercules is Hernandez.
  7. Repo Man jr

    WWE Invades All Japan

    It's not Kurt, it's Hercules Hernandez.
  8. Repo Man jr

    Test is Next De Niro!

    There was a misunderstanding somewhere because he was under the impression he was going to a gay party.
  9. Repo Man jr

    Mark Henry Backs The Mack

    Thats should be a brilliant match!!!
  10. Repo Man jr

    Mark Henry Backs The Mack

    Well on RAW... JR: "Coming up next folks, it's Mark Henry facing Hurricane, and King, last week, on International Heat..." King: "International Heat, Woo-hoo..." JR: "Yes, on Internation Heat!!! Mark Henry joined Teddy Long... bah gawd" King: "This is massively exciting news JR!" While they are saying this a clip from International Heat plays.
  11. Repo Man jr

    WGTT is not at Summerslam

    You know, I wasn't too bothered at first because everyone misses out now and again. Hardy and Benoit have missed shows this year, it's not the end of the world. However, they DON'T deserve to miss the show just so Rod McMahon can get on and hog the lime light. This is NOT on, Vince
  12. Repo Man jr

    Wrestling Radio Shows

    Between The Ropes is funny and they get some good guests. I check the LAW archives (When they used to do that) and sometimes catch WOL, but the old WOL Eyada shows were the best.
  13. Repo Man jr

    Fucking Spam Ads

    I've been getting this too. Thanks for the tips swan.
  14. Repo Man jr

    Heyman's Return Cancelled

    Tazz needs the famous WWE neck surgery so even if he did come back he'd be out for a year first.
  15. Repo Man jr

    New RAW 2 Movies

    Her name isn't Mark, that would be stupid, Mark is a boys name. Her name is Mike!
  16. Repo Man jr

    Official Mortis Returns Thread!

    It could just be he comes out and they make fun of him going "Mortis, we remember him... hey isn't that just crazy Kanyon, haha, what a joke" Vince doesn't like pushing things he didn't create. If he was serious, he would of invented his own new masked gimmick for Kanyon anyway. It's not very hard and Mortis isn't memorable or clever really.
  17. Repo Man jr

    WWE Hires An Indian Dude

    Ooh. He has the potential of Mark Henry and the look of Paul Bearer. Sounds promising.